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In my dreams where I fly I seem to have a hard time staying airborn and end up coming down-sometimes gently other times not!

There have also been dreams where I can "walk" on air-or jump and remain aloft for a really long time then gently float down ala "Matrix"- or jump from heights and land un-hurt...perhaps our dreams are the "real" and what we experience in everyday life is the dream...(or nightmare depending on individual experience) interesting to contemplate :huh:


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Re: Dream of Flying

parallel said:
FWIW, there is another dream-flying thread here : http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php/topic,19233.msg186805.html#msg186805

Thanks parallel, topics merged. :)


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Re: Recurrent flying dream

Hmm, I knew I responded to a similar topic... is it related?



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Mikel said:
Hi guys,

Are You sure that focusing on flying in dreams is leading anywhere?
Answer Yourself what kind of benefits it gives You when You are thinking about flying in dreams?

Well, for one thing it's very clear that many have these dreams, and share common experiences.
Perhaps it is a place we go for nenewal, or something of that nature.
It could be what 4th density will be like, or a yearning to be free from our 3rd density bounds.
Then I start to contemplate some of the things the C's have said about looking inside of ourselves for the answers.
All day I can contemplate what is inside of me, and the reality of this world as far as my knowledge permits me.
When I fall asleep, however, everything changes.
I would like to know more about it.


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Last night I had dream in which I was in my living room with my family. Then,somehow I realised I'm dreaming and instantly got urge to fly so I run fast towards balcony..
But as I tried to run my family was holding me back somehow and didnt let me to fly off. (it was something as like runing through water)
But I made it out and pushed myself vertically in air. I flew higher and higher and it was out of my controll and I realised this wont end good, that Ill probably end somewhere in space at this pace then I woke up.
And again before falling asleep I was without worries and concerns towards myself,this is almost regular thing for me before having flying and/or lucid dreams.


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A few weeks ago, I did my EE while falling asleep (works for me) and concentrated on the origin of flying.
Took a couple of attempts, but the answer I got was me looking at me in flight school. There were no airplanes in that flight school.
Must be why so many have the same experiences and techniques in the flying dreams.
We all went to avian training school. Ain't that a hoot?!!


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WOW! I'm not surprised at all the people that can relate to the flying dreams but I'm certainly impressed! It goes to show how desperately there seems to be a reach for something beyond our grasp. I too had dreams of flight as a child. They were quite vivid at the time and I remember telling many people that I could actually do it. :-[ Now, as an adultchild, the flying I seem to experience isn't always while sleeping. When I'm 'present' and I have stopped the wheels a turnin' I feel as if I'm outside of my body. :cool2:


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I remember I had several dreams where I would fly; sometime in my teenage years, I dreamed that I would walk down the street in the night and then started as a little running, and then I figured that I can fly. I would go up in the air and fly between the houses and it was wonderful.

I also remember clearly one levitating dream; I was at the balcony (of some unknown apartment), it was daytime, with my mother, mother in law, and my newborn son.
I had some small argument with my mother, and after that, I´ve handed her my son and started levitating. My mother looked at me scared and called me a witch, but I was just smiling, levitating up and up, my body became every second more and more lighter and brighter and... puf! I´ve woke up.

That levitating dream was around the time I did my first crystal therapies and found Laura and The Wave.

And then I´ve read about abductions and various ways they are performed.

And sometime later I remember particularly this one dream.
I was again out in the night (in my flying dreams, I can remember it was night), hanging around my old elementary school and all of the sudden after a few jumps I would fly.
My flights were always very controlled, I knew I was dreaming and I´ve enjoyed it.
So, as I´ve flown around my old school, I remembered what I´ve read about abductions, and all of a sudden I felt really uncomfortable with all this flying around.
As I was preparing to "land", I felt enormous push-up or like I was being sucked up in the night sky and every time I wanted to land, some force would try to suck me back up.
I didn´t like that at all and it didn´t feel good.
So I´ve struggled and yelled and woke up.

Then I had some similar dream, also like I´m about to fly and again felt some "force" that was suck me up.
I again yelled in my dream, as I always do to wake myself up.

So I don´t know.... I loved those flying dreams very much, but in the end, they started to not feel right, or I again was overthinking all of this and ruined myself some nice dreams.
I really don´t know what to think...

Eventually, both flying and "suck up" dreams stopped... And then dark man / demon dreams began.....


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thanks Kessy for share,
About 10 years ago, I have a really short dream about flying, the only thing I remember was how I started flying heading into space, I could see at least 3 different shades of blue or atmosphere layers, and just in the last layer of blue and the darkness of the space I stopped, I listened to myself the question about what if I do not know the way to return to the earth, at that moment I woke up feeling as if It would have been a very lived experience.


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I have dreams of flying ALL THE TIME. The really intense episodes happen when I nap during the afternoon and they are totally lucid. I can fly, and I am practicing different techniques of taking off, achieving and maintaining altitude, cruising. It feels so darn real and natural, the wind in my face, the landscape down below. Like I have always done it and always will. One time I was flying low over the ocean, feeling the wind and spray in my face, and dipping down under the water from time to time, how exhilarating that was! I keep trying to teach myself new techniques where I don't have to work as hard to fly upward, mostly using mental imagery (up up UP with no or minimal arm flapping). It feels like a part of me that I desperately miss.
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