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The Force is Strong With This One
The information about this topic is, even in conspiracy theory books, incredibly scarce. But, I found it by chance in a YouTube video, whose link is here:

In the description, it clearly says: "...mysterious satanic group of stalkers and intimidators trying to ATTACK the White Hats who are just trying to do good in the community." To be clear, the Illuminati. the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are involved here. And I think also Jesuits. Also, the video criticizes David Wilcock and Corey Goode.
Hi Luigi, I don’t know who the person in the video is but overall it won’t matter, I think the Cs answer to something like this would be something like “open” or just “ok”.
Any person can seat in front of a camera and talk about a secret society or whatever.
If you really do research regarding these subjects you would realize that there are cults, and dark groups over dark groups over other dark groups. Is a spider network so complex, which makes this “dark alliance” not that important. Sure! Perhaps these declarations can have some truth behind but is not something as easy as it seems.
The important and real battle is psychopath vs humans. That’s where you really would focus your attention to. As a recommendation of course.
If you are really curious about this subject in particular I recommend you to read the 8 books of the Wave series written by Laura. You will have the overall idea of all this after that.
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You can also check the following other links (from the first link, a YouTube video related to the other one, I gathered all the others):
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