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(CRW Am-EU) What temporary schedule is best for you?

  • Sunday 17:00-19:00 UTC (18:00-20:00 French time)

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  • Saturdays 17:00-19:00 UTC (18:00-20:00 French time)

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Hola tocayo, we are about to finish the Wave series, and we'll start Laura's From Paul to Mark. We talked about the possibility of discussing another book in between, but we are not sure yet. I'll keep you posted. But you could join the workshops anyway, just listening to the discussions, and maybe later, you can participate more actively and share your ideas. What do you think? It would be great if you could join.

Hello everyone,

The Am-EU meeting will start in 20 mins:

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See you!
Great! no problem, even if I don't count on the books, if I can participate and learn from it through discussions, great. I will be watching for updates, thanks.


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Thank you for a great discussion this evening and below are the links to the videos and threads that’s helped me understand some of the topics a bit better:

The Gospel of Caesar (documentary film by Francesco Carotta):

Joseph Atwill’s documentary on the Flavians’ role in the writing of the Gospels (note that as mentioned by Laura he makes some interesting points but he doesn’t have the whole banana):

And the following threads:
Was Julius Caesar the real Jesus Christ?
Stoicism and Paul: Making a Cosmology-Anthropology-Ethics for today
The Origins of the Worlds Mythologies by Michael Witzel
The New History of Mankind: Who are we? What are we? How did we get here?

And the following SoTT podcasts:
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Hi everyone,

Below are the links for the recent Aus-Asia-Am group workshop for From Paul to Mark: PaleoChristianity

Here's the video of the last meeting

The audio

And the folder

As a few people from our group are currently away, I'd like to suggest that we can have a discussion this Saturday about what we have read so far, and perhaps we can pick up finishing the last part of Ch 2: Paul's Literary Environment when more of us can attend. It's a dense book and I'd not want us to get too far ahead of the others in the group. Let me know what you would like to do!

See you all then!
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