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FWIW, in Crystal Network thread there's a link to Laura's singing In The Garden (mp3 file attached to Joe's post):
Just a little story that wants to be told ;-)
I wanted to tell it on monday but obviously it should be kept for today:;-);-D
The other day when I was at "my" farmers place one of the guys who was normally working for him was not available. So many baskets full of eggs fresh from the hens nests had accumulated and I decided to help. It took me a whole midmorning to clean them, weight them, sort them out for diverse sizes , broken ones and oversizes. And I learned how to put them correctly in the trays and how to carefully clean them, not to use water etc..
About 600 eggs they were! And I really enjoyed the work because it became a kind of meditative work . . .
As I said before - I just wanted to tell this . . . .
Today's EE meeting will start in 25 minutes.

See you soon!
I've looked for the morning, evening, and daily prayers -- done a bunch of searches but have not found them. Can you point to where I can find them written down, if they are somewhere? Thanks so much.
Hi everybody! I won't join todays session. On the one hand I am a little bit tired on the other hand I have to think about the plans I made for this week. I will meet some people and need to prepare myself for those meetings.
Wish you a good session and see you next monday! 🥰
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