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The Illuminati Card Game was originally released in 1982 by Occultist Steve Jackson. The NWO version was released in 1995.

The players take the role of Illuminati societies that struggle to take over the world. The Pocket Box edition depicted six Illuminati groups: The Bavarian Illuminati, The Discordian Society, The UFOs, The Servants of Cthulhu, The Bermuda Triangle, and The Gnomes of Zürich. The deluxe edition added the Society of Assassins and The Network, and the Illuminati Y2K expansion added the Church of The SubGenius and Shangri-La.

A couple of predictions from the deck came true, so I looked through all the cards. Here are the more interesting parts of the deck.

Possible future predictions
  • meteor strike
  • giant kudzu??? a disaster card. Perhaps the plant attacks crops, even buildings? A kudzu is an edible plant that is an invasive species.
  • plague of demons: picture of white house and demons. Are the demons attacking or aiding the white house?
  • vampires: maybe they will appear in public in the future either as lizards and greys or some other 4D STS entity?
  • gremlins: destroy computer groups. What are these gremlins?
  • world hunger
  • Eat the rich. another French revolution-style hanging?
  • savings and loans bank: fall of banks. This happened in the past and may happen once more.
  • Semiconscious liberation army: a liberal card. Perhaps liberal fanatics will become zombies due to vaccines and belief in political correctness?
  • A Thousand Points of Light: picture shows blue collars and white collars in agreement to an “unnatural” extent. This is perhaps due to the public appearance of UFOs who portray themselves as either common enemy or ally to humankind (because thousand points of light looks like UFO).
  • Don’t Forget to Smash the State: Picture shows broken statues of leaders from UK, Russia and USA. Dissolution of nation states into one massive NWO? Behind the scenes, we know that the consortium already controls many nations. What this card means that perhaps eventually, this control will be made explicit and there will be, through legislation and enforcement, just one "world country”. It will look like it’s the people who chose this.
  • Atomic Monster: destroys any coastal place, especially Japan and California (match Cs predictions of disasters), or robot sea monsters (underwater weapons?) or nuclear power companies. Note that destruction of coastal areas is a common feature in many cards. Atomic monster suggests man-made disasters.
  • Miracle Diet Plan: media group profits from selling miracle diet that turns mind to jelly. Maybe government will mandate people to have BMI below something due to food scarcity, otherwise they will face punishment.
  • The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers: Shakespeare’s quote from Henry VI
    • Maybe there will be so much chaos that many businesses crumble and everyone is hiding in their survival shelters, so there will be a drop in demand for lawyers?
  • Interesting times: Note the falling frogs, strange green creatures, erupting geysers and clueless “Masters”.

18 Dec 2021

(Sid) Do the Quorum or the PTB know the exact location and timings of "the big one"?

A: No.

Q: (Sid) Or are they a bit clueless too?

A: More than a bit.

(in the same thread)
Sid: “The big one” is a large body of comet passing through very close to Earth leading to electrical discharges and associated extreme weather events and/or a direct hit causing mayhem and destruction similar to the Younger Dryas impact. It could be part of the same cluster on a 3600 year cycle or a new one thanks to our Sun’s twin, Nemesis dislodging a few from the Oort cloud. Best to read Pierre’s latest book to understand these cycles and implications.

I should add that since C’s have stated in the past that this time, the comet cluster rides the Wave; my interpretation is that “the big one” is not in our realm currently and will appear out of nowhere just before it hits. It will cross-over to our realm whilst riding the wave. Which is why the PTB doesn’t know its whereabouts despite all of their 3D technology floating in the space. Either that or the comet is present in our Solar system somewhere and will change its course at the last minute.

Interesting ideas
  • imelda marcos: card states that former Philippines First Lady is used to waste country’s money. Is she programmed to do so?
  • clones
  • Brain in a jar: communicates through voice. used to sustain a person’s life.
  • xanadu: Card states once your servant goes there, he will be loyal to you forever just to go there again. Xanadu means an idealized place of great beauty.
  • Angst: a form of attack to make someone feel life is meaningless. power is permanently reduced to 1. Mode of attack: psychiatrist, intellectual, orbital mind control laser.
  • count dracula: perhaps there is truth to the legend. A high ranking 4D entity that either drinks blood or psychic energy.
  • Moonies: are watching every airports in the world. Moonies are Christians who believe in South Korean Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s teachings.
  • Both republicans and democrats are pictured worshipping golden calf.
  • Goldfish Fanciers: makes your entire power structure immune to fanatic groups. Card does not want to reveal what that is.
  • Finland :controls computer group
  • Dentist: used to control certain targets. I know that a journalist Liam Scheff, who wrote about vaccine and aids scandals, experienced extreme nerve damage after visit to a dentist. He passed away due to this unfortunately.
  • orbital mind control laser
  • 18 and half minute gap: refers to a White House tape recording between former president Nixon and his chief of staff three days after the break-in at Democratic Party offices at the Watergate.

Prediction is confirmed either in public news or from Cs
  • Liberal agenda
  • Political correctness
  • hurricane against coastal places: Hurricane Sandy, etc.
  • black activists: BLM
  • terrorist nuke: twin towers on picture. 911
  • time warp (lizzies change timelines)
  • nuclear meltdown: Chernobyl meltdown happened in 1986. Japan Fukushima nuclear incident.
  • Epidemic: SARS, Covid, etc.
  • Market manipulation
  • Let them eat cake: destroys liberal group and controls conservative group
  • crystal skull
  • CFL-AIO: Truckers on strike in picture, just like in Canada. Either a good guess or the strike is organized by a secret group.
  • Dan Quayle: A republican Vice President. This card makes a personality use stupid public remarks to distract the media. Sounds like Trump. Picture features a blonde man like Trump. Quayle is not blonde.
  • Charismatic leader: Another card that depicts a blonde haired man in picture looks like Trump
  • Martial Law: Covid lockdown and maybe more in the future.
  • Upheaval: Civil unrest.
  • Center for Disease Control: supplies relief or releases biowarfare. CDC is definitely controlled by TPTB.
  • Gay activists: card features a blond trans woman, like Caitlyn Jenner.
  • Princess Diana:
    • Her death is hinted by her wearing a princess tiara instead of a queen crown. She passed away in 1997 after this card game was released in 1995. The card for Prince Charles shows him holding a King’s crown. He will become King after the Queen passes away.


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