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One of the largest mountain maples in Abruzzo: the acerone of Isola del Gran Sasso in the beautiful photo by Ambra Moschin.


Perhaps not as dramatic nor exciting as the rest of this thread, but nevertheless worth visiting if you are in the area.​

Absolutely amazing that a small portion of a forest can grown like that.
In Hafford, Saskatchewan, located on a portion of an agricultural field is a grove of trembling aspens with dramatically twisted trunks and branches as if somebody took them by both hands and wrangled them into knots. The Crooked Trees has been a local attraction since at least the 1940s. According to Rick Simmonds, who owns the property upon which the crooked cluster of trees sit, the site is visited by five thousand visitors each year.

The Crooked Trees of Hafford​



Une très belle ressource sur le sujet a été publiée par le média

« S’il ne pleut pas dans le désert, c’est parce qu’il n’y a pas d’arbres, et non l’inverse ! »​

Pour avoir de l’évapotranspiration il faut couvrir nos sols de végétaux verts, donc vivants. Il faut aussi de l’eau dans le sol.

PIERRE, ces Oliviers du Musée Renoir sont dans la ville où j'habite, Cagnes sur Mer :
PIERRE, these olive trees in the Renoir Museum are in the town where I live, Cagnes sur Mer :
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