Where are all the lizards?


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c.a. said:
This is the correct link that should have followed the post. Sorry about that. :zzz: at the wheel.


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Alchemie said:
Why do you want with one of the reptilian speak?
There are probably many other interesting species out there.

Thank you for sharing Alchemie. I personally doubt that contacting other species would make sense or would be close to be safe, because you never know then whom you are contacting anyway. I think as Lilou wrote, watching (earthly) signs is much more important.

Alchemie said:
Wieso möchtest du mit einer der höher entwickelten Reptilien-Rasse sprechen?
Es gibt wahrscheinlich noch viele andere interessante Arten da draußen.

Danke fürs Teilen, Alchemie. Ich bezweifle persönlich, dass das Kontaktieren einer anderen Spezies überhaupt Sinn macht oder überhaupt sicher ist, denn man weiß nie, wen man kontaktiert. Ich bin der Meinung wie von Lilou, dass das Beobachten von (planetaren) Zeichen viel wichtiger ist.


Lilou said:
It is hard to say what caused your husband to have such a vision. It may be he glimpsed a "possible future"? But as many variables change, something totally different might happen and what he "saw", was only a probability at that very moment. This is why the C's do not make predictions that such and such will happen at a certain time. There can only be probabilities that a certain event will happen, but at some point, as more factors come together and probabilities change, eventually only one possible future remains. Meaning there is no turning back. With the psychopaths in power and running the show, our chances of averting disaster on planet earth is rapidly reaching the point of no return. It is best to keep 1,000 eyes open, watch for signs, and act on the information as it comes. Those who can see the signs, will be much better prepared for whatever comes.

Did this vision come to your husband in a dream or during meditation or how? It must have really had an impact on him.

My husband had just come from the late shift-work home.
I have asked him this question. He said that it was night, his computer was running and had been in the wake phase. He was in full consciousness, but paralyzed and could not move his body.


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There's also a story quoted in another forum thread:


And the pre-Sumerian Ubaid people - perhaps they occassionally witnessed their "gods" without "make-up"?

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