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Alternative Media Portal, Nuoviso in Germany

started to make funny posters since they gotten a really good illustrator in the team. Some of the illustrated people are or have been part of the German politics; wuch as former health minister Spahn, and today's nightmare health minister Lauterbach. And they play with famous movies...

'Lethal deppen' means "Lethal idiots"
IMG_9078.jpg IMG_9070.JPG
Showing the present German government 2022 - "The Ineffectual Ones" or "the unfit ones".
On Germany's foreign minister shirt, Annalena Baerbock, it is written "Ending Germany Together"

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IMG_9076.jpg IMG_9077.jpg

The Ten Prohibitions:

• I am the Virus - your God
• You shall not have any other diseases than Covid
• You shall not misuse the name of the Virus
• You shall holy the lockdowns
• You shall honor Merkel and Drosten
• You shall vaccinate
• You shall not go outside
• You shall not give false vaccination accounts
• You shall desire the Green Pass
• You shall not ask any questions


And from a different source, the suggestion of a new Euro bill.... *uhm*
(Oh boy, it could have some truly naaaaaasty consequences when the tide turns...) :lol:

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