Laura's Book "From Paul to Mark" is out!!!! ... And in French too


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We are happy to inform you that Laura's latest book, From Paul to Mark - Paleochristianity has just been released!

If you are an active participant of this forum, you probably already know what a huge amount of work it represents. Laura's incredible dedication to digging for answers to the big questions, her tenacity and perspicacity in sorting the (likely) true from the (probably) false, and her ability to condense the results (hundreds of books and many years!) in a way that is accessible to all, is awesome and inspiring. We're sure that Paul (and Caesar) must be proud! :lol: :love:

For those of you who are a bit intimidated by history and biblical studies, please give it a try, and don't worry! It will all make sense in the end. And you'll be left with a sense of awe, and a deeper understanding of why we are where we are now.

Laura herself posted this on FB about it: "My new book is finally out. What a huge labor and now relief. Be warned: this is nothing like The Wave or previous books; it is an academic study couched in language for the layman. The Truth shall set you free." :thup:

It will soon also be available on our own sites (Red Pill Press and Pilule Rouge), but for now, you can order it on Amazon!
(The other sites should have it shortly.)

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Happy reading!

[Added: The Kindle version should be available very soon too.]

For the french version, see here: From Paul to Mark in French! - De Paul à Marc
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How exciting. I have been waiting for the launch, like so many of us here, having avidly followed the research Laura posted as she was going along. I can't wait to get it sent over here somehow.

Also the timing, it seems, is a bad day for the 'West', having just read the article posted by aragorn on the 'Resurrection Ertugrul: An epic with heart and values' thread:

Pepe Escobar has written an interesting article where he endorses a recent book about the Ottoman empire.

So what if the Ottomans shaped the modern world? | The Vineyard of the Saker

I will share the Amazon link on my social media so that it can hopefully help market the book/s to raise awareness and bring more income for the group. :-)

Incredible work Laura, I am sure you can breathe a sigh of relief now that your book on 'God' is hot off the press. I hope you had a very well deserved break, though I am sure you still have many other projects 'on the go'. I pray that the historical C's transcripts update books, which are brilliant, is work that others in the team at the time can help with. :-)
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