Do Covid Vaccines cause the Deceased to be stuck in the Afterlife?

Maybe it's a simple oversimplification on my part, but the way I see it is that in most cases:
- vaccinated by those who mainly pay attention to the physical body
- not vaccinated by those who are not so attached to the physical body.

And any nuances are just attempts to explain the decision.
Vous trouverez là les photos de la table des matières en Français uniquement, malheureusement...

Moi aussi, ce qui me heurte, c'est de penser aux souffrances de ces âmes qui ont été vaccinées mais pour certaines qui n'avaient pas le choix sinon de perdre leur travail et ainsi leurs revenus pour subvenir aux besoins de leur famille...

J'attends la livraison de mon livre vers le 25 août, je vous tiendrai au courant mais j'ai hâte de connaître la réponse des Cassiopéens...
D'ailleurs, à ce sujet, aidez moi à poser les meilleurs questions de façon précise comme les Cassiopéens et Laura les aiment... MERCI...

You will find here the photos of the table of contents in French only, unfortunately...

Me too, what hurts me is to think of the suffering of these souls who have been vaccinated but for some who had no choice but to lose their job and thus their income to meet the needs of their family.. .

I'm expecting the delivery of my book around August 25, I'll keep you posted but I can't wait to hear the response from the Cassiopaeans...

By the way, on this subject, help me to ask the best questions in a precise way as the Cassiopaeans and Laura like them... THANK YOU...
L'âme des humains est elle blessée par les injections pzizzer?

Are human soul injured by pfizzer injections? deepl
Oui @wilfried , d'après ce livre mais ce n'est pas précisé vaccins "Pfizer", c'est pourquoi je l'ai acheté pour voir vraiment de quoi il retourne et surtout de poser les questions aux Cassiopéens pour savoir si ce livre est digne de confiance... Je dois le recevoir le 25...
Cependant, ne vous inquiétez pas trop, d'après l'auteur il ne l'a pas écrit pour faire "peur"...
Attendons de lire ce livre et les réponses des Cassiopéens... 🥰

Yes, according to this book but it is not specified "Pfizer" vaccines, that's why I bought it to really see what it's all about and especially to ask questions to the Cassiopaeans to find out if this book is worthy of confidence... I must receive it on the 25th...
However, don't worry too much, according to the author he didn't write it to "scare"...
Let's wait to read this book and the answers of the Cassiopaeans... 🥰
L'âme des humains est elle blessée par les injections pzizzer?

Are human soul injured by pfizzer injections? deepl

I find it hard to believe that anything physical could trump the soul and growing in being

Nontheless, I recognize the psychological / emotional significance taking the vaccine coercedly could have; From personal experience.
And then there is the scientifically proven fact that the vaccines shed, so all of us are supposedly roped into this.

I don't think there's long-lasting accuracy to this, especially to the post-death conditions the observers talk about. I've been noticing the vaccinated who stumbled into a bit of a hole can work themselves back. It's an individual thing, IMHO, and not predestined by the shot. If that were the case, the shot would have to work on some pretty subtle levels, 'levels' that the 'scientists' and hyperdimensional handlers on the mRNA front probably don't get to in terms of dimensions.

The observations I do kind of find resonate are right after the shot, the kind of depressed energy and hollowing out of commitment to their activities. Then people I know, and it took a couple years sometimes, and the decision not to take more shots, but they bounced right back to the former drive and interest and engagement in their lives.

Once a vaccinated person dies, the tie with the body goes. The body, I suspect, is repository of the vax instructions, not the subtle bodies or energies. I can't substantiate this but again, the manufacture seems to beget illness and STS tendencies, so how high can the STS handlers aim to affect? The 4D STS want the control in 4D, the vax might increase their following somewhat, depending on the individuals, as people were saying in this thread, but if the shot were enough to do this, I don't think we'd be seeing all the efforts across the board to continue with the big agendas. Get the shot, you're mine, said no 4D STS that often..... Just looking at it from a couple angles based on my own observations and theories.
I stumbled into the Cosmic Matrix podcast through some algorithmic force, and I was excited for a moment. I was sure that it had some connection to the C’s. It took some work, but I put the pieces together and took the hint.
When it comes to creators of such things as the Cosmic Matrix podcast, I view them in the same light as I view many writers and musical artists that I enjoy. The story they tell, or the sounds they orchestrate, can be both enchanting and enlightening to a point. But if you are looking to them for truth, you will never get the full version. And that is simply because they don’t embody the truth within their own lives.
I don’t know anything about Thomas Mayer, and I haven’t read his book. I would caution that people of like minds within communities tend to group on each other’s forums. That being said, if both of these fellows have written on the same topic, and they have done a Cosmic Matrix show together, I imagine they are helping each other paint a predetermined picture and elevating it to their audiences using each other as spring boards.
It is also possible that one took the other’s idea and is propagating it under the guise of his own.
I apologize if I am overemphasizing the “debunking” mentioned in the original post. There is something to long lasting effects of this vaccination, especially with all of the boosters. There is something to be said for inflammation in the body and inflammation of the spirit working in tandem. And, as mentioned by a few already, note the condition of the spirit in folks who went in for a shot in the first place.
This is not to say nothing can be gained by reading Mayer’s book - maybe it holds some interesting nuggets that make sense in the bigger picture.
I confess, I hesitate to put stock in theories brought to us by people who can’t demonstrate management of their own spiritual well-being. OSIT.
The fact that there is no placebo in the case of vaccines produced by big pharma has already been explained, but it should not be ignored that nevertheless a small part of doctors aware of the danger of vaccines injected their patients with, for example, saline, but I do not know whether with the knowledge and consent of the patient. Slowly such voices can be heard, although it is clear that no doctor will come out to the camera and say this officially, because he would lose his right to practice. These stories are difficult to verify ahowever, I have seen such stories on Youtube from the mouths of third parties who need to protect the identity of such doctors. I would like to add that the corporation I work for has highly encouraged employees to vaccinate and the facility I work at in Poland employs 1,200 people. The management was surprised in its stupidity that a significant number of employees do not want to be vaccinated at all and an anonymous survey was organized in which all employees were asked whether they have been vaccinated, plan to be vaccinated and whether they will ever be vaccinated. Approximately 50% of the workforce said they did not plan to vaccinate at all for COVID19 which I think strongly surprised and puzzled management, but they continued to encourage all people to vaccinate in a "soft" way. Despite earlier voices about planned layoffs of unvaccinated workers, nothing of the sort has happened for obvious reasons: they will not lay off half of the workforce, because the plant will collapse, and they themselves will lose their jobs and their large salaries, and anyway, for 2-3 years there has been a shortage of labor, because the corpo is snooty, greedy and pays its , "slaves" poorly.

At that time, I also informed my children aged 14 and 16 that in the event of any pressure from teachers or doctors at school, they should not be vaccinated at all costs and should immediately call me informing the guardians at school that as parents we do not agree for no vaccinations. I also said that in case of forcing them to be vaccinated, they should run home from school while informing me about it. Of course, nothing like that happened, but I didn't know what to expect from the tutors and teachers at the time.

Here is the story of my supervisor born in 1970, (at my age) whom I spoke to about 3 years ago saying that I am not going to be vaccinated at all and I do not recommend Covid vaccination to him either. He agreed with me in the conversation, nodded and said I might be right. About 2 months ago he came to me and said that he was worried because the results of his liver tests were terrible and it turned out that he drinks as much alcohol as an alcoholic can drink every day, although he is a complete abstainer and does not drink alcohol at all. He was shocked because his family doctor asked him if he had been vaccinated, and after his answer in the affirmative, he told him that it could be after vaccination. Now I was very surprised, because I was convinced that he listened to my advice, and it turned out that he got vaccinated being scared and afraid for his position and position in the corporation, although he did not have to and no one forced him to do so. It shows how different and twisted motivations had people who were vaccinated, how they ignored their self-preservation instinct and conscience, which told them otherwise, and they did the opposite without listening to themselves.

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Questions aux Cassiopéens du 23 09 23
(Perlou) Les vaccins covid provoquent-ils le blocage des âmes des défunts dans l'au-delà ?
R : Non Q : (Perlou) Pouvons-nous faire confiance au livre « Les vaccins contre le coronavirus d'un point de vue spirituel – Effets sur l'âme et l'esprit, et la vie après la mort » de Thomas Mayer ?
R : Beaucoup de sel.
Q : (L) Prenez-le avec un grain de sel.
(Perlou) Qu'arrive-t-il à nos animaux de compagnie euthanasiés ? (
L) Je pense qu'elle veut dire : est-ce la même chose que ce qui se passe s'ils meurent naturellement ?
R : Oui
Q : (Perlou) Neil Armstrong a-t-il fait les premiers pas de l'homme sur la Lune le 16 juillet 1969 ?
R : Oui

(Perlou) Do covid vaccines cause the souls of the deceased to be blocked in the afterlife life?
A: No
Q: (Perlou) Can we trust the book "Coronavirus Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective – Effects on the Soul and Spirit, and Life After Death" by Thomas Mayer?
A: Lotta salt.
Q: (L) Take it with a grain of salt.
(Perlou) What happens to our euthanized pets?
(L) I think she means: Is it the same thing as what happens if they just die naturally?
A: Yes
Q: (Perlou) Did Neil Armstrong take man's first steps on the Moon on July 16, 1969?
A: Yes
( Perlou ) Do covid vaccines cause the souls of the deceased to be blocked in the afterlife life?
A: No
Q: ( Perlou ) Can we trust the book "Coronavirus Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective – Effects on the Soul and Spirit, and Life After Death" by Thomas Mayer?
A: Lotta salt.
Q: ( L ) Take it with a grain of salt.
Thank you @PERLOU ! I just finished reading the session. Im interested how do they get these information? Are they done through meditation?
  1. “I do Healing Massage. I have a client who has been coming to me for a long time. Today she had an appointment scheduled a long time ago. My dogs did not greet her as they always do. I thought it was because she was not here for a while. I started my usual treatment, but it was different from usual. I just could not get into the depth. After half an hour I asked her if she was vaccinated because I kept hitting a wall. ‘Yes’, she said, ‘a week ago’”.
  2. “We had the same experience in our practice for body therapy. You can’t get into the tissue and the system of some vaccinated people.
  3. “I work as a naturopath and many patients, unfortunately, get vaccinated. I find some of them repulsive: the strange color of their faces, aura field torn as if they were disembodied. Some of them I cannot test bio-energetically at first, because there is an energetic shock on the kidney in the sense of a cybernetic blockade”.
  4. “I also notice with some vaccinated people that the aura, which was previously strong and colorful, collapses and becomes gray. Yet this is not the case with all of them. When I do chakra balancing, some feel like after chemotherapy, rigid, metallic, and almost not permeable. I would like to emphasize that this is not the case with everyone, with some I don’t feel any difference”.
  5. “Since early childhood, I have been able to see people’s aura colors. I am sensitive. I “see” aura mostly as a basic color with different colored speckles. When I meet with vaccinated people, my eyes often “search” for the aura, but all I can see is a smooth gray surface, like concrete. This confuses me, no other color appears.”
  6. “The aura of vaccinated people often changes. It becomes cracked, broken and unprotected from foreign energies. The energies of the vaccinated flow out unfiltered and foreign energies flow in”.
  7. “I have a naturopathic practice where I also work osteopathically (i.e., on the patient, with contact). Three weeks ago, I had a patient who was vaccinated with J&J five days earlier, although he did not tell me about it until afterward. During the treatment, I noticed several energy tentacles that were docked. In addition, the general life energy was very low. I removed tentacles, stabilized his energies, and tried to reconnect him (grounding and upward). He was better the next day”.
  8. “I am highly sensitive and can see people’s aura. With some vaccinated people, the aura is not colorful as with others, but gray, and I can smell vaccinated people. The smell is sweetish and penetratingly unpleasant”.
  9. “My husband and I do bodywork. It is frightening to see how the vaccinated clients degrade. Their skin color changes, they seem to have aged for years, lymph nodes are swollen for a long time, the aura is “tattered” and many of them smell very unpleasant.”
  10. “I am an alternative practitioner; I also do energetic treatments and sometimes I can’t find the energy field of people who have been vaccinated. This can be found next to the body of the vaccinated”.
With @Gattaca highlighted some of the odd things presented. How do they measure them? I am also curious with auras. If I have a blue one and some has yellow, what does that imply with my health? The people cited here are patients and I am curious if they will say the same to those who were vaccinated and havent reported major health issues. This book even has a 4.9 rating on Amazon:

I cant help but think that it is part of STS fear-mongering tactics.
Princess Lux: "Thank you @PERLOU ! I just finished reading the session. Im interested how do they get these information? Are they done through meditation?"

Here's an article on Laura's old blog explaining how: Cassiopaea

Here's a link to the thread archiving all sessions since 1994:
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