Paul's Necessary Sin: The Experience of Liberation - Pauline Christianity = PaleoChristianity


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To my understanding. Authentic Christianity (PaleoChristianity), conveyed to us i.a. by Paul is a "story" about the three main "characters" play in the Universe: STO, STS, Free Will, and basic settings due to the Universe/Nature/Cosmic Mind works. In other words, this is the basic knowledge to understand until someone goes to the 4 Density.

I already write what I have on my mind. There is one very important factor in how the Universe works. Everything that we give comes back to us. This idea is related to karma too. Karma exists as something that can be "translated" to energy and information terms. This leads us to that that recognizes something as Karma requires from us some understanding of what karma is, and as a result, we have "karmic and simple understanding" - the notable fragment from C's sessions.

When we read that, you shouldn't steal. Oh yes, because stealing creates unbalance. When somebody gets something from another what comes to be his ownership (it also represents something at the energy and informational level) he became of the owner of something he does not create with his energy, so the universe will balance things and get what he posses because there is anything that can balance of that gained thing at the level of that specific individual.

The sentence: do not do to the other to what is unpleasant to you. Isn't it a suggestion that what bad you do to another can turn against you? So, this could be about balance and karma.

Be good to your neighborhood. Isn't it about keeping respect to these who live their way and could be different in some way, but still they deserve autonomy and if it is necessary to cooperate with them? If you respect the autonomy of another, your autonomy will be respected. If you are open to cooperating, you will find others who will be open to you. Opposite: if you do not respect, you won't be, etc.

Love your enemies. Have mercy. Why? Because if you are good to another who made you suffer, then good come back to you anyway. And this bad person who made you suffer to get what deserve anyway. Even further, if you help this person, who fault, what bad happens, even if he doesn't "deserve" for this help? Nothing, because if you help such a person, you can be helped generally and even in certain greater need, as he. If there is something of what he has to pay, then, do not worry, he will pay it anyway, there is no reason to be against such a person.

What if you are in a team that shears the wood. And you see that you do the most of the job and others do less than you. Then do not be disappointed about that. Some day you will come late to the job for about 1 hour. And you ask if you have to stay for 1 hour in the job, then you will be surprised that somebody says to you then you don't need it because circumstances have arisen that your comrade started earlier his job and sees that there will be no reason for you to stay longer.

Another example. Let say you have food because you make preparation before hard times. These hard times came and you see a hungry man. And you do not give him a portion of food because you say to yourself that this is his fault that he had not got the knowledge and not prepare himself. Okay, but at some point in "time", you can be in his situation. You were prepared, but someway you lose you canned food in the fire. You go on the street and ask for food, and then another man will find an excuse: "You should keep an eye on your stove."...

Have the spirit of Christ formed in self is to achieve the state when you do not see/feel/think any longer about need/reason/motive to any activity embodying of the idea of hurt, suppress, control, abuse another human being and possession of his thing, money, energy in the way of robbery, scam, cheat, manipulation, lie etc.

What is the practical meaning of these things? When we, for instance, from today, start to be Christians. That means to be ready for long hill climbing. We start to react to other people in our life who appear in various situations in the way of examination if our deeds: 1)"In this situation I am/I will break the free will of other?" ...If not, then this is the right direction... 2) "In this situation I give or I get something (energy, money, ...)?"

And step by step, I create my new reality. Create reality in a factual way, not in my mind (basing on wishful thinking), but in real life, by getting back what I gave to others. As my life goes and new events and situations with other people happens there, I find new opportunity to make a choice acting the way that reflects love, at the same time taking on self bad moments paying karmic debts.

With progression, the Universe goes back with events and people who mirror good deeds made by the individual. If the relationship between this certain individual and other person seeks clarification, the means finally make them free of karmic tie and every one of them achieved the level of being of self-discipline, self-control, and required crystallization has been achieved, then both of them are in the Christ.

From that point, other people can get into the circle. The next stage is to form bigger groups. Until the growing Spirit embraces the whole of humanity by pulling it out of 4D STS domination. It is so simple (in a sense), but see how humanity deviated. The simple ways of behavior would be able to slip out of Snake's rule, by no feed him by negative emotions energy and change the fate of humanity. This is maybe not all that allows for 4D graduate but surely keep humanity closer to it.

What is Sin? When the state of the Spirit of Christ is the state where souls are in balance, what means that these souls (the consciousness units) are not in relation where any conscious being of that group does not in process of any kind of abuse (in more spiritual meaning: get energy or something like that) from another conscious unit or be victimized by another. So, the Sin will be a primal break of that state of union between souls, start to be against themselves, the unbalance between them, where one gets energy from another and the further abuser is abused too, and so on, and so on. The 'little sins' coming from the bigger Sin, are all these wrongdoings.

If we interpret this Sin as something that was intended by certain higher force and experiencing the effect of that first main sin was also designed, then this is really the Necessary Sin. And stop to live in the Sin is really Liberation because in the current state humanity is convicted only to the closed circle of meaningless picking up of the energy instead focus these energies and to something magnificent in the spiritual world.


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How about giving a reference for "Artemes" vs Artemis and what you think that implies. A She-bear goddess and "perfects" connection do not seem very logical with such little information.

Yes, apologies...the quote was from a book by Harold Bayley.

The inner (spirit) vs outer (material) conversation above, had happened to combine with thoughts of Isaiah's 'ascent' and 'angels' relative to Caesar / 'Jesus' as a 'Celestial' figure with Paul the 'physical' counterpart - along this sort of line;

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you... You are not your own.

Where the bold accent and capitalisation of 'Origin', in your quote, relative to genetics / 'bloodlines';

... the inner “Origin” – or Edenic state...

...the important point is: those with the spark of the divine within cannot worship outside what is inside. No matter how hard they may try to “have faith” in this god or that god who has promised to save them, that divine spark within will constantly agitate, asking questions and casting doubts. Such individuals carry the bloodline – the genetic traits – to manifest the Origin...

Brought this to mind;

A: Is that your origin?

Q: You mean Orion?

A: Interesting the word root similarity, yes?
Q: So, I should be more careful of what I say in regards to the discoveries I have made about the bloodline of Jesus on the 'Jesus' pages on the web?

A: Tread lightly.

Q: Alright, I will. Where did these bloodlines originate?

A: Orion region.
A: Bloodline extends off the planet.

Which made me ponder the 'ancestral home' of the group and also the 'eventual' destination.

A: ... Pay attention to Orion! This is your ancestral home, and your eventual destination...This is a region that extends across 3rd and 4th density space for a distance as vast as the distance between your locator and it...There are overseer zones in 5th and 6th densities.

Wondering then if that was a '4D transition' or 'cessation of the corporeal' type statement and thus maybe also a 'locator' for Caesar (as Jesus) relative to historical, 3D Paul?

Where Corinthians took on another hue;

If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

One thing leading to another;

...the Hebrew word for Orion (Chesil) is exactly the same as the Hebrew word for fool.

Such that Caesar as not only Paul's inspiration, but also the basis for 'Arthur' of Grail myth, then melded with artos/arcas and arcus - all meaning 'bear'.

And with 'arcus' also Latin for bow...conflating 'Orion' with 'Artemis' (to me) and so on...

In hindsight an interesting 'face in a cloud' such that I'm glad the topic was shared, as now I know :-)


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In fact, the Amazon format has a copy protection in it that is bound to the user - I don't see any way to convert the format.
With the Kindle for PC I can copy the text page by page and then translate it with deepl ... it's cumbersome but doable.
I am not sure whether you already figured out how to go beyond amazon format issue. If not, here is a way as I found out today. Kindle 1.25 has the DRM(which was hard to bypass). So you need to manually downgrade the kindle on your machine as mentioned in the following link - uninstall the current version, install an older version less than 1.25( the following link has an older version URL for download), and then use any converter software you had to convert from kindle to pdf.
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