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I received my protection crystal for my car and it is in the glove compartment on a permanent basis. Thank you and everyone who put their energy into providing us with the love and care that helps us to survive so we may in turn help others to survive. May we all survive these days of The Wave to help others. :hug2:


The Living Force
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Now some weeks have passed since my new crystals arrived. They are seven - with two new personal crystals. I connect the first one (which is broader) to steadfastness while connecting the second one (which is slim and straigt) to uprightness. Two traits that really come in handy in these times. My new water crystal, meanwhile, looks like a little space shuttle! :-D

My new home crystal sits in a corner of the shelf next to the front door of my apartment, guarding it. I always cover it with a silk cloth for the night. And so I do with the extra crystal for my desk, and there it sits on the little beautiful FOTCM tile (the fridge magnet). The second extra crystal for my handbag always is with me when I go out. And when at home it sits near the home crystal for company. But I am still a bit overprotective with them because the gazé cloth is still on almost all of them (expect on the water crystal) aside from wrapping them out when singing and praying to them.

But the real highlight is my new dream crystal which is pink-lilac colored and has the shape of a heart. I am unwrapping it every night and put it under my pillow. One of my recent dreams even involved a (quartz) crystal which gave me the ability for large leaps.

It also seems to me that the crystals already are doing their work. Especially when going for the inner voice of mine. And it also seems they might be doing some job - or assisting - on some certain inner issues. But I am not really sure about that yet. So, as you can imagine, I have really been falling in love with them. ❤️


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We just got our crystals, and goodness....
We knew they would be amazing, with extraordinary intent infused....
And we did not even consider that the C’s would be there for it too 😂
Please forgive our lack of awareness regarding the Work that is put in. And thank you so much for the already deepening insight 💗


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Just made a request for five extra crystals some few minutes ago as well. I guess I will be added to the waiting list until more crystals become available after mid-May as Chu explained above, or perhaps longer than that depending on volume of requests on the current waiting list. Thank you.


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Me and my husband received our crystals and love them. I have tried to read through all questions and answers in case it has already been asked and answered and most of my questions were answered already. I would like to know when placing a home crystal in a room should the Crystal be kept away from any electronic devices. i.e. modem, wifi, smart tv's, cell phones etc... I know we try to keep cell phones and electronics out of our bedrooms but did not know if it made a difference. We have our modem hard wired through the house for internet to televisions but still use wifi for our tablets and store them in a centralized location. Any thoughts and replies would be greatly appreciated. We would also like to thank you all for the labor of love you have put into this crystal project and hope to keep our charge alive. I do not play instruments or read music so I was very happy to listen to the song as presented in links by Laura and Mililea. Both versions helped me to grasp the song and were both lovely. I won't be recording my version and sharing but I hope my Crystal likes it and as someone in one of the threads stated "It won't talk back". LOL. Thank you again and be blessed.


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Hi everyone, my Crystals arrived today. Thank you so much Laura, Chu and everyone for the beautiful stones and all the work that you've put into this project. I'm so happy and touched to have a connection to Love and mercy for all humanity. I feel like help has arrived. Thank you Cassiopaeans.


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