Photography? Anyone?


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Neko Harbour Antarctica
Ron Clifford My Antarctic Adventures - Ron Clifford
Jun 6, 2:29 AM
This is a pano stitch of 12 verticle images showing the amazing scale of the landscape at Neko Harbour on the Antarctic Peninsula. Notice our ship in the mid-left on the water.....yeah. It's like that.


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I don't consider myself a photographer, but I like the idea of a thread where we can share photos...

In case you don't know, this is called a lady slipper. Its a rare flower that grows here in New England and I found this one in New Hampshire near my father-in-law's house.


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Here're a few more from my neighborhood back in May, just playing around with the camera to try to learn how to use it.


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Hello everyone and all!
Since my sister donated a Nikon D5100 DSLR camera to me years ago, all because she did not feel as if she was putting it to use, I have picked it up a few times to take along with me to events I occasionally attend - mainly car track days or car shows.

Rewind to when I was younger (early teens) my brother was the first to introduce me to a Nikon DSLR he had bought, and I was amazed by the quality of the photos you could take. From time to time he would hand it over to me and see what I could do with it, and to be honest looking back at the photos, I seemed to have somewhat of a knack for composing images. But unfortunately that was as far as it went growing up through school, I reluctantly did not delve deeper into the world of photography :-/

However, visiting Japan in '16 and '17, which was the first time I had trekked abroad out of the homeland UK in quite some time, seeing new things, people, and places, made me want to keep the memories in a format that was not as effortful as recording & editing video, but still captured the experience in a way where it could invoke perhaps some nostalgic feeling when looked back at. If that makes sense.

Anyway, I have started a site where I am going to publish not only the photos I have hoarded on my laptop over the past few years, but also use that as a channel for writing down my thoughts and impressions. I am updating the website as and when I have the time, hopefully I can write some kind of report/blog post/experience journal accompanied by the snaps I caught whilst on my trips in Japan.

I hope someone with more photography experience and knowledge could critique my uploads, or even if you just have a skim read/view of the site, I would highly appreciate it. At the moment, the content is low in terms of quantity, and is and will mostly consist of cars. ;-D

Thanks in advance!


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I occasionally attend - mainly car track days or car shows.

For some quirky reason, I've also found documenting Automobiles, and watching the people that associate with them.

Though, it always amaze's me how much time, and effort (and money), that this crowd can pore into these project's with stunning results.

Given this day and age, (being a Wave Reading Unit), I sense it's just way for some souls, looking to bond, in difficult times, with all the division circling the BBM. So I blend in, and partake as a casual. Looking for a subject that might be a catch. I guess also to unwind a bit.

Not getting too caught up within the Illusion. Just practice a life long love of documentation. Though, not in the quality on your website but similar in your approach.

Why not! if you got a knack, go for it, and have fun. Thanks for sharing your gifts.


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For anyone who is interested, ZEISS Photography is holding there annual Photography 2019 contest.

This years theme is "The Unexpected"
Obviously the competition will likely be very competitive, given some of there image's from past entry's.

But as I always say, if you got the gear, than you got a chance. And It's the mind and the imagination behind the lens, that provides unlimited possibility's in the creative art's

Good luck to all, as the closing date nears! ;-)

The winner will receive attractive prizes: ZEISS camera lenses of their choice worth a total of 12,000 euros, and 3,000 euros to cover travels costs for a photo project. The award ceremony will take place on 17 April 2019 as part of the Sony World Photography Awards in London. The winning photos plus a selection of those shortlisted will be on display at Somerset House in London. The winner will attend the opening of the exhibition. ZEISS will also invite the winner to visit company headquarters in Germany. There they will get a peek behind the scenes at ZEISS and have ample opportunity to test out ZEISS lenses for themselves. The winner will also have the chance to collaborate directly with ZEISS and the World Photography Organisation.
Participants are required to submit a series of five to ten photographs, including a description of the images, online. The submission period begins on November 22, 2018 and ends on February 8, 2019.


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I might have a bit of a nack for a snapshot here n there! Only just discovered New Years Eve, granted the Sunset did most of the work I was just in the perfect spot.

But now obsessed with sky shots haha


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I have a strong desire to create sometimes. But I usually go too much into research mode and don't actually do much. But I've thought for a while now that sharing your creations is a way to balance the practice and give back a little.

I recently got a new phone. It shoots in RAW and I have taken more of an interest in shooting more pictures. I've been looking at DSLR and mirrorless cameras. But it got out of hand looking up reviews and techniques. I think I might buy one of the cheapest setups and going with a Nikon D3400 and a 35mm (52.5mm effective) prime lens. I had looked at old used models on ebay like the Canon 5D Mark II's, and I think I'd prefer a new one. I can't justify spending too much money, but I'd still like a "real" camera. My work might have something old they would possibly sell me, but I think I'd be a bit embarrassed to ask.

That being said, I find editing as fun as taking the pictures. But it's easy to overdo it and they say you should take a break and come back later for a second look. These ones attached below were edited in the free program Darktable. It's a bit clunky I find, so I may try another one called RawTherapee.

My phone camera shows noise at even 200 ISO, but it can be removed in post-processing. I found that .jpg's can only be pushed so far with so little data to begin with, and they don't end up looking as good as RAW files (and understandably so).

Not sure what optimal image size is for posting to the forum, but I found this out recently on resizing images. You just right click and send to mail recipient. Then copy them out of your mail client, or type %temp% in a run box to fetch them from your temp files if you have no email client installed:

Evening sun.jpgGlobe.jpgWallflower.jpgSink & lemon.jpgSunlit flowers.jpgPlastic gemstones.jpg


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That being said, I find editing as fun as taking the pictures. But it's easy to overdo it and they say you should take a break and come back later for a second look. These ones attached below were edited in the free program Darktable. It's a bit clunky I find, so I may try another one called RawTherapee.

Personally, I find that editing almost always makes the images worse. If anything, it's a very subtle art of slightly balancing things, but even then, if I use my good camera with a decent lens, I almost always prefer the original shot. It's the same with mixing music, which I have done a lot in the past. An audio engineer once told me mixing is like a hair dresser's job cutting a little here and there: yes, it can make the overall appearance better, but it's subtle and certainly just a small part of a human's beauty. But chances are you are looking worse afterwards if you don't go to a good pro with an eye for beauty and experience.

Maybe a good approach for you would be to forget about editing and all the technology and focus more on the "raw material", appreciating the process of going out there and capturing beauty? Also, keep in mind that "researching stuff" can be highly addictive and draining. You don't get better at anything that way - actually doing it, practicing it, and developing your taste and the soul of your work is where it's at, IMO.
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