Killary Clinton, The Donald, or Jill Stein: The US Election


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herondancer said:
Ha! Whether domestic or foreign, the pressure to expose the whole Clinton mafia organization is mounting, without Trump lifting a finger. Hopefully the dirt that pressure will unearth will be enough that the DOJ will have no choice but to bring charges. And Trump will get to say that the matter is out of his hands.

Clever, if that's the plan. Killary's got miles of rope to be hung with.

I'm thinking - much in the same line - with what you have expressed. I think, the "House of Card's" is coming down like dominos in free-fall? These donors who gave Millions of dollars are heavy players in World Affairs and were banking on her promises and her winning the Presidency. They probably want an accounting, on how the funds were spent and are looking for a "refund!"

On the heels of her New York bash to “thank” her big donors of $1 million or more, this article came out. I don't think this meeting with Huma at the Manhattan Office has anything to do "with emails" more likely, something to do with her Million dollar donors?

She's STILL with her - Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin are pictured together for the first time since losing election, after a five-hour meeting at the failed candidate's New York office

Hillary Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin were pictured together on Thursday for the first time since losing the presidential election.

The pair chatted and Abedin smiled as they walked out of Clinton's office in the Midtown neighborhood of New York City.

They had spent five hours inside the office before Abedin and an unidentified woman walked Clinton to a waiting vehicle and sent her on her way with a box of documents.

Influential Republicans are going to hand over a petition to Donald Trump with demand to continue criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's deals.

US politicians ask Trump to imprison Clinton

Friday 23.12.2016 - According to them, 'politicians who have violated law, should be punished'. One of the authors of the document is Trump's adviser, conservative politician Roger Stone. A copy of the document will have been forwarded to the FBI and Prosecutor General by the end of the year. The decision on restoring of a criminal case against Clinton depends on Trump's will. 'We respectfully urge President-elect Donald Trump and Attorney General designate Jeff Sessions to gather all appropriate evidence and submit it to the grand jury to make the potential decision about the Clintons' potential indictment. It is premature for the Trump administration to decide whether Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton should be prosecuted. No person is above the law,' petition says.

US Vice President Joe Biden says Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump because she never knew why she was running for the office.

Clinton never figured out why she was running for president: Biden

"I don't think she ever really figured it out," Biden said in an interview with The Los Angeles Times on Thursday. "And by the way, I think it was really hard for her to decide to run."

Biden said Clinton likely felt an obligation to run for the highest office in the US and that the historic nature of her bid weighed on her decision-making.

"She thought she had no choice but to run. That, as the first woman who had an opportunity to win the presidency, I think it was a real burden on her," the vice president noted.

He argued that the former secretary of state saw her victory "would have opened up a whole range of new vistas to women" as did President Barack Obama's for African-Americans.

Biden also took a jab at his party during the Thursday interview, saying the Democratic Party as a whole suffered because "we were not letting an awful lot of people — high school-educated, mostly Caucasian, but also people of color — know that we understood their problems.”

There is “a bit of elitism that’s crept in” to party thinking, he noted.

“What are the arguments we’re hearing? ‘Well, we’ve got to be more progressive.’ I’m not saying we should be less progressive,” he said, adding that he would “stack my progressive credentials against anyone” in the Democratic Party.

“We should be proud of where the hell we are, and not yield an inch. But,” Biden added, “in the meantime, you can’t eat equality. You know?”

Biden recalled his reaction after watching a Trump rally in October in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, "We may lose this election."

“They’re all the people I grew up with. They’re their kids. And they’re not racist. They’re not sexist. But we didn’t talk to them," he wondered, rejecting notions that most of the Americans who voted for the Republican nominee were racist.

Early this month, Biden censured the 2016 US presidential election, saying he felt “embarrassed” by the ugly nature of the race.

"This has been a very tough election. It's been ugly, it's been divisive, it's been coarse, it's been dispiriting. And it was more a battle of personalities than it was a battle of ideas in my view," he noted at the time.

The 74-year-old politician also stressed that he had no intention of running in the 2020 presidential election.

Trump’s campaign had been hit with many controversies since its inception in early 2015, but he still managed to stun the world by defeating the Democrat candidate, who was backed by almost the entire mainstream American media. (Article continues.)


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Another article that might be of interest? I have little doubt, that if Clinton had won the Presidency, she would have embroiled the U.S. head over heels into a massive War(s). No matter, what I think of Trump, one way or the other, I give him credit for stopping her in her tracks! It still doesn't mean we are out of the woods, the momentum for a major War is still in the under current. I don't see NATO backing off in any of the hotspots? If anything, they have been in the process of increasing man power and military equipment, all over Northern Europe, as well as, in Iraq and Ukraine. And Clinton had a hand in all of it, including what happened in Syria. Plus, there is no way of knowing yet, how Trump is going to handle things?

Eric Braverman, Neil Brown, and Marc Turi Still Missing – Connecting The Dots – WIKILEAKS And George Webb’s Work (Video - wikileaks links)

December 23, 2016 · I have done several reports on the work in George Webb’s videos, which involves missing CEO of the Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman, his missing partner Neil Brown, and missing Arms Dealer Marc Turi. All three men are connected to the Clinton Foundation and the work of Hillary Clinton. It is a complex story of the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation with far reaching tentacles reaching and exploiting troubled regions of the world. They penetrate these areas in the guise of a charity organization, but in fact, they seek to topple leaders of wealth in oil rich countries such as Libya. They create wars to sell arms to both sides involved in those wars. Hillary Clinton is a woman who will do anything for wealth and the power, producing that wealth from what she perceives as political gain She is not a woman to be understood except as a war monger, an opportunist, and a Saul Alinsky groupie who also, by all intents and purposes, is a Satanist. I make this assumption, as how could she be anything else? How can she be understood as anything else, just as Alinsky was? Alinsky was a self proclaimed Satanist, and so admired by the young Clinton she did her college thesis on the man. This is how I have come to perceive the evil that flourishes around the Clinton Foundation.

We all know that Bill Clinton is a womanizer, who is good friends with a convicted child molester, Jeffrey Epstein. He has flown on this man’s sex orgy plane to his private island 26 times where the criminal knowingly keeps underage girls and boys for wealthy and influential people to prey on. The American people just seem to accept this as a matter of fact, when, in fact, we should not accept it! Our minds have been filled with so much Clinton trash we just consider it to be “normal behavior” now, BUT IT IS NOT…IT IS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!

I am posting George Webb’s latest video now, and I hope you will watch it before you read any further. My attempt here is to match the video with articles and actual WIKILEAKS emails between Hillary Clinton and associates.

I do not know Webb personally, but I have been following his work for quite some time. He has a brilliant mind, and he must have some background experience into the inner workings of world politics. As John Podesta said in one of his infamous emails, talking about Eric Braverman being a mole inside the Clinton Foundation, Eric had told NBC NEWS to “follow the money.” George Webb goes on to say, “follow the money, arms, and oil.”

When Ambassador Chris Stephens was placed in a newly established consulate in Benghazi, he was placed there to deal arms being transferred to an army that Hillary’s friend Sid Blumenthal created for Hillary. She planned to overthrow Muammar el-Qaddafi…not because he was mistreating his people or for humanitarian purposes…but because of his billions in gold, oil, and ultimately provide an area to be taken over by the army that Sid and Hill built. Later that army would morph into ISIS.

Sid Blumenthal was Hillary’s confidant and probably her closest friend after Huma Abedin. Sid was totally controlled by Clinton to the point he did a lot of her dirty work in Libya. When the Benghazi Committee was formed with Trey Gowdy at the helm he subpoenaed Blumenthal for questioning. Gowdy knew the truth about Blumenthal’s participation in the Benghazi tragedy and questioned him of such, but Blumenthal denied it all. I found the WIKILEAK’S email related to this from Sid to Hillary on this matter. (Article continues.)

The troops’ deployment coincides with the deployment of 300,000 NATO troops that have been on “high alert” since last month. Is this a sign that Cold War 2.0 will go hot in 2017?

U.S. To Deploy 4,000 Troops To Russian Border Next Month

Since tempers first flared in 2014, tensions between Russia and the US have nearly boiled over on more than one occasion. However, recent NATO and US army actions along with a surge in anti-Russia propaganda throughout the Western world, suggest that these tensions will only escalate in the months ahead. Last Friday, new US tanks and armored vehicles arrived in the Netherlands, where they will be deployed to a storage facility in the province of Limburg to serve as part of the Army’s “strategically prepositioned critical war stock.” These tanks and other military assets are intended for use by the US Army’s recently announced deployment of 4,000 American troops and around 2,000 military vehicles along Russia’s border. The deployment breaches the Russia-NATO Founding Act of 1997, which states that NATO would not seek “additional permanent stationing of substantial ground combat forces” in nations closer to Russia.

The troops and vehicles will be stationed on a rotational, yet permanent basis in several countries that border Russia, such as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Baltic nations. Yet, the most provocative aspect of all of these deployments was the stationing of an American battalion in Poland near the border of Kaliningrad, Russia’s enclave in the Baltic. The deployment comes as part of a $3.4 billion new spending plan intended to boost NATO forces in Europe, authorized by the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The US military currently boasts over 62,000 soldiers that are permanently stationed in Europe. Gen. Frederick Hodges, the commander of the US army in Europe, said that “these activities are the embodiment of the United States’ commitment to deterring aggression and defending our European allies and partners.” However, considering the massive deployments that have already taken place in addition to those recently announced, it becomes increasingly difficult to peg who the real aggressor is – NATO or Russia.

The NATO build-up along Russia’s border has been on-going since the Ukrainian coup of 2014, when accusations of Russia’s supposed “aggression” first surfaced. However, this year has seen some major escalations on this front, suggesting that the “Cold War 2.0” could go hot if the right crisis emerged. In October, Norway announced plans to allow the US Marines to station within its borders for the first time ever amid concerns of Russian “aggression” despite that fact that Russia has not once threatened any Scandinavian country or NATO member. Then, last month, one of the most disturbing build-ups of all took place when NATO announced that it had placed 300,000 troops on “high alert” with plans to have those troops ready for deployment by next month. This provocative move then pushed Russia to deploy nuclear-capable missiles to its Kaliningrad enclave. Considering that this latest deployment of US forces will also take place next month, the pieces will certainly be in place for a potential and unprecedented escalation of hostilities between NATO and Russia.

A mysterious NATO’s Chief Auditor death reported:

A quiet pre-Christmas Friday this is not. As the prime Berlin market atrocity suspect is shot dead in Italy, a Libyan plane is hijacked and flown to Malta. Pretty much the entire EU is on Red Alert thanks to the idiot migration policies and lah-la-lah federalism of Brussels-am-Berlin. But few if any headlines record that a key player in the why and how of all this has died a violent death.

EU TERRORISM: Top NATO financial auditor’s “suicide” story unravelling by the hour

December 23, 2016 - Yves Chandelon, NATO’s Chief Auditor (right) has turned up dead in the city of Andenne, in the forest region of Ardennes in Belgium. He was 150 kilometres from his office in Luxembourg, and 100 kilometres from his home. There was a very large hole in his head….but not as big as the holes in the “official” story.

Mainstream media have so far depicted Monsieur Chandelon as something of a backroom boy bean-counter who shot himself because he was in debt. Sadly for the spin doctors, none of the facts support their version. In fact, the Truth makes fools of them:

◾Chandelon headed up the NATO department dealing with the forensics of how terrorists are funded. He’d held the job for some years despite having no degrees, qualifications or official track record as a mainstream corporate accountant. All the signs, in fact, of a forensic-specialist spook using a standard faceless job description as his cover.
◾Chandelon owed a grand total of €43,000. Associates say he was a highly paid and hugely-bonused executive who would regard such a ‘float’ as peanuts….but with Zirp borrowing rates, not a millstone.
◾In the weeks prior to his death, he showed some signs of fear….but none whatsoever of a depressive mood. He had given some documentation to close friends and family, which he asked them to bring forward “if anything should happen to me”.

Equally, the crime scene has all the hallmarks of a sequence from the movie Surveillance State – in that it leaves awkward “doesn’t-make-sense” questions:
◾The wound to his head is a classic of ‘barrel next to cranium’ point blank range gunshot. But Chandelon was found with the weapon in his hand. “Not possible,” says a Slog London police source, “the recoil, had the wound been self-inflicted, would have thrown the gun several feet from his hand”.
◾The gun is confirmed as the weapon of death, but it was not registered in the deceased man’s name.
◾The gun was found in his right hand. But Chandelon was left-handed.

However the NATO chief’s death occurred, his immediate family aren’t playing ball: they describe the suicide verdict as “ridiculous” and point out that the 60 year old was “looking forward to several holiday projects planned for 2017”. As this is a very unhealthy attitude for them to adopt, we must assume they feel very strongly on the subject.

So here we are in the days leading up to Christmas, and Islamic terrorism is very high-profile. The man in charge of tracing how the Aluha Aqbar chavs get their money – a top wally in NATO based in Luxembourg and showing signs of whistle-blowing tendencies – presents with his brains blown out in an Ardennes forest….the way you do.

My nose tells me something is afoot. And for a nose to sense an odour as far away as the feet, one must assume something very smelly indeed.

The autopsy on Yves Chandelon is scheduled for next Tuesday the 27th of December…the first working day after Christmas in the European Union this year.

And here:
NATO Auditor General suicided in Belgium

Saturday, 24 December 2016 - NATO Auditor General was found dead in Belgium. The body of Yves Chandelon was found in the city of Andenne, in 140 kilometers from the place of his work and 100 km from Lens where he lived.

According to local mass media, the auditor committed suicide. He was found with shot in the head. However, the family doesn't believe in the suicide version, Life reported.

Three unites of weapon have been registered on the 60-year-old man. However, an unregistered weapon was found next to his body, Belg24 reported.

NATO Auditor General Yves Chandelon, in particular, dealt with counteraction against terrorism financing issues. Shortly before death he reported he was receiving strange phone calls.

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herondancer said:
Ha! Whether domestic or foreign, the pressure to expose the whole Clinton mafia organization is mounting, without Trump lifting a finger. Hopefully the dirt that pressure will unearth will be enough that the DOJ will have no choice but to bring charges. And Trump will get to say that the matter is out of his hands.

Clever, if that's the plan. Killary's got miles of rope to be hung with.

I really hope they bring her to justice, though that would mean just one of the alligators removed from the swamp. The rest will still be in there.
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