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I could sign that, since living in nazi Swiss, being jobless and jabless, but the legendary Yugoslawian president Tito once said: "What doesn't kill, makes stronger". It is not his invention, but I remembered it good and it kept me going until now, the era, when the fog is rising


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A bit of math...
European population = 447 million
Doses of vaccine pre-ordered for vaccination = 2.6 billion
So from the beginning by vaccinating everyone from infants to the oldest, we are already at 6 doses per person.
But now we add 1.8 billion doses more;
And poof we arrive at 4.4 billion doses Pfizer...
So, after a new little calculation, a minimum of 10 doses per citizen...
We will be able to organize vogelpik contests...


That's it, the man has mutated well, that's how you look now
One clip received on Telegram but which was too big to be seen from a browser, and the original comes from Instragram (you need to have an account to watch it) - so i uploaded it on my odysee account, enjoy, it's very good - a remix o Cher's song "Believe" :

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