Do Covid Vaccines cause the Deceased to be stuck in the Afterlife?


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This posting is based on the book "Covid Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective: Consequences for the Soul and Spirit and for Life after Death" by Thomas Mayer, in french "Les vaccins contre le coronavirus d'un point de vue spirituel" - originally written in german.
And on the article "COVID Vaccines – Consequences For The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death" by Bernhard Guenther. I know that Mr. Guenther has been debunked on this forum, but it was the only article in english i could find.

The author Thomas Mayer is a follower of Rudulf Steiner's Anthroposophy. His book features reports, experiences and commentary from more than fifty contributors with clairvoyant and psychic abilities. From their observations, it is argued that Covid vaccines are not ‘harmless jabs’, but potentially violent interventions in the subtle structures of the human body, soul and spirit. The vaccines even have implications for an individual’s life beyond death. Instead of the soul evolving in the afterlife, it could remain bound to the earth, suffering deeply.

First the author lists reports from therapists and alternative practitioners from his personal network, but also worldwide found in his research on online forums of therapists and alternative practitioners, confirming what he and his colleagues discovered when treating vaccinated clients. Here’s a short selection from 10 different therapists and practitioners:
  1. “I do Healing Massage. I have a client who has been coming to me for a long time. Today she had an appointment scheduled a long time ago. My dogs did not greet her as they always do. I thought it was because she was not here for a while. I started my usual treatment, but it was different from usual. I just could not get into the depth. After half an hour I asked her if she was vaccinated because I kept hitting a wall. ‘Yes’, she said, ‘a week ago’”.
  2. “We had the same experience in our practice for body therapy. You can’t get into the tissue and the system of some vaccinated people.
  3. “I work as a naturopath and many patients, unfortunately, get vaccinated. I find some of them repulsive: the strange color of their faces, aura field torn as if they were disembodied. Some of them I cannot test bio-energetically at first, because there is an energetic shock on the kidney in the sense of a cybernetic blockade”.
  4. “I also notice with some vaccinated people that the aura, which was previously strong and colorful, collapses and becomes gray. Yet this is not the case with all of them. When I do chakra balancing, some feel like after chemotherapy, rigid, metallic, and almost not permeable. I would like to emphasize that this is not the case with everyone, with some I don’t feel any difference”.
  5. “Since early childhood, I have been able to see people’s aura colors. I am sensitive. I “see” aura mostly as a basic color with different colored speckles. When I meet with vaccinated people, my eyes often “search” for the aura, but all I can see is a smooth gray surface, like concrete. This confuses me, no other color appears.”
  6. “The aura of vaccinated people often changes. It becomes cracked, broken and unprotected from foreign energies. The energies of the vaccinated flow out unfiltered and foreign energies flow in”.
  7. “I have a naturopathic practice where I also work osteopathically (i.e., on the patient, with contact). Three weeks ago, I had a patient who was vaccinated with J&J five days earlier, although he did not tell me about it until afterward. During the treatment, I noticed several energy tentacles that were docked. In addition, the general life energy was very low. I removed tentacles, stabilized his energies, and tried to reconnect him (grounding and upward). He was better the next day”.
  8. “I am highly sensitive and can see people’s aura. With some vaccinated people, the aura is not colorful as with others, but gray, and I can smell vaccinated people. The smell is sweetish and penetratingly unpleasant”.
  9. “My husband and I do bodywork. It is frightening to see how the vaccinated clients degrade. Their skin color changes, they seem to have aged for years, lymph nodes are swollen for a long time, the aura is “tattered” and many of them smell very unpleasant.”
  10. “I am an alternative practitioner; I also do energetic treatments and sometimes I can’t find the energy field of people who have been vaccinated. This can be found next to the body of the vaccinated”.
Mayer and his research group identified a common thread and basic pattern of spiritual vaccine damage in people: “We were able to observe 20 vaccinated individuals on a regular basis during the last months. Even if the effects of the Corona vaccinations are individually different and change over time, there are some basic patterns that often repeat:
Vaccination often causes shifting of the members of the human being. The etheric body becomes smaller. The sentient body with the soul members (Sentient, – Intellectual – and Consciousness Soul) shift and lose the connection with the physical human being. The I-organization slips backwards and shows itself diminished; this same with the spirit core or the higher SeIf. Thus, the human being becomes more strongly bound to matter.

The body-elemental-being should take care of the human being, now it leaves, and remains only in the proximity. Also, a separation from the angel occurs – angel and man can no longer feel each other. These are very painful conditions for these etheric and spiritual entities which carry and support the human being.

Instead of them, the double of the person (the shadow, or the unresolved old karma) connects itself more strongly with the human being. From the spiritual dark subterranean layers of the earth come forces that affect the “I”- organization, the higher self, and the angel.

We had the impression that the stronger effect of the Double relates to a strengthening of the ego, the lower “I” hardened in egoism. This sometimes manifested itself in a more self-confident appearance of the person, which, however, had the source in self-centeredness. In such encounters one did not meet the real human being as before, instead, the ego and the “primitive man” were more pronounced[…]

We experience that with the vaccine, Ahrimanic, hardening elemental beings entered the organs. The astral body and the ‘I”-organization of the organs were clearly quenched and contracted. Also, the etheric body became weaker and connected more strongly with the material body; it became more physical in this respect[…]

This distortion within the spiritual constitution of the organs is caused by dark beings, which enter the human being through the vaccination.

Later in his book Mayer gets to the souls in the afterlife. Excessive use of allopathic medicine and psychiatric drugs/pharmaceuticals [including “illegal” druges] can negatively affect the afterlife experience and keep the soul earthbound. Dr. Baldwin has made the same discoveries in his work, and so has Steve Richards in his work with Holographic Kineticsics. Thomas Mayer describes such a case [based on asthroposophy] of someone who died of cancer after having received heavy doses of chemotherapy:

Cemented ether body after chemotherapy

“During a meditation class, Martin was taken by a deep sadness, which surprised him, and kept him occupied throughout the day. We took a closer look and it turned out that his twin brother, Stefan, died of cancer six years ago….Before his death, he was receiving strong chemotherapy and had a bloated face. The sadness that overtook Martin was not his own feelings, but the feelings of his brother.

He was in despair because he was not able to let go – he felt as if he was bound with iron chains by an external power. I didn’t understand it at first, because in his soul Stefan was jovial, happy, and free; I couldn’t find any bond at all. Only when I looked at his etheric body (life body) did I understand that it was solidified like black glue, compacted like asphalt. These were the consequences of chemotherapy.

Stefan’s astral body (soul body) could not separate from the ether body; his astral body was not able to leave his earthly life behind and enter the Kamaloka, that is, into the so-called Moon Sphere. This was not possible for Stefan, although he urgently longed for it.

I found soratic-ahrimanic beings in his etheric body, which were obviously connected with the substances used in chemotherapy and thus had gained access to Stefan’s body.

These were side effects of the chemotherapy
, which are not described in the package insert. It is known, however, that cemeteries prolong the lying time of dead bodies with chemotherapy because these bodies do not decompose easily (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 199, a newspaper article from 9.5.1997, “Chemotherapie verzoegert Verwesungsprozess” – “Chemotherapy delays process of decomposition”). This is an earthly expression of what Stefan experienced in the spiritual world.”

Corona Vaccination Damages In The Life After Death

Thomas Mayer and his research team also discovered that the effects of the vaccines don’t stop with death. While the physical body is discarded at death, the spiritual beings and forces of the COVID vaccines continue to work. Mayer shows some case studies of what this means for the deceased vaccinated people:

“On February 23, 2021, during a work meeting, I had the opportunity to perceive a deceased person, who had received a corona vaccination before leaving the body. The etheric body of the deceased was contracted, slanted, and tense, the soul was chained to it, sad, suffering, lonely and disoriented in darkness. Normally, after death, the etheric body expands and the tableau of life becomes free, in which the deceased experiences all the memories of his or her past life in simultaneity and greater clarity. This did not happen here, the life tableau was prevented, and the soul was stuck earthbound. No light of the spiritual world reached it. Normally, the deceased are received and enveloped by their angels. That was not the case here, the angel was without connection on the sidelines.

From such blocked states souls cannot free themselves from their predicament in foreseeable time. They need an intervention from the outside. Spiritual interventions, which are stimulated by incarnated people, can help here. We did our best for this poor soul to help it in a process of development. Was this just an isolated case or is it common after corona vaccination? That is a burning question.

If there is no one to take care of the earthbound deceased, it may take many centuries for their condition to change. It’s just a jab and then you can travel again”, announce the vaccinations commercials. But in reality, it could mean that the soul cannot make its journey through the spiritual world for hundreds of years after death, stuck, suffering, and thus burdening living ones.”

Mayer and his team observed supersensibly 11 deceased people who had been vaccinated. Their souls were earthbound, isolated, and became prey for occult hostile forces:

“We have looked supersensibly at eleven deceased who had been vaccinated. These eleven dead people were earthbound. Their higher bodies were so disjointed and devoid of the protection from the higher beings that they were easy prey for Adversarial Spirits. The I- organization, the higher “I” and the angel were also earthbound and suffered an attack by these beings.

The souls were mostly in a dark spiritual space, filled with fear, despair, and pain. They had no contact with other souls and felt alone and abandoned. These negative feelings and thoughts have a destructive effect on the earth and are used purposefully by the Ahrimanic and Asuric beings.”

There are also deeper “hell realms” in the lower astral levels where souls of the vaccinated could be pulled down to:

“We are glad when souls are only earthbound because we also had cases when souls were pulled down into the so-called sixth spiritual dark inner layer of earth. This happens when an explosion of the etheric and astral body took place at death. But this had taken place only in some cases.

More Cases Of Earth-Bounded Vaccinated People

“…There was a darkening, like small black dots, from the contact with the dark forces. The double is a little closer than normal and has a strong relation to these dark points of the astral body. The body elemental has been hardened; trauma has taken place. Also, the guardian angel had remnants of traumatization. The encounter with the dark beings that come with the vaccines seems to be a great challenge and leaves traces.

This example also shows the profound effect of Corona vaccinations. This can be a traumatic, severely hurtful experience, which is why the deceased is often unable to free himself from it by his own efforts. Then help and influence from the outside are necessary. Without such intervention, the state of being earthbound and cut off from the spiritual world can last for a long time. A few hundred years seems possible….”

Another research group in Germany looked at 31 vaccinated deceased people:

“We have looked at a total of 31 vaccinated deceased people, all of whom were earthbound. These people died in March and April 2021 and were mostly over 80 years old.

Earthbound means that the etheric body and phantom body (physical spirit body) are solidified and do not expand. The soul is chained to these bodies and therefore lives in darkness – it does not experience life-panorama or their spiritual environment and does not experience its angel. They neither can experience other light-filled dead around them nor the warming spiritual light of the Christ.

Due to their bad condition, these earth-bound souls negatively influence the soul- and consciousness life of those incarnated on earth who were connected with them, and thus shape the collective atmosphere, without necessarily being aware of it themselves.[…]”

Another question that comes up in light of these observations is whether it makes a difference if someone dies years later after the vaccination. All the cases mentioned above were of deceased people who died within a few weeks of receiving the vaccine. The supersensible research team asked this question and stated that it is impossible to say since it could not be observed at the time of this research and the release of Mayer’s book.

After verifying these cases for himself, and realizing the “horror of the situation” with regards to the spiritual implications of billions of people who have been vaccinated, Mayer shares his thoughts:

“To verify these experiences, I have worked with these deceased myself and could confirm the earth-boundness and the described peculiarities. The extent of these after-death effects of vaccination is frightening for me. In the last years, I have dealt a lot with blockades in the after-death life and have seen so much, that I was able to develop a kind of professional sobriety, like emergency paramedics who drive from accident to accident.

Nevertheless, the extent of this vaccination catastrophe gets under my skin. For my own spiritual hygiene, it is important that I give space to these feelings. That is why I am writing about it. Through that, they turn into the power that makes it possible to stay on the subject and write this book.”

Mayer made another disturbing discovery. In some cases, the trapped earthbound spirit of a deceased vaccinated person becomes prey on which adversary hostile forces were feeding off, i.e., sucking the life force out of them. Most often, other earthbound spirits become conduits of powerful adversary negative forces as described in this case:

“…During the spiritual intervention, I concentrated first on the soratic-transhumanism spirits in her etheric body. But this was not enough, there were other dark inclusions connected with a group of deceased, who were in a miserable state and had connected themselves with the highest adversarial spirits. These sucked power from the earthbound woman. Only after the possession by this group of the dead was removed, was the spiritual intervention felt to be bringing effects.

This sucking out is not surprising; the enslavement of the deceased exists for eons in many variations and was often also brought about consciously. In this case, the vile group of dead souls simply used the “good opportunity” and occupied the defenseless woman to help themselves to her powers. Deceased, who are enwrapped by their angel, cannot be possessed, but this angel protection was prevented by the Corona inoculation.

How often does it happen that earthbound vaccinated dead are used as feeding trough by spiritual predators? I am afraid, very often, because in the spiritual world there are innumerable miserable dead, who have no connection to the higher spiritual world and who therefore resort to feeding themselves from the powers of other dead.”
Despite this dire situation and disturbing revelations about the spiritual effects of the Corona vaccine, let’s not forget an important point Mayer [and myself] made at the beginning: We need to be careful of paranoia, overly negative thinking (doom & gloom fear frequency), and especially careful of generalizations. While the situation may look indeed dire, disturbing, and even “hopeless” to some, we need to stay non-reactive and objective as best as we can. I see a tendency in today’s “truth movement” and “conspiracy world” of over-exaggerated fear and negative sentiments filled with shadow projections. As Thomas Mayer wrote in his book as well, everyone is affected by the vaccine differently on an individual basis so we cannot make generalizations. Many known and unknown factors come in: how many doses/boosters did a person receive, the person’s level of being, soul development, spiritual strength, karmic and spiritual lessons, and much more that is impossible for the mind to grasp.

Mayer also stated that ” the situation is not hopeless,” and there are lessons to be learned. I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. In fact, all there are, ARE lessons in light of the evolution of consciousness from the much bigger picture perspective in alignment with Divine Will. It’s essential to ENGAGE in the Great Work towards individuation and spiritualizing our being, i.e. soul embodiment, anchoring the soul, and bringing forth essence without identifying with our ego-personality. However, we must also be aware of the danger of spiritual bypassing. This work also includes deep psychological self-work to heal our wounds and traumas, mainly engaging in shadow work, becoming aware of your projections and triggers, and hence healing/closing the entry point for any hostile forces to come in.
Je pense qu'il serait utile de poser la question aux Cassiopéens concernant la pertinence de ce livre et de ce Thomas Mayer...

I think it would be useful to ask the Cassiopaeans about the relevance of this book and this Thomas Mayer...
think it would be useful to ask the Cassiopaeans about the relevance of this book and this Thomas Mayer...
I agree PERLOU: Something feels off with this information but maybe it's because I've just read about it. Condemning people who have had the jab is one thing........even those who had to take it to keep food and a roof over the heads of their dependants but to then speak of the after-life and souls of these people seems beyond the pale (no pun intended).
I think the following about this.

The vast majority of people went voluntarily to get the experimental injections.

There were endless queues.

The vast majority chose it voluntarily, so that is their path and choice.

Then there was great pressure in several (many) countries to force the reluctant to get vaccinated.

In many cases they would succeed because there was no other way out apparently.

However, the inner landscape (and other higher instances) will surely have protected the good people in the case of not having another option (like the protection protocol here and related articles that you could learn about through other means).

In any case, the soul in general is usually quite battered by most people before these injections.

If anything, he hastened the election for many, since they chose him voluntarily.

They almost ran to the vaccination centers.
Vous trouverez là les photos de la table des matières en Français uniquement, malheureusement...

Moi aussi, ce qui me heurte, c'est de penser aux souffrances de ces âmes qui ont été vaccinées mais pour certaines qui n'avaient pas le choix sinon de perdre leur travail et ainsi leurs revenus pour subvenir aux besoins de leur famille...

J'attends la livraison de mon livre vers le 25 août, je vous tiendrai au courant mais j'ai hâte de connaître la réponse des Cassiopéens...
D'ailleurs, à ce sujet, aidez moi à poser les meilleurs questions de façon précise comme les Cassiopéens et Laura les aiment... MERCI...

You will find here the photos of the table of contents in French only, unfortunately...

Me too, what hurts me is to think of the suffering of these souls who have been vaccinated but for some who had no choice but to lose their job and thus their income to meet the needs of their family.. .

I'm expecting the delivery of my book around August 25, I'll keep you posted but I can't wait to hear the response from the Cassiopaeans...

By the way, on this subject, help me to ask the best questions in a precise way as the Cassiopaeans and Laura like them... THANK YOU...
I am also very interested to hear what the C's have to say about this outrageous subject. This energetic brutality called the effects of their vaccine to destroy the individual at higher levels of being. They the negative powers do not mind but cherish cattle. What they abhor is the individual soul, that random factor which they cannot foresee. Perhaps that is why they need our consent and why they like us mooing together. They don't like an individual. Who knows what he or she will do.
There may be some truth in this text, but there may also be an exaggeration. Which reminds me, Rudolf Steiner actually predicted that they would use a vaccine to take the Spirit out of people. But I wonder to what extent those who were injected (not all, some were conscious) had already lost the vitality of the soul, our spirit when they received the vaccine. When you agree to be manipulated with your eyes closed, the price is hard to pay. It raises questions, and I hope the C's will shed some light on this subject.
I don't know about this after death thing...I will give huge probability about dimming the aura and become more dense so to speak, but that the spirit cannot go to the 5-th density...I don't know about this. The C's specifically said that after the death of the body the souls have clear and protected passage to the contemplation zone. And this is by design.
So, I am quite sceptical about this explanation.
I think that he just observed the ussual degradation that is speeding up in the people.

And the "astral" body is not the soul, as he is writing. So, it cant be "bound". The whole concept of the Universe, the One, the undestructible soul who is learning about self would be pure nonsence if the soul could be "bound" or destructed. Because the soul IS the Universe (the One, the seventh density), and all the souls are eventually the one. Of course, the soul could be damaged in some way or degree, but that also happens in the learning.

Maybe, of course, but sounds logical . . .
I don't know about this after death thing...I will give huge probability about dimming the aura and become more dense so to speak, but that the spirit cannot go to the 5-th density...I don't know about this. The C's specifically said that after the death of the body the souls have clear and protected passage to the contemplation zone. And this is by design.
So, I am quite sceptical about this explanation.
Yes, however if someone dies completely disconnected or unaware of the possibility of a way out of the physical, they can get stuck here for a while.

Who is very concerned about their bodily survival, because they are convinced that this is all, perhaps with the vaccines it will be easier for them to choose that, since there may be a disconnection from higher sources and a better connection with the STS sources.

An increase in attachment to the physical, then a consequent increase in consciousness tied to the earthly sphere.

However, I believe that a choice of conscience has operated in it.
@Nević Nenad , je ne me souviens pas avoir lu que l'âme était détruite mais qu'elle restait sur terre et d'après ce que je sais, les âmes qui restent sur terre ne sont pas dans un lieu confortable bien loin de là, sur terre, il ne reste que les âmes qui refusent l'aide et la lumière qui pourtant sont proposée dès que l'âme y aspire... Elles préfèrent s'amuser à se jouer de nous et nous faire chuter, c'est leur plaisir...

@Nević Nenad , I don't recall reading that the soul was destroyed but it remained on earth and from what I know souls that remain on earth are not in a comfortable place far from it , on earth, only the souls remain who refuse the help and the light which nevertheless are offered as soon as the soul aspires to it... They prefer to have fun playing with us and making us fall, it's their pleasure...
Yes, however if someone dies completely disconnected or unaware of the possibility of a way out of the physical, they can get stuck here for a while.
I don't think that any soul can be totally disconnected from the "source "...
Maybe delayed because of the ignorance but not disconnected.
Who is very concerned about their bodily survival, because they are convinced that this is all, perhaps with the vaccines it will be easier for them to choose that, since there may be a disconnection from higher sources and a better connection with the STS sources.

An increase in attachment to the physical, then a consequent increase in consciousness tied to the earthly sphere.

However, I believe that a choice of conscience has operated in it.
Yes but this still doesn't mean that the soul is disconnected permanently.
Yes but this still doesn't mean that the soul is disconnected permanently.
It's not that the connection is broken, it's that it's ignored by choice.

In fact the choice STSn at any time you can redirect your energy and return home let's say.

The more energies (consciousness) hanging around our environment looking for sustenance to stay nearby, the more chaos, the more drainage, the more difficulty in the environment for those who want to get away from it or choose other things.

When leaving the body, the tree of beliefs is intact and if one has the possibility of choosing something because it is not known, the conscience continues for a determined time in what it knows.

However, I partially agree with you.
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