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Then again how do we define the term? I've been inspired to write alot lately on my livejournal, the latest topic was honesty. It came up because some of my close friends are being led into the machinations of the matrix and i needed to creatively jive with the concept before i could explain it to them.

The URL is here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/cyre2067
I have been reading Cyre2067 live journal and wanted to reply to his smoke issues. Through my life experiences I have learned life without cruches opens up doors for relationships you couldn't have before. If honesty, ultimately truth, is what we seek we cannot have our own hidden closet. The idea is to be transparent so our words are easily seen in action. While "smoking" is an obvious topic that will bring forth some reaction of rebellious emotion, we must choose our battles wisely. If we want truth and only truth we have to be willing to accept it for what it is. Addiction is no joke. It keeps us stagnet, like a broken record. The patterns of our old nature will not just disappear because we want them to. Will Power is also a bad choice of words, and feelings when deciding to combat a habit you have fed for I'm sure quite some time. My only advice, and it may not be good, is to trace the reason you smoke back to the root. IE: I started smoking when?, why?, who was there?, what emotion did it evoke? If you want to be free we have to deal with the root issues, not the fruit, if that makes any sense. I applaud you for your live journal, and encourge you to speak freely. Know you will be helping someone wake up.

When we know better we can do better.
We have been admonished not to post things here which deal with the use of certain substances-but your personal log (entry July 12th, 2006) shows you are struggling with your dependence on "smoking" and the various reasons you smoke-but you also indicate a desire to free yourself from the dependence-and grow naturally.

First of all-Hurray for noticing that the "thrill" may be wearing thin on this habit-and that is the first big step.

As a former heavy consumer of said substance-and I mean heavy-and in most of the various forms it comes in (I was somewhat of a connosieur) and can attest their are varying strengths from merely producing "giggles" to coma inducing "one toke" that literally would put you on your knees-I soon realized that my life was going nowhere-the crowd I hung out with-all of whom indulged-were basically "losers"-couldn't hold jobs, or did tasks that were very robotic in nature-where you did not have to really "think" and could perform in an "altered" state without much problem.

Some of my aquaintences still use-(I am 51 and was a child of the Seventies-our motto-get high to get by) and you have hit the nail on the head when you say this habit produces stagnation-almost all of these people are in precisley the same circumstances they were in the 70's! Talk about being stuck in a time warp...Perfect tool for creating zombie like people-have you ever been in a room full of zonked out people and there has been some emergency? It takes them forever just to figure out what is going on-they kind of stumble around trying to get their "stuff" together and are totally lost.

A few of them cannot even speak in coherent sentences anymore-you have to be "stoned" to understand what they are saying! Their memories are shot-they cannot recall phone numbers, addresses and have difficulty focusing on anything that requires intent thought.

The stuff is a deception Brent-it is a LIE. It serves NO USEFUL PURPOSE in your life-trust me. It was HARD to give up-but it was even harder to give up smoking cigarettes.(I know-smoking is supposed to make us "taste bad" to the alien overlords-guess I will have to find some other way to avoid the stew pot.)

The reason many people smoke (dope) is because they want to feel "good"-because as you say they seem to lack something-and are trying to feel "normal"-have you ever been diagnosed with depression? I have been-and realized that was the reason for my heavy use of this stuff. But there are alternatives (legal ones)-Go to your doctor-BE CANDID. Tell him / her you have a problem and want help. They will probably refer you to a psycholgist that will test you for depression-and then can prescribe something that can help you-although some of the stuff is worse than depression. I am supposed to take anti-depressants but hate the way the make me feel-so try to control it through diet and excercise(martial arts)-also getting enough sleep is very important (staying up to the wee hours partying takes a toll my friend)-not getting enough shut eye can lead to depression (I mean sleep-not drunken or drug induced stupor-that is not sleep)

Sooner you dump this habit the sooner you can recover and become normal-and remember who the "real" Brent is. Good luck!
Wrote a new entry on puppetry. I was watching Team America the other night, and today i thought, "what if one of the puppets could see his strings?"
Saw strings, and enjoyed it, although i must admit i was hoping for more of a "we're puppets! ahh!" kinda senario, more closely paralleling our reality.

Blogs' been updated a bit, its mostly just reposting of news stories that my friends don't get, but we do here so ill be sure to let you know when i do some more original work.
Updated today with two solid entries. The first an exchange between a friend and myself via myspace on truth and psychopathy, i thought it valid enough to reproduce. And the second a reproduction of the post i made re: today's terror plot, this time with links to sott material for those who haven't read it yet.

New Video is up on myspace... got linked to it by a friend, but it reminded so much of topics we discuss here that i had to mention it. It'll start playin as soon as my page loads... the link's right here:


It felt like a trailer for the movie that is our collective existence here on earth... we've been living in the backstory, the real thing is about to begin.
Latest Entry is a compare/contrast... i found this john doe manifesto and found it to be a very eloquent work of COINTELPRO, so i objectified it. Added lots of links, and hopefully if it gets spread around, can get it confused with the original work.

Muahhaha, fightin the power is fun!

as always, here's the link:
New entry in which i debunk this guy's article, "Nutty 9-11 Physics":


edit: forgot the link - http://cyre2067.livejournal.com/122350.html
I've been practicing for the GREs, and particularly working the writing section. In this bit below, I'm attempting to critically examine a statement, building an agrument that agrees/disagrees and supporting it with reason and examples. The guide also suggests you question assumptions made by the statement, and define terms it uses. This first one I ran out of time on, so i didn't have time to address opposing viewpoints or add in my own personal experiences, but those are also suggested. I'll copy the bit here b.c it's short, but I'd appreciate any commentary critiquing my argument as it will help me refine my writing abilities and hopefully help me get a higher score. Keep in mind I'm kept to a 45 min time limit.

Cyre said:
"The only responsibility of Corporate Executives, provided they stay within the confines of the law, is to make as much money as possible for their companies."

What are the Responsibilities of Corporate Exec's? How do we define responsibility? Is the Law adequate? And is making money worth ruining lives? These are just a few questions that come immediately to mind when I read the topic, and below, I'll be sure to answer each one. First I think it's important to establish some definitions for the purpose of this essay.

Responsibility, is the quality or state of being responsible; ethical, honest, trustworthy, hard-working are a few terms that come to mind. The law in this case is legal action that can be taken or cirumvented when applied to business practices and the flow of cash. Lastly, a corporate executive is one of the highest level of managers in a company, often retaining a large salary, comfy office, company car, spending accounts and most of the dictorial power. He can easily direct entire divisions, and subordinates because that is his job.

With these definitions in mind, it's clear that a corporate executive's responsibilities far exceed "making money". Being granted luxury and power implies he has to perform at a high level. He should work harder then the average, or lower level "peon", as my boss likes to say, "that's why they pay him the big bucks".

Making money also requires that those below you are working effectively, that each one is proficient in their specific task, and that they are content doing so. It's also important to acknowledge that executives are nothing without those below and beside them. Without divisions to direct, and partners to help carry the burden they would have to perform at levels beyond endurance, especially for a larger corporation.

The statement also makes an assumption that the law is adequate, and often it is not. Oversight is poor, espcially when it comes to large, multi-national corporations, and when you throw in financial contributions to political parties or campaigns the entire picture becomes very shady.

A couple of examples come to mind, specifically Haliburton, has been notorious for having politicians in their pocket. Our current Vice President used to be a Haliburton Exec, and now he directs policy which directly leads to them making profits: Building bases in Iraq, and Prisons in the US, it's obvious that their political connections have landed them several no-bid contracts. What's worse: This is all a matter of public record, and yet no one except independent bloggers will address it.

We can also spend hours addressing the military industrail complex and how their profits come directly from conflict, war, in short, death and destruction. These people are paid to develop new and better ways to kill others. Their executives clearly aren't aware of the full range of the word responsible.

In summation, we have a several-billion dollar "war" in Iraq, which is directly profitting the hands of a few, eager to engage in more conflict and thus generate further income. If their only task is to make money, they're excelling at it, but the cost is the blood and lives of innocent men and women in the US Armed forces, as well as in Iraq, Afganistan and anywhere else they target. As such, I return to my original definition of responsiblity: Responsibility, is the quality or state of being responsible; ethical, honest, trustworthy, and hard-working.Thus focusing solely on financial gain negates the possibility of being responsible.
Couple new posts up there, mostly it's me venting my emotions, it's weird the knowledge that caused them is all old news, but the intensity of the emotions themselves has shot up a few notches. Guess this is what's referred to as "an awakening of the emotional center", part of me buys that, another part thinks im still deluding myself.
Hey, I like that 'rant on' 'rant off' thing. Seems like a lot of people never find the off button. In fact, I never knew there was one until just now :)

By the way, I think you are already one person making a difference by having the courage to feel those feelings, and attribute them to their just cause.

Congratulations on your new place. Living alone was the best thing I ever did for myself, and I wish everyone were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do it for at least a year or so.

Thanks for sharing...
Hi Cyre,

I couldn't post a comment on your live journal - something about my ip address. Anyway, here's the comment on the article about English as the official language:

I'm not sure it's either/or. I agree that the government should represent the people. I agree that establishing an official language can encourage programs that will improve communication within a given nation. I agree that torture, and other crimes against humanity are far more important grounds for impeachment.

What I'm wondering is why they don't want English to be the 'official language'? What's really behind it? Oh, I know! It must be a way to wash their hands of the shameful degeneration of American English, and growing illiteracy most prominently displayed by Bush, and mimicked by journalists. I suppose they are just doing it in the interest of pacifying the working class - smirk.

Seriously, Italy became united when Italian was declared the official language, because, until that time, regions were separated by different dialects. Modern Italian was taken primarily from the Tuscan dialect, so people from other regions had to make an effort to learn it. The great thing is that now people from all over Italy understand each other.
Updated again, quoted Salter, Lobaczewski and this new guy David Vincent. The material correlated so well I felt compelled.

da linkie

Sorry bout that Miss Isness, didn't see yer reply when ya made it. I def get how it united Italy, but in the US making the official language English really won't have much of an impact other then alienating those who don't speak it. At least, that's the intent I felt behind that email my cousin forwarded. It had the flavor of coming from a schizoid, thus my condemnation.

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