Laura's Book "From Paul to Mark" is out!!!! ... And in French too

My heartfelt congratulations also, after so much work & compiling! I think especially in these times and ages where The Powers That Be are trying to crush everything real and spiritual and of what makes us human, finding out more about Christ and Christianity as a system with deeply human values seems to me more vital than ever. Thank you for sharing this search of yours with us - looking forward reading it too! :flowers:
I got it!!! All praise to Ceasar through Paul! I'm diving in this tome. The index alone is incredible 👏 Thank you Laura for all you do and done and what you do that we are unaware of!!


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I received the book today and am a few hours into reading. This is great timing as I have the day off and can really get started. It flows wonderfully so far, and I have learned so much already! I don't want to put it down for long!

There's a notebook at my side to take notes along this journey.

The amount of effort and knowledge put into it really shows. Thank you for making it available!
Well, my copy is here. What an achievement to write a book that big on a period of Christian history with such scarce contemporary and reliable sources! Elegant and clever cover design and the color selection is so apt; purple and gold - just what Gaius Julius Caesar would have worn.
Looking forward to it..
I got mine today, and I can tell you… it is a very, very BIG one :whistle:
I have just received 1.5 kilos of paper!
Goodness, it's a big boy and very heavy.
Arrived today and it is indeed a hefty book! I've been holding the romance books generally in one hand - that's not gonna happen with this one! Checked it out up to the Foreward so far with the Contents getting a good onceover. As it arrived with vol. 2 and 3 of the Cass Transcripts, it was a package of purple pleasure for sure! Indiscreet still in progress, so may have to alternate between the two. Discovery awaits! ✝️
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