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That’s an ironic comparison of Magda Gebbels and Anna Popova (on meme it says-reincarnation?) (head of russian Rospotrebnadzor-agency that is responsible for medicine, good’s quality, consumer rights etc), but actually run by World ‘health’ organization. She was one of the main covid terror conductor (even one vaccine was made under her patent - Epivak korona-turned out minus!! 40% ‘effective’, but still earned billions of rubles). She is still on her post😡
I guess. There has been a proliferation of similar threads like Ukraine Crazies and Ukraine Jokes and Memes. It didn’t take Intellectual Jokes long to become “everything and anything jokes”. Thread architecture and evolution is a funny thing. I am always looking for a laugh so this would just make one more place to have to go. Whatevs. It is already a fait accompli!
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