The Last Inch and the Cubic Centimeter of Luck


I wrote this essay about a month ago and it got published in my school's creative non-fiction publication. I've published it on my blog, as well; here is the link:

It's a compilation of thoughts I had lingering in the back of mind that I wanted to put down, thoughts that came from different sources that I read (most, if not all, indirectly from SOTT) but that all connected to essentially conclude the same exact thing - that human beings are not 'themselves'. I use Valerie's autobiography from V for Vendetta, many quotes from Dr. Stout's Myth of Sanity, Orage's "Are We Awake?", Gurdjieff, Don Juan, Mouravieff, and even the Gnostic sayings of Jesus as sources to make my case for the 'insanity' of modern humanity. I tried to make it as easy a read as I could for those who are not yet familiar with the material.

Any comments/critiques welcome :)


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A great essay Shizo. IMO everyone in 4th way work should read it. It sums up in simple terminology what we should be working towards: Total awareness. Waking up and waking up to what is keeping us-or at least me-asleep.


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sHiZo963 said:
Gurdjieff, Orage, Don Juan, Dr. Stout, and even Jesus – though they come from vastly different backgrounds and offer quite different perspectives on this matter – are all essentially saying the same thing: we, as humans, are not “ourselves” because we do not know ourselves. Integrity can only come about from self-knowledge, and self-knowledge can only come about from self-awareness, which in turn takes vigilance and work on our part
great essay, sHiZo963!
I like the way you pulled all the threads together.


Thank you for this, very well written and it definitely helped me understand the concepts presented here better.


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That's a very well written essay Schizo, you make the case simply and clear. I hope that many people will read it. Realizing our sleepiness is the first step to ... anything we want to accomplish.

Thank you for posting it. It was an alarm clock for me: often i forget that i am still asleep, especially these last few days.

Keep it up! :)



I wasn't expecting so many positive comments - Thank You! :)

The hard part certainly wasn't reading the material and writing the essay (though at the time it seemed like hard work) but it continues to be the application of the material. Everyday I continue to realize how much more I'm not 'walking the talk' and it sure is painful.

In any case, I'm very happy that my written words can serve others in their own ongoing Work.
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