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I don't know what's worse - watching the cyborg brag in 2017 of his boys and girls placed in cabinets around the world or that he chose to do it at the John F. Kennedy School of Government... :phaser:

I was taken aback to hear him claim Putin as a graduate of the WEF's so called Young Global Leaders Program (that was news to me if true...) If so, one can only hope that was a strategic reconnaissance on Putin's part so as to get to know one's enemy... :-/

Klaus Schwab 2017 JFK School of Government: "we penetrate the [global] cabinets [of countries]"

Schwab: "And I have to say, when I mention our names like Angela Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets. So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau and I know that half of this cabinet or even more than half of this cabinet are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum."

Gergen: "And that's true in Argentina as well."

Schwab: "It's true in Argentina and it's true in France now, I mean with the President, with Young Global Leaders.


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I don't know what's worse - watching the cyborg brag in 2017 of his boys and girls placed in cabinets around the world or that he chose to do it at the John F. Kennedy School of Government... :phaser:
JFK must be rolling over in his grave! But then, that's the way the globalist roll - just like taking a singer from a highly religious fundamentalist upbringing/former gospel singer Katy Perry - who's blond now (don't know she's shaved her head yet like Brittany did) - and making her one of the most mkultra pop stars there is - although tied with Miley Cyrus, formerly TV good girl Hannah Montana! I guess the ultimate, though, is getting the sheep to murder/sterilize their own kids with the clotshots!!
I was taken aback to hear him claim Putin as a graduate of the WEF's so called Young Global Leaders Program (that was news to me if true...) If so, one can only hope that was a strategic reconnaissance on Putin's part so as to get to know one's enemy... :-/
Well, how about the fact he was also formerly KGB! FWIW, a CIA pdf:


And just maybe, he realized on some level, that he did not want to go against the actual nature of his soul as was mentioned in a previous post/session. Perhaps he's a reincarnated STO walk in here to assist or even prominently bring about the intended change/Grand Destiny. He appears to be sincerely standing up for Christian beliefs and values, so there's that. I'm just wondering just how far his patience will stretch . . . 💥 If he's the new Caesar, remember how warnings were given and if not heeded, annihilation ensued! And who knows, maybe the evil globalist are purposely manipulating for a nuclear attack upon the US - and lord knows our karma is ripe for it too!

Trying times . . . :-/


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Not cowed - not silenced! Not afraid to label it just what it is! The Auschwitz Memorial et al be damned!

Danish Lecturers Refuse to Teach, Compare COVID-19 Passports With WWII Jewish Stars

Two dissenting teachers at Copenhagen Business School made disturbing parallels between the COVID-19 measures and World War II and expressed hope for a “Nuremberg 2.0”, in which those responsible will be brought to justice like the Nazi leaders who were convicted for their complicity in the Holocaust and war crimes.

Two lecturers at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) have refused to teach at as long as there is a requirement to produce a so-called COVID-19 passport at the university, making a startling comparison to how the Nazis treated Jews, during and before World War II.

Rasmus Hougaard Nielsen and Ole Bjerg informed their 120 students of macroeconomics that they will not attend school for as long as the requirement is present.

“Under the current circumstances, there will thus be no teaching of macroeconomics with us as educators. We are not interested in a compromise,” they wrote, as quoted by Danish Radio.

RFK Jr. Apologizes for Anne Frank Reference in Anti-Vaccine Speech After Backlash from Wife, Others​

The avid anti-vaccine activist expressed his regret for hurting those who suffered in the Holocaust after being sharply criticized, including by wife Cheryl Hines
"Making reckless comparisons to the Holocaust, the murder of six million Jews, for a political agenda is outrageous and deeply offensive. Those who carelessly invoke Anne Frank, the star badge, and the Nuremberg Trials exploit history and the consequences of hate," the museum said, starting a thread that encouraged users to educate themselves on what Jews endured during the Holocaust and about the harm survivors and victims' families are subjected to when comparisons are made to the dark chapter of world history.

"Anne Frank was one of the 1.5 million children who died during the Holocaust. Her diary and tragic story is the first encounter many people have with the Holocaust," the statement continued. "Nazi officials used the Jewish badge to mark, segregate, and humiliate Jews as a prelude to deporting them to ghettos and killing centers. The badge was seen as a key element in their plan to persecute and destroy the Jewish population of Europe."
"My husband's reference to Anne Frank at a mandate rally in D.C. was reprehensible and insensitive," she wrote in one post. "The atrocities that millions endured during the Holocaust should never be compared to anyone or anything. His opinions are not a reflection of my own."

I think they'll be singing a different song in the weeks/months/years ahead as millions of adults and children die from the jabs - murdered in a globalist genocide that may fundamentally be a Jewish/Zionist initiated holocaust of the cattle/useless eaters.


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The demasculinization of young men is a much greater problem imo.

Psaki Has No Answer When asked Why a Large Number of Military-Aged Males Are Being Released Into the US Hours After Being Apprehended at Border (VIDEO)

A large number of illegal aliens are being released into the United States hours after being apprehended at the southern border.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin pointed out the illegals are largely military-aged males.

Federal agents released at least 4 busloads of illegal aliens into Brownsville, Texas where they were then taken to Harlingen airport.

“Some have ankle monitors on,” Bill Melugin said. “Not Title 42’d.”

Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary has no idea that military-aged males are invading this country through the southern border but his Deputy National Security Advisor has a lot to say about Ukraine’s border.

Biden’s Deputy Nat Sec Advisor Jonathan Finer on Tuesday said Americans should care about Ukraine “because it goes to a very fundamental principle of all nations which is our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected.”
No vaxx pass required I bet or background checks/health screening. They appear to be very viable potential mid-term election voters if nothing else. And, our tax dollars at work.


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Re Jen Saki above response to ‘male immigration question’ ...
Ha ha notice how smooth that reply and deflection was...
Almost as smooth as her hair.

But she didn’t query specifically what the questioner was referring to, and clearly didn’t want to.

Lo and behold, voila! she just happened to have a lovely little set of notes to make sure she spewed the same old boring meaningless word vomit.

Deny deny deny... deflect deflect deflect.

Good robot. 🤖


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I was taken aback to hear him claim Putin as a graduate of the WEF's so called Young Global Leaders Program (that was news to me if true...)

Vladimir Putin​

In 2017 Klaus Schwab claimed that Vladimir Putin was a member of the program,[8] something he repeated in a 2019 talk with Carlos Alvarado Quesada. This presumably happened during his St. Petersburg years in the 1990s[9]. This is not confirmed from other sources. In January 2021, Putin presented a keynote address at the World Economic Forum, where he recalled how he first met Schwab in 1992 and since then had regularly attended events organized by the WEF[10][11].

Some added info from another site:

United States

Politics and Policy

Jeffrey Zients (White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator since 2021, selected in 2003), Jeremy Howard (co-founder of lobby group “masks for all”, selected in 2013), California Governor Gavin Newsom (selected in 2005), Peter Buttigieg (selected in 2019, candidate for US President in 2020, US secretary of transportation since 2021), Chelsea Clinton (Clinton Foundation board member), Huma Abedin (Hillary Clinton aide, selected in 2012), Nikki Haley (US ambassador to the UN, 2017-2018), Samantha Power (US ambassador to the UN, 2013-2017, USAID Administrator since 2021), Ian Bremmer (founder of Eurasia Group), Bill Browder (initiator of the Magnitsky Act), Jonathan Soros (son of George Soros), Kenneth Roth (director of “Human Rights Watch” since 1993), Paul Krugman (economist, selected in 1995), Lawrence Summers (former World Bank Chief Economist, former US Treasury Secretary, former Harvard University President, selected in 1993), Alicia Garza (co-founder of Black Lives Matter, selected in 2020).

CNN medical analyst Leana Wen (selected in 2018), CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, Covid Twitter personality Eric Feigl-Ding (a ‘WEF Global Shaper‘ since 2013), Andrew Ross Sorkin (New York Times financial columnist), Thomas Friedman (New York Times columnist, selected in 1995), George Stephanopoulos (ABC News, 1993), Lachlan Murdoch (CEO of Fox Corporation).

Technology and Social Media

Microsoft founder Bill Gates (1993), former Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer (2000-2014, selected in 1995), Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (1998), Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page (2002/2005), former Google CEO Eric Schmidt (2001-2011, selected in 1997), Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales (2007), PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel (2007), eBay co-founder Pierre Omidyar (1999), Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg (2009), Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg (2007).


's Bruce Nussbaum described the Young Global Leaders as "the most exclusive private social network in the world",[14] while the organization itself describes the selected leaders as representing "the voice for the future and the hopes of the next generation".

Selection process​

Representing over 70 different nations, Young Global Leaders are nominated by alumni to serve six-year terms and are subject to veto during the selection process. Candidates must be younger than 38 years old at the time of acceptance (meaning active YGLs are 44 and younger), and highly accomplished in their fields.[15][16][17] Over the years, there have been hundreds of honorees, including several popular celebrities, alongside recognized high achievers and innovators in politics, business, academia, media, and the arts.[18]

See more:

"It’s a big club and you ain’t in it." - George Carlin


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Pharmaceutical Monoclonal Antibody Treatments
anything but the holy grail, inducing cancer and blood abnormalities

Dr Carrie Madej reveals/speaks in a 20 min short video, interviewed by Steve Peters, that the (pharmaceutical version) of the Monoclonal Antibody cocktail treatments are something you really don't want to inject intoyour body. The treatment has widely been approved for use against Covid-19 - but I find it outmost chocking, of what is already known (out of all what still isn't known) regarding these experimental products.

1) human antibodies
from donors - but do not tell anything about the status of those donors; Are they from the living or the dead ? Have the donors been treated with other drugs ? Do they have hiv etc ?

2) they use fetal tissues from the infamous HEK-293 cell line.
Aborted, but fully functional, living fetuses/babies had to be killed alive, 293 times in order to get the final HEK-293 cell line. Also notice an important distinction: the cloned cell line is "immortalized", which is a chic word for cancerous cells ! These cells are used and injected together with the Monoclonal Antibody treatment.

In a different video, Dr. Carrie Madej explained that people who got products with HEK-293 cancerous cells injected - e.g. against breast cancer - the patients first improved, tumors receded - but after 1-3 years, showed aggressive cancers everywhere in the body, and the organs started to "merge", showing horrific structures.

3) The third antibody line comes from "chimeric" mouse-human antibodies
with the trade name "velocimmune", a novel platform where mice produce (genetically modified) hybrid, 'human' antibodies.

Bottoms up. 🍸

This kept me thinking. 🧐


Remember the Italian Dr. Giuseppe De Donno ? He worked at the Italian Medical Research Center dedicated to the study of Human Plasma, at Mantua, on natural monoclonal antibodies. The serum came from Covid-19 infected and recovered donors in which he successfully treated Covid-19 patients. The treatment cost 80 €.

And then - he just suddenly died (supposedly "suicide"), on 28 July 2021 at the age of 54.

Shortly later, the Italian Government approved (pharmaceutical version) of Monoclonal Antibody treatments. (and many other countries followed suit) Which was a bit of a surprise... I remember having written about it last year, but didn't like the sound of that Big Pharma would produce their version to inject into people. (I also thought back then, that that alternative treatment would perhaps end mandatory vaccinations - but I was wrong about - as PTB ignored just about everything and went on with the genetic vaccines - in a style like "business as usual" - and still does)

Well, Dr Carrie Madej finally highlights the deeply wrong aspects behind Big Pharma's version of Monoclonal Antibody Treatments... It may also explain why those suddenly got approved widely in many countries last year 2021. Additionally, it was written that the treatment "aimed at countries who had/have low vaccination uptake..." 🤔

All awful chess games.


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I don't know what's worse - watching the cyborg brag in 2017 of his boys and girls placed in cabinets around the world or that he chose to do it at the John F. Kennedy School of Government... :phaser:

I was taken aback to hear him claim Putin as a graduate of the WEF's so called Young Global Leaders Program (that was news to me if true...) If so, one can only hope that was a strategic reconnaissance on Putin's part so as to get to know one's enemy... :-/

Klaus Schwab 2017 JFK School of Government: "we penetrate the [global] cabinets [of countries]"

I have hard about these claims, too - and was a bit surprized - but one never knows. Anyway - this was several times discussed with Thomas Röper, as he analyzed the claim in detail 🇩🇪 but never found any proof of the claim that Putin was part of the Young Global Leaders Program. So far, it doesn't look like there is any evidence of that Putin would have been a member.

Thomas Röper, 🇩🇪 article 1:
"Is Putin a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum by Klaus Schwab?"

Thomas Röper, 🇩🇪 article 2: "
"Was Putin a Young Global Leader by Klaus Schwab? Swarm intelligence provides a clear answer"

Notice: the WEF's "Young Global Leaders Program" before year 2004 was called "Global Leaders of Tomorrow"

"Inside Corona"

Inside Corona, E-Book 🇩🇪 "
The pandemic, the network & the backers"

The real goals behind Covid-19

In the spring of 2021, an IT specialist who wishes to remain anonymous and whom we therefore only call "Mr. X" contacted author Thomas Röper, who has already done a lot of research on the power of foundations and NGOs. Mr. X had come across a huge network behind Covid-19. To do this, Mr. X used programmes that are also used by authorities such as the police and intelligence services to analyse large amounts of data.

There are already many good books about the possibility that the pandemic was prepared long ago. However, since their authors do not have the data set of Mr. X, they could only shed light on partial aspects of the preparation. This book shows the whole picture.

The data shows that the pandemic was prepared in several phases, with the active preparation phase starting around 2016/2017. From then on, the organisers involved in preparing for a pandemic (then called "possible") have been active, spending a lot of money organising conferences, placing their own people as advisors in key positions with governments, and more.

And these same organisers have been making hundreds of billions of dollars on vaccines, test systems and other "attributes" of the pandemic since it began. Can this be a coincidence?

Moreover, the data also show the overarching goals these organisers are pursuing and how the pandemic is paving the way for them to achieve these goals.

This sounded crazy even to Röper, but the data from Mr. X proved him wrong. In this book, Röper has proven this thesis with almost 500 original sources from the organizers of the pandemic - check it out for yourself!

DeepL translation.
Source: from the bookstore www.j-k-fischer-verlag.de

Thomas Röper just brought out (a german book) called "Inside Corona", which uniquely reveals and highlights the many strings attached and the flow of economical transactions between leaders, CEO's, NGO's, businesses, and other key figures around the world, who sponsors what, and what kind of science and research. And it reveals how the Corona Plandemic was all planned - while greatly accelerated in 2017, as money starts to flow in huge numbers. It is all - and only - extracted from the official data information published by each entities themselves on their homepages (but is hard to comprehend the interconnectivity when done manually), which Mr Röper and Mr X in specialized software can gather within minutes - and then start to test, analyze and evaluate every single connection between leaders, politicians, CEO's, NGO's´, Foundations, etc.

Thomas Röper and his book "Behind Corona" were highlighted at the Investigative Corona Committee in Berlin, No 88 - which potentially be incorporated into the preparations of juridical proceedings.

🇬🇧🇺🇸 Investigative Corona Committee No 88 • "Breathing Down Their Neck"
Röper Interview starts at 03:00:01

🇩🇪 Stiftung Corona Ausschuss No 88 • "Dem Atem im Nacken"
Röper Interview at 03:00:00


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Regarding -

Klaus Schwab 2017 JFK School of Government: "we penetrate the [global] cabinets [of countries]"

- interesting the word penetrate rather than say, infiltrate - but then, not if you really think about it . . .

Also some thoughts regarding this, Sen. Ron Johnson's COVID-19 A Second Opinion roundtable symposium -

MSM Blackout Of Medical Doctors Pandemic Response Roundtable Is A Crime Against Humanity

- and that the trucker protest convoy is supposedly not getting press either. Maybe then RFK Jr. inserting Nazi Germany and Anne Frank in his comments at the Defeat the Mandates rally wasn't such an egregious error after all - got coverage didn't it?!!


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Regarding the trucker protest:




[12:40 vid at link]
"Covid-19 is already literally everywhere, so the idea of “stopping the spread” is silly and ludicrous. Once you account for that, it’s hard to think of a blue collar job that’s less likely to spread the virus all over than a truck driver. They just drive their trucks all day, by themselves. They’re not around other people more often than anyone who runs normal day-to-day errands. In Canada, two weeks ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau imposed a vax mandate for any trucker driving across the Canadian/U.S. border, which tens of thousands of truckers do every single day. A few days later, Chairman Biden imposed the same rule for truckers coming here. Martin Brodmann joins us to elaborate.
A half a million people?!!! WOW! 🚚 🚛 🛻 Keep on Truckin'! 🇨🇦 FJT! Mr. Global too!
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