What Funny Video Are You Watching?

Saw this one yesterday as what seemed a random suggestion from youtube:

Vacuuming My Duck - YouTube

It's kind of funny, but this comment really got me:
Me: Mom can I go out with my friends
Mom: yes but make sure you vacuum the duck first honey!

I think these little laugh excursions are a good thing in these times. I don't really laugh much to begin with, so it helps to stay lighthearted and grounded it seems.
MAN SCRIPTS - How to Never Get In Trouble With Her Again

During my break at work today on my cell phone, I accidentally came across this video while trying to click on and watch something completely different, which was intended to be a portion of the Plandema 2 video on SOTT. Well, I found it funny, the way he reads the scripts in a broken and sarcastic manner, and what he is saying... But you know, at the same time, there is a part of me that, being a man who found this video funny, is a tiny bit scared and hesitant of posting this video due to the fear of offending some ladies...resulting in this:


Here is another one I just came across:

What Women Are Really Saying

Well break over back to reading. :whistle:
TERRIFYING TALENT! Freaky Magician GIRL Scares Judges & Audience On Asia's Got Talent!

It was funny how she went directly after the judges in the intro of this act, especially when the dumbfounded and perplexed judges had commentary with bits of humour here and there and apparently were sincerely scared for their lives due to combined creepiness of the illusionist's character (a character from the scary movie Ring, and I hate horror movies) and her mentalist talents.

One more:

Don't Watch Sacred Riana If You're Scared Of The Dark - America's Got Talent 2018

Yeah, in her act, she is pretty convincing to make you believe that she has supernatural powers, but it is just pure talent:

Based on this interview (the original is missing in YouTube apparently), she is seems like a sweet and beautiful girl with her cute bag:

The Real Sacred Riana [V Reacts]
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