@hlat It looks like you have confused the executive order for private companies (which does not exist) with the executive order for federal employees (which does exist). The "fact check" article which you attacked refers to the latter and is correct, even linking directly to the executive order which you claimed doesn't exist:

The order encompasses the Executive Branch, which includes the White House and most federal employees (here ). The order applies to all federal workers including those at the CDC, FDA, NIAID, which are a part of the executive branch because they are government agencies (here , here here and here ).

So everything in that article I posted was actually correct, yet you attacked and insulted me for posting it. I expect either an apology from you or a good explanation why you think that the above is incorrect.
Well sourced citations? Where is the text of OSHA vaccine mandate law, regulation, executive order?

When you parrot lies from psyops, you become part of the psyops. Have you seen the Matrix movie? You become an agent of the Matrix when you parrot their lies. You become an instrument of their lies. Are you surprised you are getting push back when you repeat a lying fact check?

When you say there's a great pumpkin in the sky and then ask me to prove that there's no great pumpkin in the sky, all I can say is why don't you show me where is this great pumpkin in the sky? Where is this OSHA vaccine mandate?

This is a psychological war, and their headlines are bombs and bullets.

Calm down please Hlat. You're over-reacing and being rude. There may be no OSHA mandate at the moment, but the fact that a member here posted a link that suggested there is is not something that is beyond the realm of possibility, and it doesn't justify your rudeness here.
Dr. Zalewski says he found something in the form of eggs in the vaccine samples. He calls it "that something." He says that it wasn't in all the vaccine samples because in some samples it was just saline.
He says that the graphene carbon is the nutrient for the creature that hatches from these eggs. "This thing" as he calls it is made of aluminum.
The creature looks like a head with tentacles and he compared it to such "creatures" from the movie Matrix.
He also says that these creatures hatch from eggs only if they find themselves on fertile ground. But he does not specify what this ground is supposed to be.

Let's try and keep the discussion here as far from hysterics as possible please.
I already speculated earlier that the Deep State wants to create controllable zombies and these zombies will have a nano-carbon semi-metal flesh, which is programmable, electronically switchable ON/OFF via computer and radio. The tissue is Graphene semimetal combined with nano-robots, which latter consume metal, I think.

Have you been watching a lot of sci-fi movies? :-) Let's try and keep the discussion here (including hypotheses) rational and evidence-based.
Thanks for the testimony and your direct experience, this "solves" the topic.
I would instead use the word "usefuliness" of such clip which is near to zeros (or even, less, because of wrong conclusions).
Indeed. Usefulness is very low. I haven't double-checked the location where they filmed, and only haversted some a couple times in Costa Rica (pacific coast, near Dominical, where there are black beaches famous to the locals) but I had first heard of harvesting magnetite by using magnets on the beach either on some crystal or orgonite forum. Hence, nothing new on that front, I'm sure you can look up harvesting magnetite from beaches and find plenty of 15+ year old references to the process.

For context and scale of my experience, I went twice on day trips to the beach specifically to harvest some, gathering about two gallon jugs of dark material each time. There was a great amount of regular sand pollutants, because I was harvesting it from the surf and the wet material gathers a lot of sand; after purifying it (twice, iirc) I ended up with about a kilo, maybe a half-liter of strongly magnetic pure black material. It looks exactly like what she's picking up; I infer that since she's just hovering the magnet right above dry sand, only the hematite gets picked up, so she gets this fine black crystally sand right away.

I briefly looked at black sand beaches
(Black sand - Wikipedia.),
apparently there are two kinds, either of hematite/magnetite, or from basalt. The basalt ones wouldn't be magnetic, I suspect. Still there are black beaches listed across the world, and as for america, there seems to be some on both coasts as well, and I'm sure you can gather it near and far too, the beach probably doesn't need to be pure black, I'm sure most of you have noticed once in a while those slighty darker, tarnished-looking big spots on an otherwise pale beach, or otherwise seeing noticing bits and spots of dark sand that stands out on the background. Bring a magnet to the beach next time you go, you can try (and maybe harvest some nice crystals, too!)

Ok, and final note, I watched the video again to make sure I wasn't judging too harshly. They mention that they see the dark sand in many places around australia. There weren't any black beaches listed on wiki for Australia, but quite a few for New Zealand. Though these might more likely be basalt-type. Either way, they mention (paraphrasing), "I'm sure you've noticed black sand before on the beaches, it's everywhere around australia, but now.." so they move on into the fear response, they do not have the presence of mind to consider that it has been there for a long time and that it might be anything but spike proteins. Their conclusion is foregone.

Nothwithstanding that spikes are nanoscale, it's not like they would form these crystalline macro-spikes (macro as in, visible unmagnified). But, as I mentionned before, it's exactly the type of structure you'll have seen around a magnet if you ever dropped one on a shop floor.

That, I know because my father had big garage magnets used to pick up heavy metal chunks, and he'd always (fairly kindly) grumble at me whenever I laid them on the floor close to the lathe or the drill press. Cleaning metallic 'sand' off a magnet is a real hassle, and as you try to pinch it off it keeps slipping back to the magnet and takes the exact field line shape that they believe are spike proteins.

Anyways. Enough time spent on this video, I dare suggest. Thanks for bringing it up either way!
Here’s the video, buyer beware, and let me know if you also find Dr. Zalewski suspicious, or does he have some credibility.
For those who care to know, he's a well known crook. He's operating in Poland and spreading ideas taken from Nikolai Levashov and Alexandr Khinevich and their (banned in Russia) pagan sect Ynglism (slavo-aryan vedas made out of thin air, and other 'exciting' ideas). Now, he's become a corona expert too, because... why not? If there are idiots buying his fairy tales (lies) about ancient history and his new mathematics, and corona is the hottest topic.... Geez.
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@hlat It looks like you have confused the executive order for private companies (which does not exist) with the executive order for federal employees (which does exist).
@axj - Please keep in mind that the Executive Order was issued by a person with obvious dementia claiming he was elected with 80 million votes! A fraudulent prez and a fraudulent EO. Our government is wholly corrupt as are the vax mandates and the vaxxes themselves. Of course, a sincere posting of presumed facts should not be met with bad attitude or disrespect. We are in this together attempting to keep balanced while the gaslighting becomes omnipresent. FWIW, here's some more on the issue:

White House and HHS Employees Aren’t ‘Exempt’ from Vaccine Mandate

One viral version of the claim lists 11 businesses, government branches, or federal agencies as being “exempt.”

That list includes a mixture of entities that are actually covered under the mandates, some that are not covered, and some that might be covered — but it’s unclear without more guidance about the directives.
The above from FactCheck.org - so it must be 100% factual and trustworthy, no? As I said in my last post, the lies are through the stratosphere and our attempts to sort them out may just be an exercise in futility. For me, though, I cannot take seriously anything the Geezer-in-Chief does. The entire situation has reached a level of absurdity that leaves me all but disengaged from life beyond my personal circumstances. I got a jury duty notice for this month that I was able to defer to Jan. 10 due to a scheduled dental procedure. As of now, masks are required in the building and when faux social distancing cannot be maintained. And I'm supposed to take the legal proceedings seriously when I'm being forced to exhibit a lie? I'm hoping things will be radically different by next year - in a good way (even if the definition of good isn't what most would think).

I appreciate your efforts to clarify the facts on this issue - it will be interesting to see how this ultimately plays out. Is a bloody civil war going to occur over these mandates or will it take something even worse - like too many vaxxed dropping dead. Wait and see.
Anyways. Enough time spent on this video, I dare suggest. Thanks for bringing it up either way!
Actually, I just remembered I still have some of that black sand from Costa Rica. I didn't dip my magnet right into it (as I mentioned, real hard to clean) and the magnet is bigger, so not the same effect as the small magnet the lady was holding, but you can see that the organizing pattern and material is the same.

This is what beach magnetite looks like.


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BOMBSHELL: Australia’s Gladys Berejiklian was bribed, blackmailed by Big Pharma to impose covid “vaccine” mandate

BOMBSHELL: Australia’s Gladys Berejiklian was bribed, blackmailed by Big Pharma to impose covid “vaccine” mandate

That's pretty old news (about 10 days, the same time that NSW Premier Berejiklian resigned). That website "newstarget" just rehashes old news as if it's new. The headline is true enough, but only on the word of Oz former politician and businessman Clive Palmer, whom made the claim in a press conference 2 weeks before Berejiklian's resignation. I posted the video on FB at the time.


Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed an executive order on Monday that bans coronavirus vaccine mandates from being implemented by any "entity in Texas," the latest move in the state's crusade against the requirements amid the ongoing pandemic.

Abbott's order says that groups and businesses in Texas are not permitted to require proof of vaccination from individuals who object to the shots for "any reason of personal conscience."

It comes in response to President Biden's mandate announced last month that all businesses with 100 or more employees require their workforces get vaccinated or regularly tested.

"No entity in Texas can compel receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine by any individual, including an employee or a consumer, who objects to such vaccination for any reason of personal conscience, based on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including prior recovery from COVID-19," the executive order reads.

It further states that violators of the order should be subject to the maximum fine permitted under a section of the Texas Government Code.

Abbott also sent a message to the chief clerk of the state House and the secretary of the Senate to add the ban on vaccine mandates to the agenda of a third special legislative session.

He said the executive order will be revoked once a similar bill is passed.
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