What is the meaning of 11:11?



Hello. I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I guess I'll start by just asking what you think of the 11:11 phenomenon. There is a web site devoted to this. Here is the link: _http://www.1111spiritguardians.com/ Ever since we moved to Minnesota, it has seemed to me that I disproportionately 'just happen' to look up at a clock and it will show 11:11. I have a son whose birthday is November 11 and I for years dismissed this as just my being reminded of or particularly attentive to 11:11 for that reason. I remember when he was born, we met a couple who said that 1111 is a very powerful number. I've been teasing my husband that as we have a 'major' anniversary on November 10, 2011 (111011), that I'd like to go with our kids on a return trip to Hawaii, a place we went about 10 years ago that was just amazing -- like a different world. My noticing 11:11 often seems prompted somehow. If I "think" about looking at a digital clock to see IF it is 11:11. it never works. It is also the case that when I am relatively open and spiritually energized, this happens with greater frequency, sometimes three to six times a day. In between these 'noticings,' I do not think about it again, until voila it happens again. I've shared this with my 13 year old daughter and of course with my son whose birthday it is. It was maybe a year ago that I came across the web site. About a month ago, I signed up for it and have read some of there stuff, but I must admit that I have not felt that I want hand myself over to this source; not that I feel anything negative; my trust level is not there [yet?] So I thought I would ask this forum. I follow crop circles and have followed some of you on various sites. Hope to hear from you... Auriandra.


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Hi Auriandra,

Welcome to the forum. Have a look here for a discussion of this phenomenon. And if you used the search function (at the top of any page) and key in 11:11, you will see a whole lot of topics to gen up on.

My eldest daughter was born on 9th of November 87 and so I also celebrate "9-11" every year!!



[Wow. My daughter was born on 9/12/95 -- she was supposed to be delivered (c-section) on 9/11 but all my boys had been born on odd dates so I asked the doctor if he could do the c-section on the 12th instead of 9/11.]


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Auriandra said:
Hello. I am new to this forum and this is my first post....

Hello, Auriandra, welcome to the forum.

Seeing as you are new to the forum, perhaps you could post a brief intro about yourself in the Newbies section, as is customary for new members. No need to share personal information, just give us a general sense of what led you to this forum, how long you've been reading it and/or the SOTT page, whether or not you've read any of Laura's books yet, etc.


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