Romantic Fiction, Reality Shaping and The Work

Je viens de commander les tomes : 2 " La dame de mes tourments ", 3 " Une lady à épouser ", 4 " Rien que la passion "
de la série "Les Archanges du Diable" d'Anne Gracie. Livraison prévue 27/08 - 04/09
Je n'ai pas encore reçu le tome 1 " Le cavalier de l'orage ". Livraison prévue le 27/08

I've just ordered the volumes: 2 "The Lady of my Torments", 3 "A Lady to Marry", 4 "Nothing but Passion"...
from Anne Gracie's "Archangels of the Devil" series. Expected delivery 27/08 - 04/09
I have not yet received Volume 1 "The Horseman of the Storm". Expected delivery on 27/08
By design, lust cannot happen between two souls. Similiary there is not lust between two organic portals.Lust as precursor for sexual intercourse,happens between souled individual and OP. That is why religions insist on love and why bloodlines are so important.

I think what you've written here is a good demonstration of why there's such conflict between your thoughts on the topic and those of other members.

Can I ask you a genuine question, @reilpmeit? Do you think that the definitions and suppositions you have regarding this topic are the same as the ones that the other members here are using? Or can you see and understand that the other members who are challenging your statements are working with different definitions and suppositions?

Because, the thing is, using your definitions and suppositions, your conclusions may be, for the most part, logical. But it's like when we're learning mathematics at school and we're asked to give an answer to a problem, and the teacher says, "Don't just write the answer. Show how you worked out the answer as well." In your case, your 'working out' is correct, but if you think a 6 is a 9, or you think a + sign is a x sign, your conclusions are going to be different.

One of the ways that the members of this forum strive to create a different, better reality is through networking about different topics in order to come to a shared understanding of them, (that shared understanding and vocabulary is part of what builds the new reality, and part of what transfers them into it, together) so that each member's definition of the + sign and the - sign is the same, so that when they each use logic to try to understand a problem, they reach the same conclusions.

You either aren't aware that you're working with different definitions of 'love', 'sex/sex energy', 'OPs'; and of personal development, or that works of fiction can have a multilevel interpretation based on all of their content taken as a unified whole rather than a uni-level interpretation based on a single aspect of their content taken out of context - or, you are aware of it, and you just want to try to change the group's understandings and interpretations of these things.

Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I think it's probably the former. If that's the case, you need to make a choice. That choice has to be what is the quality of the future you would like for yourself? You can have the future you're heading towards, where your interpretation of reality is founded on subjective, closed-minded, personal definitions of everything that exists - which is, by definition, actually a dreamworld. Or, you could experiment with the idea that you could move forwards into a future where your interpretation of reality is one that is shared by other people because it is founded on an objective, open, impersonal interpretation of everything exists - which is, by definition, actually a real world.

If you want to stay where you already are because you're happy with it and feel you already know everything and have all the answers, then that's okay; but that is having a relationship with reality that is based on a fear of the ground beneath your feet opening up and you being swallowed by the vastness of all you do not know. Or can you entertain the idea that maybe you have many wrong ideas about some things, and that you have an infinite number of things still to learn, and that if you're brave enough to face them it might greatly improve your life experience, and the life experience of those around you?
What are peoples thoughts on chuck palahniuk? Was a big fan in college. I was always intrigued by the ammount of idras contained in his books, especially as he takes his inspiration from the real life jobs he worked. I guess if you think about it, fight club is a romantic novel, and at the end the world is definitely changed...... His work is very grim though. He does sort of embody the phrase truth is stranger than fiction, especially when you read the things that were cut in editorial for being to outlandish that were taken from real events.

I loved his book Rant. It’s still among my favourite modern day sci fi, and the narrative delivered as a verbal biography of the main character was brilliant. It’s a difficult story to discuss without spoilers, as what makes it so extraordinary is the twist near the end.
I loved his book Rant. It’s still among my favourite modern day sci fi, and the narrative delivered as a verbal biography of the main character was brilliant. It’s a difficult story to discuss without spoilers, as what makes it so extraordinary is the twist near the end.
Guys, please keep it on topic. To Adamski, Fight Club is probably the furthest thing from regency romance imaginable. But feel free to discuss Palahniuk in a separate thread.
So perhaps we can create a sexual arousal and then transform it into something higher with EE?

I don't know, I'm not an expert with energies, just wanted to share what I experienced. I was hesitant to share this before, but now that you started this topic, perhaps there is something in it useful for the work.
I don't know how can sexual arousal be helpful in the work, but if that is what you want, then I can share a little discovery that I accidentally made. I discovered how you can create a sexual arousal in a quite simple way. I don't know if it works on both sexes, but it works on me. You need an adequate amount of iodine in your body (a drop of Lugol should be enough) and an adequate amount of vitamin D (if taken as a supplement you would need about 3-4000 IU, or one raw mixed free range egg, it cannot be boiled or fried, and never mix iodine with an egg, they should be taken separately). And that should do it. The effect with an egg should act quicker but shorter, the D3 should take a longer to work, but the effect should last longer.

I remember that several years ago I had an interesting experience with EE. I started doing the round breathing portion, and I felt sexual arousal, but I continued with breathing. After that I did a meditation and after some time I felt some kind of sexual energy all over my body, it wasn't just in my genitals, it was everywhere. It was a very strong feeling. When I woke up, I saw that my aunt came to us and I greeted her and put my hand on her shoulder. She told me that she felt a very strong positive energy coming from me. She never told me that before.

So perhaps we can create a sexual arousal and then transform it into something higher with EE?

Have you considered/started reading some of the recommended books? There is quite a lot more in them than what you are describing, and I don't think that the idea involves "creating" a sexual arousal. Maybe if you read a bit you'll see how it is connected with certain types of emotions and processing?
I ended up (not sure how I got to it) an article written by Laura back in 2010 titled Boris Mouravieff:Polar Opposites or the Fifth Way of Love.
This article covers the topic of romance in depth and mentions a revolution of romance away from the regressive forms of male/female relations, back to that of the Christian avowed ideal for our society. (Knight-Jadczyk, 2010).
This ties together with this thread of the reimagining of romance for our current times.
Sorry, please delete if this is stating the obvious or irrelevant to the thread.
I just thought it was interesting.
Then you say I'm harsh, and I admit I should have been diplomatic. What about you, creating a drama from nothing, presenting things as me attacking Perlou? Is it nice?
I'd like to move on, there are more interesting discussions in this thread.

FWIW Nature, I am wondering if you noticed the contradiction in your thoughts and "it" here. You state you should had been diplomatic, but then say Loreta created drama from nothing. If this was the case, why did you feel you needed to be more diplomatic?
I ended up (not sure how I got to it) an article written by Laura back in 2010 titled Boris Mouravieff:Polar Opposites or the Fifth Way of Love.
This article covers the topic of romance in depth and mentions a revolution of romance away from the regressive forms of male/female relations, back to that of the Christian avowed ideal for our society. (Knight-Jadczyk, 2010).
This ties together with this thread of the reimagining of romance for our current times.
Sorry, please delete if this is stating the obvious or irrelevant to the thread.
I just thought it was interesting.
Would you mind sharing the article? It's not a romance Book, but like you said it's related. Thanks!
Have a couple of chapters left in the madness of Lord Ian Mckenzie. I really quite enjoyed it. Seeing the work they put into the relationship, the devotion. And feeling like they had truly committed to each other. In todays culture, especially in the manosphere, dating doctrine. It's mostly about red flags and then moving onto something better. It's quite refreshing to see how two people can really commit to each other. It's a nice breath of fresh air. Moving into the second in the series, Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage.
Interestingly, this whole thread also reminded me of Ch 24 of the Wave
Me too; actually 23 and 24, and is bugging me for days….

I´m a slow learner so please bear with me….

First I´d like to quote also from Ch 23 of the Wave what stroked me relevant to this topic:

A: If one seeks to suffer, they do so in expectation of future reward. They desire to possess something in the end.

Q: (L) What I am saying is: if a person can avoid self aggrandizement in either direction, and to simply be, in the doing and being of who and what they are, in simplicity; to become involved in doing everything as a meditation, or as a consecration, whether they are walking down the street and being at one with the air, the sunshine, the birds and trees and other people; in this state of oneness, doesn’t that constitute a giving to the universe as giving oneself up as a channel for the universe to experience all these things?

A: Not if one is “feeling this oneness” rather than being it.

Q: (L) Well, if people would just relax and be who and what they are in honesty, and do what is according to their nature without violating the free will of others, is this a more pure form of being than doing things out of any feeling of expectation, or desire; to just be, not want … just be?

A: Yes, but STS does not do that.

What is wrong with efforts to send love and light, the achieving of the goals of world peace or personal prosperity? What is wrong with wanting a return to God, or higher consciousness or any of the touted experiences that are guaranteed to initiate a person to whatever they desire? The problem is anticipation. When you seek any of these things by holding the thoughts in the left-brain in anticipation of making it real, you are raping the maiden of the well.

Desire is anticipation. Anticipation is read by the right brain as in the future, therefore not right now, and the right brain can only create now. When we desire, we have a future object in mind. The right brain only knows now.

If we desire to love God, we have a concept (left brain) of the future goal of loving God. It can’t exist now. Therefore we experience struggle to constantly love God, against the ongoing now of not loving God.

If we desire to win the lottery, and produce in the left brain future image of money flowing into our life, it isn’t now. So now continues moneyless.

If we desire happiness, and create the concept in the left brain, we have future happiness in mind. And the right brain reads it as unhappiness now, and this can manifest in thousands of unhappy experiences.

By the same token, if we send love and light to any directed recipient, we are holding a concept of future fixing that signals a state of brokenness now to our right brain, and the repercussions are felt in our life. In a larger sense, we may be signaling the collective right brain that a future state of peace is desired, and therefore, now is not peaceful. And so the right brain creates now. The perception of linear time constantly projects rewards into the future, blocking access to the present, like a donkey chasing a carrot for all eternity.

Anticipate: ante — before + capare — to take. To look forward to; to expect; to make happen earlier, precipitate; to foresee and perform in advance, etc.

We see clearly the connection between anticipation and time.

Intent: firmly directed or fixed; having the mind or attention firmly directed or fixed; engrossed; strongly resolved; a purpose or objective; will and determination at the time of performing an act.

Do we see a subtle difference? Even if it is somewhat semantically, it is sufficient to make us think about how to deal with our creative potential.

Of course, we see that completely pure intent is a pretty tall order. Thus we see that the key becomes acting now with intent, but no imaginary anticipation for the future. A goal, with applied will of action, which necessitates left brain conscious preparing and planning, via the heightened awareness of the right brain, which deals directly with the present conditions, will result in an opening of life changing creative potential.

Q: (L) Okay, we’ve been talking earlier this evening about intent, and of course, our own experiences with intent have really been pretty phenomenal. We’ve come to some kind of an idea that intent, when confirmed repeatedly, actually builds force. Is this a correct concept, and is there anything that you can add to it?

A: Only until anticipation muddies the picture… tricky one, huh?

Q: (L) Is anticipation the act of assuming you know how something is going to happen?

A: Follows realization, generally, and unfortunately for you, on 3rd density. You see, once anticipation enters the picture, the intent can no longer be STO.

Q: (L) Anticipation is desire for something for self. Is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, so it’s okay to intend something, or to think in an intentional way, or to hope in an intentional way, for something that is to serve another…

A: And that brings realization. But, realization creates anticipation.

Q: (L) Well, how do we navigate this razor? I mean, this is like walking on a razor’s edge. To control your mind to not anticipate, and yet, deal with realization, and yet, still maintain hope…

A: Mental exercises of denial, balanced with pure faith of a nonprejudicial kind.

Q: (L) Okay, so, in other words, to just accept what is at the moment, appreciate it as it is at the moment, and have faith that the universe and things will happen the way they are supposed to happen, without placing any expectation on how that will be, and keep on working?

A: Yes.

A: Yes. Avoiding anticipation. That is the key to shaping the future… When it hits you, it stops.

Q: (L) When what hits you? The fact that it’s happening? That you are doing it?

A: Yes unless you cancel out all anticipation.

Q: (L) Well, this is very tricky.

A: Ah? We have doubts… And yes, you create your own reality!

Q: (L) Well, but you have also said that anticipation messes things up, and so I don’t want to have any anticipation.

A: Anticipation is not creating one’s own reality.

If non-anticipation opens the door to the creativity of the universe, what closes the door to negative occurrences? Can it be that we have a clue here as well?

Cassiopaeans: “Just remember that anticipation is the “mother of preparation”, and defense.
Lesson number 1: always expect attack.
Lesson number 2: know the modes of same.
Lesson number 3: know how to counteract same.

When you are under attack, expect the unexpected, if it is going to cause problems…

But, if you expect it, you learn how to “head it off”, thus neutralizing it. This is called vigilance, which is rooted in knowledge. Knowledge protects.”

So, it seems that the answer to this part of the problem is that when we are connected to the Cosmos via the right brain, and are not blocking the ability of our Cosmic Connection by limiting the forces with boundary forming imagination or images or illusory concepts, we allow the perfect manifestation of our own frequency resonance to occur. By the same token, when necessary, we can close the door to manipulation of our minds by constantly running a sort of computer scan of possible breaches of our security system in the left brain. We must marry the left brain kingship of the material world to the right brain queen of the inner realm.

What is the wasteland? That we cannot accept the world and all within it, including ourselves, as being perfectly natural and perfect just the way it is — with all the good and evil it contains as part of the natural and necessary balance — the whole of existence is natural and as it should be at every moment. When you accept that all is perfect, when you cease holding God hostage by usurping the power of the right brain feminine principle with the images in your left brain, then the world will be perfect and fertile and you will heal the wound of the wasteland in your own heart.

If only we can act spontaneously, without being programmed into someone else’s belief system, we can ask the real question of ourselves; ask with no preconceived notion of what the answer will be; ask with no anticipation.

Then, miraculously, for one moment the vessel of the Grail is empty… and in the next it is filled with the wonder and glory of all and everything.

And the Mystic Female is the infinite Sea of potential. It is God in the not aspect that only can be when expectations, anticipations, assumptions and obsessions are completely left at the door.

And here from Ch 24 of the Wave :

Another aspect of science that engages our right hemisphere is art and music. The numerical structure of music is thought to be the direct link between art and science, and is thus a conductor for expression of direct experience into the active left hemisphere. One can experience music directly, without any thinking or imagining or conceptualizing. And, at the same time, one is “experiencing” mathematics! No words can accurately and completely convey what something sounds like. It is an act of direct perception.

Now, what does all this have to do with sex? Well, actually, nothing, but it has everything to do with making love. You see, sex as sex, is left-brain. It is desire and goal oriented. It is loaded with anticipation. When one thinks about having sex, one has an image in the mind’s eye of the end result. Even if it is not a visual image, it is an abstract image or concept of orgasmic repletion. It is a focusing on a physical act without due consideration of the spiritual connections and implications.

And that is where the full power of the right-brain is short circuited and caused to release its creative potential to a momentary contraction to a void that is uncontrolled, undirected, and unusable. After such an act, one is indeed in a condition where frequency resonances can be used to chemically or physically alter the DNA, or “put out the eyes”. Going after sex in any of the above ways is a raping of the right-brain function.

In the emotions amplified time such as it is now, these romance novels just might provide us with a vision of a better world but as we are reading it - it happens Now in our brains. No anticipation. Just pure vision/intent of the imagined world.
A world where people in spite all their flaws manage to become better persons trough honesty, courage, empathy and love.
And that is a nice world to be in…..

It also might be a key to Sex/Relationships.
In this twisted word, sex is taboo topic – which leads to shame, hate, denial, desire and ultimately possession. Depends on the programs one is modeled by.
So if a person approaches sex with no anticipation, with no desire to possess or change other person, but out of act of pure love and being one with the other person, than that could be the key to also include sex as the part of The Work as creation force in creating a better world.
But to achieve that, one first must strip all his/hers programming to realize themselves so are able to see if a person next to them is in tuned with him/her.
Only then this step of the Work is possible.
I'm on chapter 3 of Anne Gracie's Marry in Haste (read by a woman), while my wife has finished it as well as book 2 Marry in Scandal, and has started book 3 Marry in Secret. She liked the characters from book 1 so she wants to find out what happens to them in books 2-4.
Well, I've finished the Tome 1 of Survivor's Club by Mary Balogh, The Proposal, and I am currently reading the Tome 2, The Arrangement. The main characters in this first story are Gwendoline, Lady Muir and Hugo, Lord Trentham.

While the Lady is blue-blooded, the Lord is a former career soldier wounded in a battle of the Napoleonic Wars in which he performed an act of bravery that earned him a knighthood. I am not going to say anything more about the plot or how they meet, but the fact remains that he is not an aristocrat, while she is one. Hugo knows how to behave like a perfect gentleman when he has to frequent this aristocracy from which he does not come, but it is a chore for him. Gwendoline, for her part, does not know the world that is his, and her greatest fear is not to be accepted by all these strangers.

Hugo is a fairly young man who has never really met a woman in his life except through paid favours. He is therefore ignorant of what love is between a man and a woman, even though his great kindness and simplicity soon leads one to suspect that he has a fairly precise idea of it, in a general meaning. Gwendoline has been a fairly young widow for seven years, and had decided not to remarry. At some point, for her, Hugo would have to fight against his fears to get closer to her as if she were the Queen of England. Hugo does not know how to talk about his feelings, and faces oppositions between his mind and his heart. He is sometimes clumsy, even very clumsy in what he says to her, but he is deep down a great sentimentalist, which Gwendoline foresees quite quickly.

Once he has made several forays into her world, especially with her family members, Hugo asks Gwendoline to do the same in return, to enter his own world. After all, he has proved to her that he can be a part of her world, the question remains whether she too can mingle with strangers, simple people who get up early to work, people with whom she feels she has nothing in common.

Both of these people carry wounds within them, but in my opinion, they call into question their feelings and thoughts, and their advances and retreats test their very same feelings, while making them grow. A nascent love that is built over time, with on the horizon a happiness for two built on real and deep feelings, respect and understanding of the other, attention to their respective needs, beyond the fears they may initially each feel.

A very beautiful and simple story of difference of "caste" which, of course, ends well. No descriptive sex scene per se, but rather a very light approach to the "thing". A bit like when I watch in a movie a man and a woman kissing, enter the bedroom and close the door behind them, and that's it. A form of decency that I appreciate in a visual context. I rested my soul and my mind while reading it, which is already a very good thing in these times of madness. I was also able to revisit values that I had not lost, but that I had perhaps simply put on the back burner. Perhaps the second volume will explore these aspects in greater depth. Having read the beginning, I already had a lot of fun by reading the description of this couple and their daughter, horrible characters who take in their niece Sophia out of obligation, a heroine who reminds me of Cinderella at this point.
Dans la série "Les fils du péché" "le plus précieux des joyaux" d'Anna Campbell, j'en suis à la page 246/376
Je me suis couchée hier soir avec le livre et je n'ai pas plu le lâcher qu'à 2h du matin, il fallait que je dorme un peu devant mettre des gouttes dans les yeux d'une voisine âgée ce matin à 9h, si cela n'avait pas été le cas, j'aurai lu le livre jusqu'à la fin tant il est prenant...
Ce pauvre Christopher/Richard me fait pitié, je souffre pour lui...
Quant à Geneviève, ouf, elle a échappé à un viol d'un malotru, vicieux et des plus désagréables (Que Dieu le bénisse, c'est mon expression quand je ne supporte plus quelqu'un) mais maintenant il va falloir faire face à la Vérité...
J'ai hâte de m'y remettre...

In Anna Campbell's "Sons of Sin" "Most Precious Jewel" series, I'm on page 246/376.
I went to bed last night with the book and I didn't let go of it until 2am, I had to get some sleep before putting some drops in the eyes of an elderly neighbour this morning at 9am, if that hadn't been the case, I would have read the book until the end as it is so absorbing...
Poor Christopher/Richard makes me feel sorry for him, I suffer for him...
As for Geneviève, phew, she escaped a rape from a lout, vicious and most unpleasant (God bless him, that's my expression when I can't stand anyone anymore) but now we'll have to face the Truth...
I can't wait to get back to it...

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