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  • Astrological clues, symbolism/ Zodiac (Path of the sun)
  • Accident/Destruction/Cataclysm
  • Chariot is a metaphor for comet passing within the orbit of the moon.
  • Description of cataclysmic devestation like "and Parnassus, with its two peaks, and Rhodope, forced at last to part with his snowy crown" --> melting of glaciers
  • Jupiter intervenes, throwing thunderbold at chariot (electric discharge) --> reference to Electric Universe Theory
  • "Phaeton with his hair on fire" --> long hair = comet tail, meteor shower
  • sisters of Phaeton: the Heliades webt, tears fell to earth, great flood, aso. --> consistent with Younger Dryas Impact scenario. According to myth their tears were turned into amber?

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  • What did Gustav Moreau know?

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  • Story of survivors
  • Long history of periodic cataclysms. Preserved knowledge of prehistoric times (before the great deluge) --> rise and fall of many civilisations
  • Amnesia of the Greek
  • Dialogues are rich in detail
  • Proto-Atheneans (predeluvian Greek), dates back to 9000 years earlier --> matches the end of the Younger Dryas transition
  • War between Proto-Atheneans and Atlanteans before cataclysm
  • Mention of a great source of information: the Sacret Registries!
  • Priest describes a mighty power out of the Atlantic Ocean and even mentions a continent beyond the islands west to the Pillars of Hercules: North American continent --> description fits perfectly the actual geography of the Mid Atlantic Ridge

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  • Is it possible that there is a sunken landmass in the area of the MAR?
  • Too many coincidental connections.
  • 11600 conclusion of Great war between Atlanteans and Proto-Athenians correlates with great melt water pulse 1B (Younger Dryas Cataclysm)
  • Myth of Phaeton is highly suggestive for comet/meteor encounter --> floods and fires
  • What's the empirical evidence for the subsidance of landmasses in the MidAtlantic? (will be discussed in the next episodes)
This is very good.

"Randall was Inspired by View Master reels (3d-picture-viewing-toy) like stop motion dinosaurs getting wiped out by comet impact, Jules Verne stories, Arabian Nights (Sufi teaching stories) and Tom Corbett's Space Cadet (1950ies SciFi series) --> source of his fascination with pyramids. The show's science advisor was Willy Ley who was involved in the space program. Story line comes pretty close to Richard C. Hoagland's Mars scenario, author of "The Monuments of Mars: A City on the Edge of Forever" who was all about Tedrahedral Physics."

I read Hoagland's account of the Tom Corbett Space Cadet story on his website years ago. The point is, the Corbett story was produced in the 1950's, two decades before the NASA probe would take the first pictures of the famous Face on Mars. This proves that somebody somewhere already knew that something like this was on Mars. This also links with Jack Kirby who worked for DC Comics and Marvel Comics and in 1958 produced a comic strip story titled 'The Face on Mars'. Hoagland wrote about this too and Mike Bara included a reference to it in his book Ancient Aliens on Mars II. Was this a case of psychic bleed through (Thor's Pantheum) or did they really know about the Face back then?

You might like to look into the works of Alan F. Alford Alan F. Alford - Wikipedia who believed that the descent of the gods was really just a poetic rendition of the cataclysm myth.


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Randall Carlson Podcast Ep005 Atlantis Mystery - Evidence Revealed Pt3: Crustal Shifts and Isostacy

  • Randall: "We are getting a little peek into a tradition that actually existed in the Post Platonic (classical) World - The Belief that Phaeton did represent infact a comet"
  • As Plato says so himself, that it has the appearance of a myth but actually represents the declanation of the bodies revolving in the heavens above the earth and a confligration of things after a long interval of time - perhaps a regular, cyclical occurance
  • Dating of Atlantis and the War between Proto Athenians and the Atlantians took place about 9000 years before Solons trip to Egypt (Receiving the tale)
  • Date repated 3X --> 11600 BP --> independent dating of geologists for the end of the Younger Dryas - the boundary between Pleictocene and Holocene (Beginning of the Preboreal climatic period) --> huge Meltwater Pulse 1B (rapidly rising sea levels) marks the end
  • Melting of glaciers leads to isostatic Adjustments (vertical techtonic movements) of earth's crust as it will be shown in the following slides

  • After Ice is unloaded, multitrillion tons of ice bearing down, you get a substancial uplift where 1,5 miles ice was located
  • land is rebounding upwards, in other places like out in the ocean its sinking because of meltwater weight --> oceanic crust is thinner than continental crust, so there the effects are more pronounced
  • weight of ice can also lead to uplift in case of a glacial forebulges close to the ocean (like a seesaw)
  • Stepwise rebound
  • Isostatic rebound in Nevada Utah, drainage of lake Bonneville: Where the lake was deepest more rebound because more isostatic depression --> shoreline can become convex
  • Considerable vertical movements can explain what Plato describes in terms of "subsidance of an island"
  • no Crystal tech or other New Age stuff needed!
  • Icnatius Donoly's 13 propositions were unjustifiably debunked (the 2 geological ones) by buildinga a "continent strawman" (remember: "nesos" means "island")

#Eustacy = moving of the ocean level (complementary term to isostacy (up and down of crust) | #Fennoscandia = North Western Europe | #Aestenosphere = zone of plasticity below the crust, highly viscous, cusion between crust and upper mantel

  • Early days of first mapping out the ocean floor ( when submarine technology was improving, core samples were taken)
  • He refers to Daly (1925) and Rudzki (1889): Calculations dealing with the elasticity of the earth --> papers are basis of vertical motion of earth's crust.
  • indication of large and significant displacements (between 400 and 1000m during the retreat of the ice sheet between 18000 and 6000 years BP)
  • The ocean floor is dropping as the meltwater pours in
  • Dynamic earth model: There are vertical changes and everything is moving and compensating, sometimes with delayed response times, other times very sudden including seismic activity (also vulcanism) across all faults --> earth trying to reach perfect equilibrium (constant process), also see "geoid"

#glacio-eustatic = changes in sea level caused by changes in glacial mass

  • The author is an important figure in the understanding of the oceans.
  • Meltwater influx leads to significant isostatic adjustments of ocean basins
  • Not nessecarily uniformly contributed over ocean basins

#Mesozoic Era = second of Earth’s three major geologic eras of Phanerozoic time. Its name is derived from the Greek term for “middle life.” The Mesozoic Era began 252.2 million years ago, following the conclusion of the Paleozoic Era, and ended 66 million years ago, at the dawn of the Cenozoic Era. | #emerson = comming out of the water, opposite of "immersion"

  • Rock associated with continent "remains of continents" found in the deep
  • When continents drifted apart an inbetween piece (granitic crust) was left behind along the Mid Atlantic Ridge
  • Underwater vs Airial Crystalisation determins the origin of the material
  • Evidence of large vertical movements of underwater rock including episodes of emersion

#Lithospheric = the crust, the sphere of rock | #Late Cenozoic = 10.000 years BP to X 100.000 years BP

  • Location is south of Plato's Atlantis (Near Equator)
  • zones of least resistance
  • evidence for crustal block near the equator on the Mid Atlantic Risge which has undergone large isostatic movements up and down (1 to 2 miles), also including molechular evidence
  • Certain limestones taken from 950 - 1300 m indicate formation in very shalow water including episodes of emerson
  • So there was proof back then! --> Debunking in "Facts or Fiction" was false
  • Why was it debunked? They found it probably easier not to rock the boat, getting funding, fear of getting labeled as crackpot --> association with psychics and New Age stuff, notion of Atlantis is linked to fringe stuff
  • Here we focus on the facts at hand --> So far there is No scientific contradiction to the basic idea
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Thanks a lot, @floetus. The big picture of how the Atlantis island sank is slowly coming together. The Younger Dryas comet impact seems to have definitely played a role in it. It is also a good example of what the C's mean with attracting a cosmic catastrophe.


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At the risk of repeating myself, Atlantis was discovered by EM Whishaw (1928) in his memorable work "Atlantis in Spain" . . . now u know why Portugal n Spain have the most beautiful women in the World

check this vid 👇😘😘😘💘💘💘by Wayne Herschel



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Randall Carlson Podcast Ep006 Atlantis Mystery - Evidence Revealed Pt4: Seafloor Exposed along MAR?

  • Among other things, they talk about tornados and hurricanes --> "Energy of a hurricane has the same amount as a nuclear bomb every minute"
  • Carlson: "People with a false sense of superior rationality imagine that they are being superior to people who would even consider such things as Atlantis" --> the dreaded A-word --> the ultimate tin foil hat --> scares scholars away
  • Carlson mentions T.C. Chamberlain, one of the founding fathers of modern geology, in late 19th, early 20th century, who chastized his collegues for beeing too prosaic, too limited in their thinking. He wrote an extensively quoted paper entitled something like "The value of the outragous hypothisis" to open yourself to the unknown and to far out possibilities.
  • The arc of learning since the Rennaisance --> Everything is changing: culture, understanding, technology, climate --> For people of the past today's normality would seem outragous --> constant adaptation is required. Has there ever been a stable or optimal state?
  • There was a period of "climatic optimum" 7-8000 years ago, 1-2 degree warmer than today --> then global warming became a political issue and the original name was shifted to "Hipsothermal" (doesn't evoke the same picture, does it?) It came short after the climatic cataclysm and was not uniformly distributed, with varying strength. The optimal climate detereoated over time into the Little Ice Age (up and down for civilisation like cathedral building during medieval warm period, then stopped, crop failure, famine) lasted until mid 19ths century and then it got warmer again.
  • The glaciers world wide grew during the Little Ice Age to the largest extent that they had been since the end of the Great Ice Age.
  • 3000 years episode of catastrophic changes in the time of Atlantis --> then beginning of the Holocene
  • Egyptian Priest mentions 5-6 earlier destructions of the world so someone must have kept records during those times

  • Vertical line represents modern temperature
  • Cooling and warming changes concentrations of oxygen 18 ratios preserved in the ice cores, fluctuations between ox18 and 16
  • Paleo Climate shows the documented ages
  • Holocene began 11600 years ago --> Little Ice Age was interrupted by short warm period "Renaissance"
  • Roman Warm Period ended with the Dark Ages
  • Bronze Age Collapse (Carlson hints at catastrophic destruction of civilisations around the Mediterranian basin)
  • It gets warmer and warmer the further back you go
  • Climatic Optimum interrupted by cold event (maybe 2 centuries)
  • Over time (bottom to top) the amplitude gets more extreme while the climate deteorates further and further to the left

  • Present global warming doesn't really show up!
  • 11600 BP extreme warm spike and Meltwater Pulse 1B (extreme energy injection!)
  • The Younger Dryas end spike marks the subsidence of Atlantis (Meltwater Pulse 1 B)
  • BEFORE that: ca. 14600 BP Meltwater Pulse 1A dating might be a little off due to energy input (like the influx of radioactive carbon into the atmosphere) which may have contributed to contaminating the radio carbon and the geomagnetic record --> extreme changes remodelled the planets surface!
  • Azores could have been an ideal place for thriving, but there were prabably colonies elsewhere --> nothing intrinsically impossible about the idea of a lost civilisation --> what about Piri Reis Maps? (including longitude)

  • Pleistocene vs Holocene: Difference like day and night
  • Extreme amplitude shifting up and down during the Pleistocene and climate was a lot colder overall
  • There is already a slow warming trend since Late Glacial Maximum 20,000 years ago (caused by greater influx of thermal energy due to changes in Melanchovich relations between earth and sun) and calming the amplitude over a long period. Then it gets brutally interrupted by one extreme positive warm spike followed by a "lurching back into extreme negative cold piek" (YD Boundary)
  • Clovis Culture and Megafauna dissapeared
  • Cataclysmic Geomorphology erases most of the traces, some remnants probably below sea level (former shore lines, flooded river lines)
  • Isolated groups/pockets of survivors thriving/regenerating during the "Climatic Optimum"
  • The Greenland Ice Sheet projects took place in the early 90ies and early 2000 --> European and American Team of heroic explorers who had small window to extract the cores from most stable ice. It's an ongoing study
  • Cataclysmic Floods: Cities close to river would have been wiped out completelly.
  • Isostatic Adjustments to the earths plate --> subsiding land mass through glacial loading and unloading
  • Land is pushed down under the ice sheet but the rim around the ice rises up = Glacial forebulges

  • "Coast Lines before and after" Look at the Azores Plateau!

Rest of this post follows below....
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  • Northamerican Plate, Eurasian and African Plate meet at the AZORES (west to the pillars) --> Triple Plate Junction.
  • Zone of weakness.
  • Most flexible and thinnest pieces of crust on the planet.
  • Isostatic changes could be strongly localized there.
  • It's possible that it was emersed during the ice age --> islands are tips of mountain ranges

  • Scooping up rocks and materials
  • Underwater level terraces could have been shore lines
  • Cores reveal beach sand
  • Mountain was above sea level during the ice age
  • Jean Jarre came up with "CRI Catastrophic Rise Events" by studying drowned coral systems


  • They found beach sand 3,5 miles down!
  • Land was higher, sea was lower --> "sea level higher" means that the sea bottom is lower (weight of water)
  • Ignatious was dismissed wrongfully

#mafic = type of oceanic crust
  • Swedish deep sea expedition
  • Sand derived from a coastal shelf of some continent or large island!
  • Beach sand with vegetation and fauna remains as result of catastrophy
  • But the author speculates the catastrophic event might have taken place a few hundred thousand years ago

The rest of this post follows below...


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  • Ice Age "Gulf Stream" wrapping around Azores and warming up it's climate --> nice place to live! (Gulf of Mexico closed)
  • Much shallower ocean

#lithification = transformation into a rock like material | #subaerial = in the atmosphere above water | #guyots = flat topped submarine mountain
  • Somebody knew! --> Seamount Names are quite fitting!
  • It's suggested that seamount might have been an island within the past 12,000 years
  • More evidence even from the 50ies!
  • Remnants of continental splitting (continental crust left behind)
  • Atlantis was an island/micro-continent

  • Still scratching the surface
  • Coincidence takes planning ;)
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Randall Carlson Podcast Ep007 Atlantis Mystery - Evidence Revealed Pt5: MAR Granitic Block Confirmed

  • Time measure: 24h/day --> 24h x 60 m = 1440 m --> 1440 m x 60 s = 86400 s --> 720 m x 60 s = 43200 s
  • The Vedas (oldest texts of Hinduism) contain Vedic numbers like 432000 (Kali Yuga) and 864000 (Dvapara Yuga) --> system of cosmology/ precessional numbers (precessional cycle via earth wobble) --> show up in observable dimensional relationships: lunar connections you see in baseball, for example the ball: 216 stitches or 108 double stitches --> diameter of the moon approx. 2160 miles / distance between home plate and first base: 1080 inches --> distance from homeplate to first base to second base to third base and back to home plate is 4x 1080 inches = 4320 inches)
  • Significance of the common number 9 --> cabalistic reduction (432000 --> 4 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 9 / 1440 --> 1 + 4 + 4 + 0 = 9)
  • Radius of the sun in miles is the same number as years in the Kali Yuga 432000 --> geometric correlations - where did the mile come from?

  • Earth correlations of Great Pyramid: small scale model of one earth hemisphere, the missing top included!

  • Stonehenge geometry: square base fits the earths equator
  • "And they were obviously playing baseball!" - Carlson: " order to understand THAT "baseball game" we need to go up perhaps a few orders of magnitude. Maybe that's the point here."

  • Back to geological matters. Carlson asks: "What is eustacy?" - Kyle:" That's what happens when you're blind. Like when you go blind, you used-to-see." Carlson: "No! Eustacy is simply the rising and falling of sea level."
  • Transgression (rising) and regression (falling) of shore lines correlated with eustatic rise and fall of sea level (weight pressing down the ocean floor) --> isostatic response in earths crust, also lateral movement in finding equivilibrium to center of earths mass (geoid model) --> possibility of subsidence of land mass and enormous seismic events

Rest of this post follows below....


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#Fennoscandia = North Western Europe #Aestenosphere = zone of plasticity below the crust, highly viscous, cusion between crust and upper mantel

  • Ice pushing down --> liquid material under ground is pushed to the outside (squeezed)
  • Small and big climate oscillations correlate with sea levels: full blown "glacial" and "inter glacial" and less extreme inbetweens "state" and "inter state" --> What really drives climate change? "...pretty certain it's not carbon dioxide driving those changes"
  • Thick continental and thin ocean floor crust is moving over Estinosphere.
  • Isostatic (vertical) adjustments --> 3000 feet rise after glacial unload --> stresses concentrated locally can lead to a tremendous subsidence of an island, especially on top of MAR
  • Magma between fault zone slopes of MAR

  • Path of least resistance determines adjustment location
  • Elastic distribution --> if not here, than somewhere else.

#Pyroclastics = A pyroclastic flow is a dense, fast-moving, extremelly hot flow of solidified lava pieces, volcanic ash, and hot gases.
  • Complex sequence of atmospheric and submarine lavas/sediments found in core
  • 786 m below present sea levels subaerial or shallow marine conditions are found --> Subsidence of an island perhaps?

Rest of this post follows below....
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  • It is considered to be the final word on Atlantis: BUT dismissive argument turns out to be BS! Debunking the debunking. Certain scientists dismiss it but not science itself.

  • Another example for misrepresentation.
  • Plato talks about an island NOT a continent!

  • Islands on top of the triple plate junction --> most flexibility in terms of isostatic adjustments!
  • Islands are mountain tops
  • Suspicious names of sea mounts!

  • Atlantis seamount was renamed to Atlantic seamount
  • flat top mountains through sheering forces
  • Sunken islands!

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#Mesozoic Era = second of Earth’s three major geologic eras of Phanerozoic time. Its name is derived from the Greek term for “middle life.” The Mesozoic Era began 252.2 million years ago, following the conclusion of the Paleozoic Era, and ended 66 million years ago, at the dawn of the Cenozoic Era

  • Subearial soil found under water
  • Signs of dramatic vertical movements up and down

  • Concrete evidence for Atlantis? Ahem... YES?

Rest of this post follows below....


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  • Massive vertical movements
  • Stretchmarks made by massive vertical movements

  • Up and down it goes --> massive movement along the fracture zones!
  • Most of the melt water flowed into the Atlantic ocean, but what were the triggers for the meltdown?
  • Mr. Carlson has read one or two science papers a day for the past 40 years ;)


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I find this matter of cyclical and proportional/geometric correlations between ancient measuring systems/architecture and observable nature most intreaging. I haven't always been aware of the idea that there is intelligent design in nature, although I might have felt it. Since we live in an extremelly self-centred and nihilistic/materialistic environment, it takes a lot of effort to come to that, rather obvious conclusion, something that has always been hidden in plane sight, so to speak. Today it strikes me as self-evident that everything in nature is part of a highly intelligent, highly complex structure, where its elements repeat through scale-invariance like a fractal pattern - As above so below. It's like a design grid.

It makes perfect sense not only from an artistic point of view, to adapt the predominant design grid and apply it to your own design efforts, like when you design an architectural layout or learn to draw but also from a scientific one, when you study medicine or physics or whatever. You always have to study nature in order to learn how things work - no matter what you do. Observe and learn. That's what you do to stay consistent within a given set of design rules and what would be more consistent and truthful than to stay alligned with the laws of nature itself? You find this intelligent design structure in everything that comes from nature. You find it even in humans themselves, although we have the capacity to deviate from it and to go astray as we can see most clearly in the times we live in today. But it is still there, albeit dormant. There is the potential to access it. The PTB were always very busy to sabotage that, to cut us off from the idea of an intelligent universe and to keep us isolated, confused and self-centred.

The predeluvian people or maybe just certain groups and in part the survivors of the cataclym seem to have done exactly that, apply these cyclical and proportional/geometric observations to their own designs. It also seems to be encoded in ancient stories and texts. It seems to have been in their heads as well, effecting their thinking through these properly alligned measuring systems and maybe also through certain symbols and archetypal stories. Mr. Carlson once suggested in one of his various podcasts that studying and practicing the platonic bodies and measures and proportional relationships would have a profound effect on ones own consciousness. It all seems to come down to the idea to find a way back to nature, to reconnect, to re-allign, to free oneself from the lies and restrictions of the materialistic nihilists and find healing in the (w)holistic understanding of nature. I just wanted to throw in the ideas that came to mind, when I prepared the latest summary.

There will be two more summaries of Randall Carlson's Atlantis-series :-)
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