The Netherlands: Nazi symbols found stamped over Queen Beatrix 2-euro coin


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Source: Nazi symbols found stamped over Queen Beatrix 2-euro coins

Nazi symbols found stamped over Queen Beatrix 2-euro coin

By Janene Pieters on August 15, 2019 - 15:10


The coin with image of eagle and cross © Photo via whatsapp.

A woman from Asten [Noord Brabant] found a very peculiar coin when she emptied out her purse after her vacation on Wednesday. A 2-euro coin, with the image of [former Queen, now Princess] Beatrix on it, that had also been minted with an image of an eagle with a swastika under it, AD newspaper reports [in Dutch] .

"I collect 2-euro coins. When I saw this coin, I thought what a weird one", the woman said to the newspaper. She doesn't yet know what she will do with it. "I now have around 50 to 75 coins in my collection, for example with castles on it. But with a coin like this you make people angry. It is a nasty thing. I've never seen anything like it."

The woman also cannot say exactly where she got the coin. "I could have gotten it at a supermarket, but we also have several campsites around here. Maybe the coin came from there. I really have no idea."

Whether this is the only such coin in existence, or whether more were minted, is not clear. The Royal Dutch Mint doesn't know about it. "Of course we don't make this coin. There are certain machines that people can use to mint coins themselves, but we are not aware of any previous cases of such minted coins", a spokesperson said to AD.
Euromunt met adelaar en hakenkruis duikt op in Noord-Brabant: ‘Een akelig iets’ Privacy settings
Dit Nazi logo is er toch met een serieus apparaat in gestanst. Het zal me niet verbazen als er meer van dit
soort munten opduiken.
— Apollo (@Apollo93742063) August 14, 2019

DeepL Translator said:
Euro coin with eagle and swastika turns up in Noord-Brabant: 'A nasty thing' Privacy settings
This Nazi logo has been stamped into it with a serious device. It will not surprise me if there are more
of this kind of coins show up.
- Apollo (@Apollo93742063) August 14, 2019
#Opinion by Maria Zakharova

💬 The recent scandal regarding the honouring of Yaroslav Hunka (Gunko), a Nazi war criminal, in the Canadian Parliament had barely subsided, and the scrawny hand of Nazism is pointing at a new victim.

Recently, shocking archival materials related to the Dutch royal family were published. Former head of the Royal Archives, Flip Maarschalkerweerd showed a photograph of a membership card of the NSDAP (Nazi Party), which belonged to the grandfather of the current King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander - Prince Consort Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld.

This document leaves no doubt: His Highness was a member of the Nazi party from 1933 to 1937.

Suspicions of that kind have been voiced before. Shortly before his death, Prince Bernhard was even forced to assert in an interview, “I put my hand on the Bible and declare that I was never a Nazi. I never paid membership fees, and I never had a membership card.” Now, with the discovery of the documentary evidence, it can be stated with certainty that the grandfather of the current King of the Netherlands was not only a Nazi, but also a perjurer.

When the Nazis occupied the Netherlands, he joined the Resistance, but even the Allies did not trust him. There is information that the prince was considered a potential member of the SS. To what extent he sympathised with the Nazis remains to be studied by historians who periodically publish new documents and discoveries. However, it is worth contemplating the following.

Prince Bernhard left the Nazi party not because racial laws were adopted or the events that ultimately led to the Holocaust occurred. Even two years after the initial events, he was still paying membership fees to support Hitler's cause. It was only through a fortunate marriage to the hereditary princess Juliana that seemed to make him reconsider his plans for the future and turn in his Nazi party membership card.

Who the grandfather of the current head of the Dutch state really was says a lot about The Hague’s official stance on the situation in Ukraine.

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