Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

And also, as it can be seen on the world map. It is a narrow strip of Earth through which the route connects Europe with the Middle East and India overland.

And for a bit more about Moscow's inheritance from Rome, here's an article that makes use of history to shine a light on Russia's ideas about its responsibilities, identity, and destiny, with implications for a battle in Odessa, by Pepe Escobar.



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Germany Considers Supplying Ukraine With Panzerhaubitze 2000 Heavy Howitzers (Video)
German soldiers with 4th Battery, 131st Artillery Battalion carry out a fire mission with self propelled howitzers as part of exercise Dynamic Front 18 at the 7th Army Training Command’s Grafenwoehr training area, Germany, March 07, 2018. (U.S. Army photo by Markus Rauchenberger)
Germany is considering sending Panzerhaubitze 2000 155 mm self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine, Reuters reported on April 29 citing a security source.
According to the unnamed source, Berlin is in talks with the Dutch government on delivering the Panzerhaubitze 2000 to Ukraine.
A recent report by the Dutch ANP news agency revealed that the Netherlands wants supply a “limited number” of the same howitzers to Ukraine. Germany has offered to provide training and ammunition for the howitzers, which were built by German defense company KMW.
A day after the publication of Reuters report a video showing a number of Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers moving on a railway in the German city of Stuttgart surfaced online. The howitzers were reportedly being shipped to the east.

The Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzer has a maximum range of 30–36 kilometers with the standard DM121 Boattail round, about 40–47 kilometers with base bleed rounds, and 67 kilometers with M2005 V-LAP assisted projectiles. It can also fire the SMArt 155 shell which carries two anti-tank submunitions with infrared sensor and millimeter wave radar. The howitzer can fire up to ten rounds per minute.
Reuters report was not a surprise. On April 28, German lawmakers voted in favor of sending heavy weapons and complex military systems to Ukraine in order to support Kiev forces in the face of the Russian military who is currently conducting a special military operation in the country.
The West is attempting to rebuild the offensive capabilities of Kiev forces on the hope of prolonging the war in Ukraine and weakening Russia.
Moscow has already warned that Western military support to Kiev forces pose a threat to the security of the European continent and provoke instability.
Dear friends!

I remember, that some of you were sad about you cannot send a letter to Putin.

On of the Russian telegram channel have started to public the video messages from friendly people from other countries, who wants to say, that agree and solidary with Russia, Russian people and Putin. You can record your own message on your mother tongue and send to them. They'll translate it tu Russian ans about 180,000 subscribers could to know about your support!


They ask to send the messages in this post:


By the way, dear friends, we know that we have a lot of subscribers in European countries, and in the USA, and even in Australia.

And our subscribers from Russia have many foreign acquaintances outside the country (or even here in Russia).

We also know for sure that not all foreigners support Ukraine in the current conflict.

Therefore, dear friends, we would like to ask you: would you suggest that your acquaintances from there, who sympathize with Russia, record short videos for our fellow citizens? 30-60 seconds, no more, just with kind words from the heart. We will collectively translate from any language and superimpose captions, their appeals are guaranteed to be seen by hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of people.

Please offer them this option.

In 99% of cases, they will be afraid of Western freedom of speech and problems at work. But we can change the voice, not indicate the city, limiting ourselves to the region, and they can hide the face behind a medical mask. In short, anonymity is guaranteed. By speech, it will still be clear that the speaker is a native speaker.

This is their only chance, maybe, to be honest about their views to a wide audience. We know that the democratic world is not all marching in step. For now.

Offer them, do not spare five minutes of your time. If it works, it'll be cool. If you are not afraid to honestly express your opinion with an open face - generally fire. You know, we collect such beautiful things.

They may also be pleased to know that they have a lot of like-minded people around the world.

P.S. This, of course, is not only about Western countries) let's take all foreigners.

P.P.S. Send to @ze_horde or @ordamordorabot

[Orda] - native, evil, yours

And there are a few videos for today.
And also, as it can be seen on the world map. It is a narrow strip of Earth through which the route connects Europe with the Middle East and India overland.
And of course, the two sides are bisected by the Bosporus Strait, the gateway to the Black Sea from the Mediterranean. With the Hagia Sophia as the jewel in its crown, it was the seat of the Christian Church before the Ottomans took it, but now I’m writing over @Corvus ’ post.😄


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On April 30, a group of civilians left the territory of Azovstal in the city of Mariupol. Bus columns with civilians arrived in the village of Bezymennoye, located 30 km to the west of Mariupol.
According to various sources, in total, 45 civilians were evacuated from Azovstal. The first group of 25 people left the facility by themselves, another group of 20 civilians were released by the militants of Azov regiment. According to military correspondents from the spot, the first group of civilians did not use the humanitarian corridor secured by Russian forces.
About 20 buses for evacuation of about 600 civilians were brought to Mariupol. According to other sources, 77 buses were sent to the plant by the UN for evacuation. However, not all civilians left the industrial zone.
So far, the information has been confirmed by correspondents on the spot. The Russian Ministry of Defence is yet to comment on the evacuation. There is also no information from representatives of the UN or the Red Cross, who have taken part in the evacuation today.
The first testimonies of those who left the facility by themselves were published.
A woman who has been previously seen on the videos shared by Azov militants confirmed that the civilians were threatened by Ukrainian militants.

” – We left the factory on our own without the help of the military through the destroyed fence.
– How did the Ukrainian military treat you?
– Us? They cajoled the children, like all the military. They said that everything would be fine. They brought a chocolate bar, divided it for everyone. We (the adults) were threatened: “You will not leave, you will be shot there.”
The same woman gave interview to Azov militants in Azovstal:
BREAKING: First Civilians Left Azovstal In Mariupol, Provided Testimonies (Videos)

Click to see full-size image
According to Azov militants blockaded in Azovstal, 20 civilians left the territory of the industrial facilities.At the same time, Ukrainian militants had previously stated that thousands of civilians were “taking shelter” in Azovstal.
According to Azov “press person” Kalina, the group of 20 civilians were taken from under the rubbers in Azovstal. The others civilians are reportedly still under debris and Azov fighters are trying to save them. No footage supported the claims. Azov militants are surrendered in the Azovstal, and DPR servicemen confirm the shelling on the firing positions of the Ukrainian nationalists.

As soon as the international organisations are involved in the evacuation process, the reported hundreds of civilians are allegedly unable to leave the facilities. This fact confirms once again that the civilians are taken hostage and that Azov militants won’t let them go before they are assured in their own security.
The evacuation was carried at night. Thus, civilians could not be identified by the reporters.
The busses headed towards the village of Bezymennoe for filtration so that nationalist militants could not escape disguised as civilians. The Russian position is reportedly the following: civilians can be transferred in any direction, including to the territory under the Kiev’s control, for example to the city of Zaporozhie, however, all those who came out from Azovstal are filtered.
Here you can see what civilians have to put up with for 8 years now in Donbas, under constant fire, threat and harassment from the Ukraine Nazis:

I just love and admire what Patrick Lancaster is doing! Something almost all western "journalists" fail to do. If you keep in mind that you will encounter very graphic and violent scenes in his reports, you should check them out. Lancaster is (literally!) going right up to the front lines together with the Russians, Chechens and Militias of Donbas. Make sure to enable subtitles. I personally don't watch the graphic scenes and just scroll down every time Lancaster encounters something like that, and I just read the subtitles. Lancaster is doing an excellent job among very few other western journalists. Eva Bartlett comes to mind too in that regard.
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Reporter: We are in Bezimienni, behind me is the center for temporary accommodation where today they brought people from the areas adjacent to the Azovstal. People got out along the humanitary corridor, all without exceptions thanking the Army of the Popular Republic of Donetsk and also the Army of the Russian Federation for the help and with horror remembering the days when the Ukrainian Army got into their homes.
Sergey: The Azov Battalion was cruel, I wanted to go and get some water together with my sister. So I walked into the house to fetch a rope. Just a rope, about 18-20 meter long, in order to cut it. I did not open the fridge or any cupboards, just wanted to fetch the rope. They began threatening me of execution.
My sister and her husband were walking in Perestri, they went home, meaning her husband’s house, to take some food in order to eat. Not only they took away their food and stuff, they hit her husband in the ribs with their army boots.
Anatoly: The kitchen was broken, the gas cylinder was broken, the water supply network blasted, no food, what to do? Starve to death? In short, we decided to leave. And so the bullets are flying by, the shells are exploding and we with flags carefully reached here.
Reporter: So you heard the info on the radio and …
Anatoly: On the radio. Yes. Thanks God, at least something, the first radio appeared. We listened to you for a long time, there was also music, so that we could relax somehow, we danced with the kids. The cellar was two by two meters. Stayng ther for 55 days was horrible.
Nadezhda: We were there like flies, because the houses were collapsing and burning. We had already changed several shelters. A bomb burnt our house one of the first days. You see?! We had no idea where to run and what to do. In the second shelter the same thing. A fire. We could hardly get out.
Olga: Grandfather cannot walk at all. One woman without a leg. And all the others are not self-sufficient as well. From the man side there is only one, seventeen year old. And that’s all. Children saved us, they brought us water. The Russian Army. They got us out of there, they helped us. They carried my mother in her wheelchair. I really, really want to say thank You!
Traitors do not end. New "vlasovtsy"? Well, we've dealt with the old ones and we'll deal with the new ones too. Aren't they scared themselves? After all, the whole path and the end of those "Vlasovites" are known. I personally see this as the result of rewriting history and glorifying traitors.

A new nationalist battalion calling itself the "Russian Liberation Army" was spotted in the Donbas
Today, 11:01

A new nationalist unit has been spotted in Ukraine. The servicemen of the so-called Legion "Svoboda" are fighting against Russian troops under the blue and white flag and wear the same chevrons on their sleeves. They call themselves the "new ROA" - the "Russian Liberation Army", hinting at a historical connection with the army of General Vlasov.

Recently, a convoy of trucks under blue and white flags was seen in Mirnograd (formerly Dimitrov), apparently transferring these very "new Vlasovites" to Avdiivka. Mirnograd itself is located 38 km from Avdiivka, where fierce fighting is currently taking place. It is likely that soon the units of the NM DNR operating in this area will face the nationalists.

The creation of the legion "Freedom" under the banner of "ROA" has been reported repeatedly, and at the beginning of April this year it was reported that the nationalist battalion has already been formed. The legion was organized under the control of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of Ukraine, respectively, and it is supervised by Kiev. The distinctive sign of the legion is the flag, which is a blue stripe on a white background. Thus, the creators of the legion seem to show their historical connection with the Russian Liberation Army of Vlasov, which had a flag similar to St. Andrew's - blue or blue cross on a white background.

It is stated that the legion consists exclusively of Russians who have defected to Ukraine. Photos of these "new Vlasovites" are already being distributed online, who are calling on Russian servicemen to join the legion and start demilitarizing Russia together.

We will find out who is actually fighting in this very legion very soon, because it's one thing to yell slogans at the camera, and another to fight. It is worth reminding this parody of the "ROA" that their idols ended very lamentably - General Vlasov was hanged, like most of the traitors who fought on the side of the Nazis.

Предатели не кончаются. Новые "власовцы"? Ну что ж, со старыми разобрались и с новыми тоже разберемся. Им самим то не страшно ли? Ведь известен весь путь и конец тех "власовцев". Я лично в этом вижу результат переписывания истории и героизацию предателей.
Here you can see what civilians have to put up with for 8 years now in Donbas, under constant fire, threat and harassment from the Ukraine Nazis:

I just love and admire what Patrick Lancaster is doing! Something almost all western "journalists" fail to do. If you keep in mind that you will encounter very graphic and violent scenes in his reports, you should check them out. Lancaster is (literally!) going right up to the front lines together with the Russians, Chechens and Militias of Donbas. Make sure to enable subtitles. I personally don't watch the graphic scenes and just scroll down every time Lancaster encounters something like that, and I just read the subtitles. Lancaster is doing an excellent job among very few other western journalists. Eva Bartlett comes to mind too in that regard.

Incredible stuff. I’ve heard his name around a few sites, but I have been reluctant to actually check out his work until now. Appreciate the share @Cosmos !

By the way, I HIGHLY recommend getting a copy of Alexander Zhuchkovsky’s book “85 Days in Slavyansk”. Peter Nimitz finally had it translated into English, and in my honest opinion, this may be one of the best first hand accounts of the conflict I’ve read yet and I’m still only a third of the way through. Rich with information, I know many of you would appreciate it as well.

85 Days in Slavyansk: Zhuchkovsky, Alexander, Nimitz, Peter: 9798809920278: Amazon.com: Books
Turkey destroys the southern flank of NATO
From Slava on Telegram

According to the Turkish edition of Sabah, the Turkish Air Force refused to participate in the NATO exercises “Meeting of Tigers” in Greece, which will be held from May 9 to 22. True, Athens points out that it was allegedly their main headquarters that canceled the invitation to Ankara "due to the constant violations of Greek air borders by Turkish fighters and the flight over the Greek islands."

But the Turkish side claims that "the host country has prepared such a technical agreement on holding events that was aimed against Turkey." The Greeks refused to change it at the request of Ankara. In response, Turkish aviation literally "tore apart the Greek sky" over the Aegean Sea, carrying out more than 125 unauthorized flights within 24 hours. After that, the Greek Foreign Ministry expressed its protest to Turkey.

This incident has its own background. Even as members of NATO, Greece and Turkey disagree over the rights to the sky and the surface in the Aegean Sea, which is rich in oil and gas. Recently, things have come to the point that the parties have been conducting daily patrols in the airspace around the "disputed" Greek islands, although this has not prevented them from occasionally conducting joint military exercises in the NATO format.

This time the situation has changed dramatically because of the Ukrainian crisis. The fact is that the day before, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that "Ankara is striving to maintain stability in the Black Sea" and announced a ban on the presence of NATO allied warships there in order "not to create increased sensitivity in ensuring security."

In this regard, the Hurriyet newspaper specified that Ankara fears the emergence of "military misunderstandings that may be perceived by the conflicting parties as a provocation." At the same time, Turkey stated that it does not share the US plans to create a NATO deployment force in Chernoy with the participation of Romania and Bulgaria, which Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin calls for.

According to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, "acting by means of diplomacy outside the framework of the Montreux Convention, Turkey is trying to keep NATO allies away from the Black Sea through persuasion." In fact, Ankara forbade the alliance to consider the option of deblocking Mariupol by sea.

Such a policy of Turkey began to cause increased political irritation among its NATO allies, first of all, which was manifested in the way Greece negotiated the conditions for inviting Ankara to participate in the Tiger Meet military exercises.

According to official information from the Turkish side, there is not a single ship belonging to the navies of non-coastal states in the Black Sea now. Recall that earlier the NATO Navy were frequent guests here. According to experts of the Russian International Affairs Council, in 2021, the countries of the alliance sent more than 30 warships through the Bosphorus.

Now, at the insistence of Ankara, NATO has postponed the naval exercises planned in the Black Sea. Italian and British warships were denied passage through the Bosporus. In fact, Ankara is distancing itself from the collective West in the context of the development of the Ukrainian crisis, does not want a conflict between NATO and Russia, and avoids being indirectly drawn into any possible escalation in the Black Sea.

The main thing now is that Turkey does not give in to Washington's pressure and remains committed to the Montreux Convention. As for Russia, whose warships are also banned from passing through the Bosporus, the forces of its fleet in the region, according to military experts, are quite sufficient to ensure the country's security. Back in March, a combined detachment of six ships from the Northern and Baltic fleets arrived in Sevastopol with equipment and marines on board.
I want to highlight the following from the interview, which starts out with a telegram post that Lavrov saw and he describes/reiterates that post which provides very good food for thought. Lavrov followed that up by a joke which made me laugh out loud and perfectly describes and summarizes the situation. I have marked the starting of that section here:

By the way, one of the countries mentioned in the joke is Estonia (the NATO country bordering Russia. Quite closely to Moscow and Saint Petersburg). A country that erects monuments glorifying NAZIS and NAZISM and holds annual gatherings to honor the SS. So it might not be a coincidence that Estonia is a key part of Lavrovs joke.

I forgot to mention an important thing Lavrov mentioned in the above part. He mentions Palestine while recounting that Telegram post and thereby essentially putting what is happening there on par with what happened to Donbas and Ukraine (at least) over the last 8 years and now. He says, „imagine Ukraine is Palestine“. I think it is very likely that Lavrov and co. know what is really going on in the Israel-Palestine conflict. What’s new though is that they would openly talk about it in those terms. Interesting. One could say that it slipped out of Lavrov accidentally, but I would give that a low probability considering Lavrov’s superb abilities in diplomacy. But notice that it is still a layer removed from „Lavrov/Putin/Russia saying it“ since Lavrov just recounts what a Telegram post says while not putting any qualification on it other than saying it is „interesting“. He can plausibly deny that he (and thus Russia) thinks something like that is the case in Palestine. Very clever, Lavrov!
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A little video about Finland:

And a comment:
I think this video misses the main reason why Russia hasn't invaded Finland and the main philosophy behind Finnish defense. Finland has made the thought of invading it incredibly costly. Finland can mobilize more than half a million trained soldiers from a population of 5,5 million. Every building above a certain size has a bomb shelter. Every bridge is designed with slots that make destroying them with explosives easy. Finland has prepared for an invasion since the second world war and has enough guns to hand every willing person a East-German AK and tell them to camp in the forest.

And what would Russia gain from invading Finland? Finland has little natural resources, there are only a few million people and Finland's location is not that strategically useful all things considered. The main philosophy behind Finnish deference is a cost benefit analysis. What would a potential invader gain and what would it cost?

The reason behind the move towards NATO is partly fear yes, but also the benefit of remaining neutral is not that great to Finland anymore. During the cold war Finland benefited from being able to trade with both east and west but now that Finland is in the EU Finland has to follow the EU sanctions. It is impossible to sit on the fence anymore.
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