Apologies if this has already been posted but I keep up with this thread and I haven't seen it anywhere:

This Ontario physician has seen the light thank goodness. He admits to only seeing it relatively recently and has himself had two vaccinations but his opinions are spot on regarding the toxic vaccinations and the huge damage caused to the immune system.

Joining a growing list of dissenters, yet another licensed Ontario physician has come forward to denounce the handling of COVID-19.

Dr. Christopher Alan
Shoemaker is a 45 year veteran doctor who spent the majority of his medical career practicing family and emergency medicine. Most recently, Shoemaker worked throughout 2020 to 2022 providing direct patient care at an Ottawa COVID care clinic and was part of the Eastern Ontario COVID-19 Response Team.

Hesitant to refer to the COVID injections as vaccines, Dr. Shoemaker joins other global experts in
calling for a global end to the COVID injectables.

He sounds the alarm on Pfizer’s own documents — only released as per a court order after the FDA tried to suppress the data for 75 years — which show that out of 29 outcomes in pregnant women, 28 resulted in the loss/death of the baby.

Shoemaker refers to the overall response as a “travesty” which is further compounded by physicians being stripped of their ability to prescribe early treatment options. He says that “doctors could try an off-label drug, usually, for their patients, prior to 2020.”

Referring back to U.S. military documents uncovered by Project Veritas that confirm the safety and efficacy of early treatment drugs, the documents also show alarming findings around the development of Sars-Cov-2.

When questioned about his only recent dissenting, Shoemaker pauses to remind me, “I’m a doctor, I’m trying to save peoples lives and I know that these pseudo-vaccines, these genomic bio-agents only create immune damage. I’ve seen it, I’ve read it. I’ve seen what’s happening in Israel where their population is developing VAEDS — a Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease state where people are going into the ER and ICU and dying with AIDS-like loss of immune function, AIDS-like parasites taking over their bodies, neurologic consequences, all because the vaccines are so toxic.”

To drive this point home, concerning findings emerge as more data continues to be collected around the safety (or lack thereof) profile of the COVID injections in Britain. A dissection of official government data showed that children were 52 times more likely to die following a COVID shot. Shoemaker gives context to this by comparing it to a utility bill: “If your internet bill goes up 5200%, from $200/month to $10,400 — it’s a pretty crass example — but it’s a huge number, a horrible number.”

“Parents are burying 16- and 17-year-olds because this vaccine causes vascular endotheliitis and children die in their sleep or they die playing soccer or hockey,” Shoemaker cautions.

Coupled with the ~1% efficacy as per a relative risk reduction analysis, Shoemaker asks “if a medication is doing that much harm, how can it possibly be continued?"
"According to a "specialist", a covid-positive surfer can contaminate the sea for six hours..." :lol:

Basically you can't use your A/C because of energy saving and you can't dip in water because of Covid contamination. All that during a heatwave over Europe.
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How about…

Should we create the Nobel Prize for Best Innovative Insanities ? The spiral of absolutely bizarre claims are staggering. In a wicked way, they do use “creativity” - just the other way round in a subverted style...

Mama mia. :umm::rolleyes:
New fas-s-s-s-sinating 🐍 speculation by Dr. Ardis:


The referenced 17 min. interview with Dr. Erik Enby:

An article from Sept. 2021 that includes an email to documentary producer Borje Paratt from Dr. Enby:

Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Found to Be “Alive with Micro-organisms” or Moving Particles by Swedish Physician-Researcher Dr. Erik Enby

Notable in Dr. Enby’s illustrious background is the curing of a woman with a malignant melanoma which had attacked her neck lymph nodes and threatened to consume her eye and face, by healing the blood infection: the tumours disappeared and her face and life were saved. Finding that tumors were full of microbial growth, Dr. Enby treated the infections, going on to cure many patients with unorthodox therapy. These and other stories are told in a documentary by Borje Paratt, The Doctor who Refused to Give Up, described here.

Dr. Enby, like Dr. Young, and like other doctors who have helped reverse cancer and cure cancer patients has experienced much persecution and framed slander in efforts to discredit his work.
Here's the link to the COVENOM19 documentary referenced by Dr. Ardis:
It looks like the new Covid mask policies will enter soon in Macedonia. Quetly they introduced masks wearing policies in public transport and big indoor gatherings.
There is a big wave of demonstrations in the country, so declaring some new variant of the virus and forbidding public gatherings soon, looks like the way they will go just to stop people from protesting. It is not just in Macedonia. As I read through the news, many countries are starting to spread new wave of propaganda. With the financial collapse under way, they can probably bye some time , but at the end nowbody can stop hungry and frozen people to survive. It looks that bad times are coming for them.
Sweden 🇸🇪
14 July 2022

I am not sure how to evaluate this article, which appeared today in the leading Swedish mainstream media DN.se about a data breach about vaccinated children in Sweden, registered at the Health Authorities FHM "Folkhälsomyndigheten".

Totally Lala Land at all levels

But I wish to add, that - oh boy - that Sweden continues to be totally Lala land. Nothing about the injections, the damages, the deaths... nope. nix. Nada. People embrace the "vaccines" and boosters. Life as usual, you could say.

You just hear nothing up here - neither about the food chain starting to fail around the world and in Europe. Just some muttering about rised prices (albeit fresh vegetables have come down in price; elevated yes, but not those insane prices we saw in March like 12.50 € for sallad per kilo). Curiously and a bit outside of this thread, I had a minuscule raise in my gas bill: only 1.5 € per month (!!) - so, I pay 290 € per 3 months, or 130 € per month. (Electricity also has come down, but at a much higher level than it used to be - which is by no mean comparable to the extreme prices customers have to pay in Germany). I paid 57 € per month on the latest bill, down from 80 € in the previous one. (it used to be around 30 € per months in earlier years)

It's like living on the other end of the spectrum, but in total oblivion. Lala land is really the perfect expression for Sweden. Living in an officially pink eyed, self centered, delusional bubble. (e.g. "Now don't worry your little pretty head about the things outside of the borders, honey").

I instinctively don't trust these things, i can't help it - and it makes me feel uneasy, wondering when the "crash-bang-boom" comes to Sweden. (Like the calm before the storm, that kind of feeling. And i don't know the plans for Sweden in this wicked game)

Given how extreme the situation has become in neighboring Germany in terms of gas and electricity prices (up to the levels of what people pay for their rents - which is a disaster for many !) - it really gives me the chills that Sweden seems to be so at ease, so calm, so... silent. I believe the gas we use, comes from Norway, which may (or may not) explain why it is still very affordable up here.... or at least, for the time being.

Edit: Side note - Inflation

By the way, i also saw another article in the same newspaper, saying that the Inflationen i juni in Sweden, is now officially located at 8,5 procent - and with that, the highest in 30 years (anno 1991)


Back to the main article

Anyway, let me go back to the Swedish article DN.se wrote today (behind a paywall), 14 July 2022:


FHM reports suspected data breach in vaccine register

Data on children vaccinated with CoVid have been published on a website. The Public Health Agency is now reporting a suspected data breach of the agency's register.

- We take this very seriously, says Lisa Brouwers, Head of Department at the Public Health Agency.

It concerns more than 800 children under the age of 12 who have had information about their vaccination date, vaccine type and part of their personal identity number published on a website.

According to the Public Health Agency, the data comes from the national vaccine register. The FHM has therefore reported a suspected data breach to the police and to the Data Protection Authority.

- We are now investigating the incident, in cooperation with other authorities, to find out what happened," says Lisa Brouwers in a press release.

Due to the ongoing investigation, the Public Health Agency does not want to comment further.

- At the moment, and as long as the investigation remains confidential, we can't say much more than that the information has been improperly disseminated. We are dealing with this incident urgently and with very high priority," says Lisa Brouwers.

The Public Health Agency recommends universal vaccination against covid-19 from the age of 12. But some younger children with extra susceptibility to respiratory infections are also recommended to take the vaccine. [ :rolleyes: ] Vaccination is then carried out at the discretion of a doctor.
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Good news and bad news.

Bad first:

Argentina: Moderna to use the country as a guinea pig for its mRNA "flu vaccine".

The U.S. laboratory Moderna informed on Wednesday that it will use Argentina for its clinical trial of a "flu vaccine" (mRNA1010) with messenger RNA platform, the same one used by the pharmaceutical company against the coronavirus.

The Phase III trial will involve 6,000 volunteers worldwide, 4,000 of whom will be recruited in Argentina, in the cities of Buenos Aires (Mautalen Salud and the Hospital Militar Central), Córdoba (Sanatorio Allende), Tucumán and Rosario.

Recruitment began in mid-June and will continue until the end of August.

Phase III of the trial, the company reported, will be carried out in Argentina, Panama, Colombia and Australia.

The good news:

French right and left united to bring down Macron's health pass in France's congress

The government wanted to institutionalize the health pass for travel within the country and at the borders, but the right-wing National Rally and the left-wing NUPES united to reject the bill.

Opposition parliamentarians rejected Covid's bill that sought to institutionalize the COVID vaccination health pass for travel within and outside France beyond July 31, when the decree Macron signed at the beginning of the year expires.

France's ruling coalition, Together, failed to win a majority in June's parliamentary elections, and had to lean on the center-right Republicans to keep Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne.

But despite his support, he did not get a majority to pass this controversial law. Deputies from across the political spectrum, including Marine Le Pen's right-wing National Rally party and Jean-Luc Melenchon's left-wing coalition, the communist NUPES, joined forces for the first time in legislative history to block this bill.

COVID restrictions could be reintroduced if the rising number of cases has an impact on the NHS backlog, health minister Lord Kamall has warned.

What low level propaganda is this. Introduce restrictions to resolve the NHS backlog crisis which was made worse by the very same restrictions? :umm:

Instead of saying covid is becoming "clever" why don't they say "due to the suboptimal immune pressure the vaccinated are applying to the virus, the virus is evolving to become better able to evade immunity and infect." #Geert

Basically all the crew and passengers were fully vaccinated, which didn't prevent a massive Covid cluster. See the full article below for more details.

A Princess Cruises ship is offering refunds to passengers sailing out of Brisbane as authorities deal with a major outbreak of Covid 19 among crew and guests.

The outbreak among passengers and crew aboard the Coral Princess was reported during a 12-day itinerary out of Queensland. Their ship is currently being held at port in Sydney allowing passengers to disembark.

She berthed at Circular Quay in Sydney just before dawn on Wednesday with 2,300 people onboard, where it remain for a day before returning home port in Brisbane.

The Financial Review first reported the story on Monday that around 100 people had been infected on a sailing from Port Douglas to Brisbane. Passengers were offered the option to disembark this weekend following the outbreak, however it continued sailing for New South Wales on Monday with cases isolating onboard.

The Coral Princess docks at Circular Quay, Sydney. The Coral Princess is currently experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak. Photo / Getty Images
The Coral Princess docks at Circular Quay, Sydney. The Coral Princess is currently experiencing a Covid-19 outbreak. Photo / Getty Images

"We are adhering to comprehensive protocols that were agreed in conjunction with federal and state authorities and we are confident that they are working effectively," a spokesperson for the cruise told press agency AAP.

There were also a port call in Eden on Monday, allowing a further 800 passengers to disembark after testing for Covid.

The cruise line said that all crew were vaccinated and being tested regularly.

This week passengers and crew who had tested positive were isolating in their quarters to minimise contact with other guests.

On Tuesday the company told AFP that passengers were informed that there were positive cases onboard detected while screening crewmembers.

"As guests look forward to their cruise holidays, we want them to be confident in knowing that everything possible is being done to ensure they do so in an environment that is as safe as it can be," said Princess Cruises.

The Queensland Health Minister Yvette D'Ath said that protocols were in place to manage Covid-19 long before news of the outbreak.

Guests who testing positive for the disease after disembarking in Brisbane were now isolating at home or in provided accommodation, while crew with positive cases remained in isolation onboard.

With 114 positive cases connected to the cluster, the Guardian reported it is Australia's largest outbreak since the Ruby Princess, which saw over 800 cases in March 2020.

Princess resisted comparisons to the Ruby cluster, saying that the handling and testing of cases was far more comprehensive than it was during early 2020.

"We have worked collaboratively with NSW health authorities on arrangements and have agreed that any guests going ashore will again first need to obtain a negative RAT result," said a statement from the cruise line on Tuesday.

The Ruby Princes cluster was investigated by New Zealand and Australian health authorities which reported "serious errors" in the handling of the outbreak, early in the pandemic.

It was found that 2,700 passengers were allowed to disembark from the Ruby Princess in March 2020 without sufficient screening.

Cruise ships resumed operations in Australia in April after a two-year hiatus. New Zealand has only just lifted their Maritime Border Order - dubbed the 'cruise ban' - to allow for the return of international pleasure cruisers this month.

The Coral Princess is due to arrive in Auckland on December 5 for a 14 day round trip of New Zealand.
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Ivanka Trump was vaccinated, but was Ivana? She has died from cardia arrest:
  • The former model and socialite died on Thursday afternoon after going into cardiac arrest in her Manhattan townhouse

Ivana Trump, former president's first wife, dies at 73

Ivana Trump, Donald Trump’s first wife, has died at age 73, the family announced Thursday.

She died at her home in New York City, the former president said in a post on Truth Social. The Trump family’s statement called her an “incredible woman.”

“Our mother was an incredible woman — a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and caring mother and friend. Ivana Trump was a survivor,” the statement said. “She fled from communism and embraced this country. She taught her children about grit and toughness, compassion and determination. She will be dearly missed by her mother, her three children and ten grandchildren.”

The last time I saw anything about Ivana was that she was a super physically active woman especially for her age. She made clear that she didn't feel old and would continue to live life to the hilt. So to pass due to cardiac arrest seems suspect.
Photographic evidence of Ivana's physical condition - undated, but -
Ivana and Rubicondi dated for six years before they tied the knot in 2008 during a lavish $3 million ceremony at Mar-A-Lago, the Palm Beach estate owned by none other than her second ex-husband.

She was 59 at the time, while he was 36.

I remember well from I believe a tv presentation, how extremely physically active she was and was going to continue to be. Skiing particularly - her first "arranged" marriage was to an Austrian ski instructor friend in order to obtain an Austrian passport, which enabled her to leave her communist home country and move to Canada. She was romantically involved with another ski instructor in Canada. Her love interest pictured above passed from cancer in October last year.

Last public picture, June 22 on way to hair salon:

It's really sad that she has died at 73 and sadder if the vax was the cause.
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Don't if this has been made aware of before, but given the push for a so called new surge in the fall of the C virus and it's deadly variant, with cases rising by the day according the WHO.

Got to inform the public, the next lock down, the next phase in reducing personal freedom and liberty, although old I am reminded of this, rather outdated, but let's watch anyway to give context

And now the techno future that awaits us this from UK News clip yesterday, a segment Who is Bill Gates and what is he up to. Starts at 57:13

So this is what he is up to! I read today, he wants to give all his money to philanthropy.

No big deal, most young people like the idea of tattoos. Now they are called Tech Tatts. from the embedded video in the article posted above.

Can you beleve this is from a company called Chaotic Moon, reminds of Gurdjieff. "Food for the Moon"
Infertility : A Diabolical Agenda
Bill Gates was parroting "Reproductive Health!" during one of his glorious speeches. As if somebody briefed him thoroughly, how they designed the DeathVaxx to kill the womb.
Remember the Israeli gynecologist exclaiming surprised, after inspecting a woman:
- WOW! You aren't vaccinated!
Female patient:
- How do you know?
- Your womb isn't damaged!

. . .
I went for Artesian water to the well this morning and there was a young man - about 30 - directly parking his car beside the well - to not have to walk a 30 yards.. He was constantly having monkey-butcherer Kevin W. McCairn Ph.D's monkey-ticks or suppressed reflexive coughs. Just like the Vaxxed neighbors coughing constantly all year, as is my 5x Vaxxed mom.. Previously elderly only coughed during flu season. But this is how you know the vaccines are working! Constant cough all year now is their New Normal!
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49 min bitchute vid:


John O'Looney - Hospitals Are Covering Up Baby Deaths By Cremating Babies Themselves
Published July 14, 2022

John O'Looney is a brave Funeral Home whistleblower who has been raising the alarm since early on in the pandemic.

He joined us to discuss the findings from his embalmer which are in line with what Dr. Jane Ruby, Richard Hirschman and others have found - long, fibrous strands inside people who have been injected.

During our interview, John revealed shock information regarding hospitals covering up baby deaths by cremating the babies themselves.
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