1. irjO

    Sesión: 9 de noviembre de 1994

    Participantes: 'Frank' y Laura P: (L) Hola. R: Hola. Promia. P: (L) ¿Es tu nombre? R: Sí. P: (L) ¿Y de dónde eres? R: Casiopea. P: (L) Teniéndolos a ustedes como comulgantes, ¿nos protege esto de la intrusión de los espíritus terrestres? [1] R: Espíritus terrestres sí, pero de...
  2. T

    Highlights from Illuminati NWO Card Game

    The Illuminati Card Game was originally released in 1982 by Occultist Steve Jackson. The NWO version was released in 1995. The players take the role of Illuminati societies that struggle to take over the world. The Pocket Box edition depicted six Illuminati groups: The Bavarian Illuminati, The...
  3. L

    What do the Cs says about the Dark Alliance?

    The information about this topic is, even in conspiracy theory books, incredibly scarce. But, I found it by chance in a YouTube video, whose link is here: In the description, it clearly says: "...mysterious satanic group of stalkers and intimidators trying to ATTACK the White Hats who are just...
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    What books, writers/authors, and/or movies, TV series, complement each other with the Cassiopaean sessions provided by Laura Knight-Jadczyk?

    I, and maybe other people who'll follow this post, a list of all the people which information is safely integrated with the one given by the Cs. If I had to guess, Otto Muck is an example, but also Graham Hancock, partly, and maybe Stan Romanek. I mean, I'm sure we all need some names to go on...
  5. L

    What's your opinion of Alfred Lambremont Webre?

    Because, I think he tries to be honest, but that's just my impression. I'd like to ask your opinion on this. This is quite important for me, so, any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your patience.
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