1. mugatea

    The collapse of Apple & Google dream

    Vague dream last night where I was looking down on what was the Apple corp skyscraper and the top snapped off and fell. The building seemed very hard but brittle. Then next to it, the top of the Google skyscraper broke off and fell. I can't remember but one of the buildings had a giant...
  2. irjO

    Is this how it officially begins? Technological totalitarianism: Apple to start scanning photos and messages on their products

    At the beginning of this month, Reuters reported that Apple officially is going to start scanning photos and messages stored in their cloud service called iCloud with the excuse that their system will scan Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM). As it was already posted in the following thread...
  3. seek10

    Ethernet adapters( dongle) for the Tablets and mobile devices

    After watching Scottie's video on his blog, I thought I will try it as it may reduce the sitting time in front of same desk. It may reduce process of downloading the long video's on to laptop and copy it to my android tablet(some how this doesn't work for ipad) and watch it some where else...
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