Ethernet adapters( dongle) for the Tablets and mobile devices


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After watching Scottie's video on his blog, I thought I will try it as it may reduce the sitting time in front of same desk.
It may reduce process of downloading the long video's on to laptop and copy it to my android tablet(some how this doesn't work for ipad) and watch it some where else. As he emphasized it is complicated and there is no one place that tells which Ethernet adapter product works for which tablet.

Here is my experience with it.

I have 2 tablets one ipad ( with lightning connector with latest ios) and another one is Samsung Tab A ( SM-T380 with USB Type-C connector, android 8.1).

When I looked at Amazon for the ethernet adapter products, Most of them for the android devices, while very few products for ipad.

For multiple reason, I decided to look for dongle for Samsung Galaxy Tab A. If it works, I can used appropriate adapters to connect to my other devices like mobile devices and ipad.

When I looked for Ethernet Adapter for Samsung TAB A, I couldn't find any for exact model.
  • Given that I bought this Belkin's model . First when i connected to my galaxy tab A, i can see tablet is charging, but no internet. "Ethernet" menu item is grayed out. So I called Costco where I bought it and I have good experience with their customer support than the manufacturer. They transferred it to Samsung support, who said that "Ethernet menu item should not be grayed out" and played with developers settings with no result. They asked me to contact Belkin support for drivers or some thing, which I did. Belkin support said it is "Plug and Play device, so no driver". I asked Samsung support to give list of products they recommend and they have another company called J&J supporting the compatibility of their device, No body even answered from that company.
  • While searching on Samsung website, there are couple of products users tried and found to work for Samsung Tab S3. I ordered one Cable matters dongle and tried with a adapter( USB 3.0 to USB TYPE-C). It didn't work. No Luck.
Last choice is root it, but still not sure what needs to be done to activate ethernet menu item though. So, I left it there.
  • As a last option, I ordered this dongle for ipad,( $24) out of only 2 products on amazon. Since some reviewers complain that this unit is failing in weeks or months, i bought it with a 4 year warranty for extra $3. Boom!. :cool2::cool2: It works, though the user experience is not perfect.
  • If you try to install a App, Nothing happens. It looks you can't install apps' on ethernet as the apple account security check is not getting triggered. So you have to connect to Wi-Fi and apply the App and disconnect Wi-fi and use it.
  • It pops a dialog box asking to enable Wi-Fi, when you connect to ethernet. you can cancel the dialog box.
  • If you have a habit of switching off modem in the night, you need to restart the ipad with head power button or soft way
  • This product doesn't charge the ipad. so you have remove the connectors for charging.

  • It looks apple announced to sell a certified dongle that can charge too. I guess, they handled the little ios hiccups I mentioned above. But it is $100 instead and costly one for my $250 ipad.
Given that not many websites on the net on the subject, I thought we can document here.
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