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One of the things that has always made me think that the world cannot be the way we think it is has been my observations and expeperiences with the dead. Over the years I, like others have lost loved ones and it seems like there is a pattern for the newly deceased. When they pass, they may not leave right away, but may be hanging around for a few weeks. Sometimes they can be perceived in dreams or simply felt. However, once that time period is passed and they (I say they meaning soul or essence) leave they are gone from you including your dreams. You will not dream of them again except for an occasional warning. When your own time begins to draw near, then you may begin to dream of several people whom you have known throughout your life and who have passed. I do not have an explanation, but have been with several persons prior to their passings and have made these observations.
Last November my sister passed away after her heat stopped. Her brain went too long without oxygen and my mother and I removed her from all life support and allowed her to pass peacefully. This was a horrible experience, but it was what happened afterward that was amazing. To shorten the story I will just say my neighbor from accross the street was here in my home in early January with her digital camera. She took a number of pictures for a decorating project she was helping me with in my home. Two of the pictures show what appears to be clearly a ghostly white image in the shape of an angel. The two picturs I am talking about are of the same thing, but of different views. If someone can tell me how to post them I will gladly share them.

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Seeker 1313 said:
One of the things that has always made me think that the world cannot be the way we think it is has been my observations and expeperiences with the dead. Over the years I, like others have lost loved ones and it seems like there is a pattern for the newly deceased. When they pass, they may not leave right away, but may be hanging around for a few weeks. Sometimes they can be perceived in dreams or simply felt. However, once that time period is passed and they (I say they meaning soul or essence) leave they are gone from you including your dreams. You will not dream of them again except for an occasional warning.

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I have found this to be true too when my mother passed away. I even had a dream when she "left" as you put it. We were looking through a window at the stars and I put my hand on her shoulders and then she left. This was a few weeks after physical death, like you say.


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My experience is a little different as I wasn't visited by my father when he died.

My father died when I was 5 yrs. old. I do not remember any dream or vision at that time. The two dreams I did have of him were when I was 32 or 33 yrs. old. So this was after he passed over, or that's how I perceive it. The first dream was the most vivid of the two. In my dream I was confronted by two older men all in white. They were surrounded by a whole lot of other people. They each took one of my arms and said they had something they wanted to show me. We went up a gazillon stairs, I thought they were never going to end. They finally did and we emerged into my aunt's living room (my aunt being my dad's favorite sister). There was my dad and I can recall a few other people but I can't remember who they were. We hugged and I cried and cried. He sat on the couch an held me and we talked for what seemed hours. I have to admit that I cannot remmeber what we talked about, but finally he said I had to go. I told him I didn't want to go I wanted to stay. I even pleaded with him over and over to let me stay with him, but he was adamant that I had to go. I awoke crying and I have never forgotten how I felt having to leave him. The other dream was very short, all of a sudden I was with my dad and again we talked. Then he said I had to go. Again there was the crying and pleading to stay, and I was told no, I must go, which then I woke up. After that, I cannot remember ever dreaming about my father again. I just figured he must have reincarnated.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this as these are dreams that seemed very real to me and I really feel that I was in contact in some sort of way with my father. I could be wrong, of course, but I hope not.

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Hi Lynn, I think what happend to you is right on, but it is not the norm. I too have had two encounters similiar to what you speak of and both involved my brother who committed suicide 18 years ago. After his death my family was pretty much destroyed due to some of my relatives refusing to believe he had killed him self and so they went to psychics to get answers. What they were told was wild and outlandish and involved atale about one of my relatives killing my brother---and if your thinking this sounds crazy, you are absolutley correct. I never believed any of it and was not invited home for Christmas for a couple of years as a result. You could not rationalize with any of my family who wanted to believe what the psychics were saying because that would mean that perhaps my brother was unhappy and yes, he did suffer from depression. However, back to my dream about him. The first occurred after I earnestly asked god for the truth about what had happend because I began to question my own sanity. When the dream began I was in a dark and foggy tunnel and I was walking. I could see very little through the fog, but I felt great fear. Then I heard the most evil sounding voice that asked "are ya looking for Johnny?". It was said in a sneering and hateful way and I could feel the hair standing on my neck and so I turned and ran away as fast as I could. I have never been more frightened of anything in my waking or sleeping life tha I was that night, and yes I do believe it was real. This set off a panic within me because I was terrified at the thought of my little brother in that place and I prayed for him and often. A couple of years later one night out of the blue, I had the second dream of him. This time a very old man appeared to me wearing nothing but a short white skirt type garment. He said nothing, but he showed me a person who was curled up in a fetal position on the floorl. This person or being had large white wings that were curled up around him self and you could not see their face, but I knew it was my brother and that while he was not 100%, he was in a better place and healing.

My point in making the first post is that the dead appear to move out of our perception and our realm of consciousness because we do not dream of them on a regular basis after their deaths. What is interesting to point out is that many people posting to this site, myself included dream about aliens and encounters with them. Laura says the dead move to fifth density and that the aliens are fourth density sts. If we are percieving them in our dreams is it because they are in our same realm of concsiousness or do we move into theirs? I have never to my knowledge been abducted by an alien, but I have perceived them in my dreams. This may be answered somewhere on this site, but I am fairly new here and and am discovering as I go along. If someone has insight into this I would appreaciates some direction.


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Hi Seeker 1313,

I am not an expert in this field, but from my understanding of what I have read, and you guys out there, please correct me if I'm wrong, when we die, and we go into the light, we end up in 5D. Supposedly, whatever we believe when we are alive is what we get when we go into 5D. I.E. If we were taught in church that we are going to go to hell if we have been bad, and we perceive that we have been bad, that what we experience upon entering 5D in "hell". Or if we perceive that if we commit suicide that we will go to hell, when we get to 5D, that's what we perceive. I have also read that if we have had a truly traumatic experience during our lives and/or when we die, that we are put into a type of theraputic sleep when we reach 5D so that we can heal mentally and emotionally. Once we have healed to a certain degree, they wake us up and further the therapy to get us up and running again. This could explain the two different realities you saw your brother in. The first was how he was perceiving his life and subsequent death which sounds like he was in pretty rough shape at that time, and then you saw him as he was in a healing sleep.

This is just my understanding of it at this time. I could be way off. Maybe someone else out there has a different or better explaination. But, I hope this helps a little.


Funny that I should find this topic tonight. I never noticed it before. My father-in-law died this afternoon and I was just thinking about these things. I've experienced people hanging around quite a number of times, over the years.

When my mom died, about 6 years ago, she hung around for about 6 weeks. One of the many things that happened and not necessarily the most profound, is this one. My dad decided that it was time to start cleaning out my mom's stuff from the house. This was about a week and a half after she had passed on, though like I said, she didn't exactly pass on right away and I was experiencing all kinds of interesting events.

Anyway, after working for hours going through closets and drawers, my father comes in and says that, "It's the funniest thing. I can't seem to find my coffee mug." So we look everywhere in the house that we've been for his oversize chartreuse coffee mug that says "decaf" in large letters...shelves, fridge, drawers, bathroom, under things...nowhere to be found. We finally gave up on the search.

I left for a gig and got home about 3:30AM, had something to eat and cleaned out a full sink of dishes before bed. In fact, I cleaned the sink itself. There was nothing in it and it was nice and clean for my dad, when he'd wake up later. The doors were locked and it was just him and me in the house.

The next morning, I woke up and my dad was in the kitchen. He says, "Guess what? That stupid mug of mine...I'm so was right there in the middle of the kitchen sink!" I said, no it wasn't and told him about doing the dishes and cleaning the sink, just hours before he woke up. Interesting...but not that interesting.

Well, that afternoon my friend Gen calls me and tells me that she had the weirdest dream that night before. She says, my mother had come to her in her dream. She describes her in detail, her deep red hair, her voice, her character, the way she was very animated, had a high voice and giggled in between talking. Gen had never met my mother and didn't know any of my other friends. So, she says my mother said, "I want you to tell Danny that I'm in heaven and alright, but I'm a little concerned about his father." My dad was in such sad shape after spending the seven months at the hospital before my mom finally died, that everyone at the funeral mentioned that he didn't look very good himself. I thanked my friend for sharing the dream and didn't think much of it.

The following day, I took my friend and old fellow musician, Burns, our to dinner. He's a very sweet person, but he's pharmaceutic-ally challenged and I had to keep getting his attention to keep him from nodding into his soup, lol. Finally, he comes to life (relatively so) and says that the weirdest thing happened to him, two nights before. Now, a little light goes off and I take note of it and put that thought on the back-burner. He says, he was sleeping and the phone rang; this is about 4AM. A woman is on the phone and says, "Burny, I'd like you to give a message to Danny. Tell him that his mother is in heaven and she's alright, but she's a little concerned about his father." "Mrs. Feinstein". he asks? There is now a deep male voice on the line and he tells him, "Burny, please give Danny the message, ok?" And Burny says, "but I have a whole lot of questions!" The voice tells him that he'll get his questions answered in time, but to please give Danny the message... He says he checked Star 69 to see who it was who called and there was no call. I told him of course not, because he'd picked up the phone a fraction of an inch from the real phone, heh heh. Though I kidded him, I was a little shocked as all the incidents and stories of the past three days came together at once.

Strange right? But very cool and just a little bit of what went on over that time.

Another thing I wanted to mention is that through my interactions with my mom's presence, or whatever it was, I went through a very intensive spiritual and psychic awareness and development through that period. Though, I have to add that that growing awareness had actually begun in the period when my mom was dying.


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I also had some experiences when my mother died 2,5 years ago.
First of all, I was at work the day she died. She had been feeling ill over the weekend, and was going to see her doctor on Monday. I went out for a smoke at noon, and as I looked at the time, I wondered about calling my mother to see how she was doing, but thought I'd wait until after work, as I wasn't sure she'd been at the doctors yet.
About 3 hours went by and I got a call from my uncle asking where I was, that he was picking me up, and I should go tell my boss that I wasn't coming back that day. And at this point I just knew that she was dead.
When he came, I sat down in the car, closed the door, and just asked "Is mom dead?" And she was.
She had died around noon, though not confirmed dead until an hour later at the hospital.

It was an unexpected death, she was not terminally ill at all, autopsy showed no real cause of death, so we have concluded that it was just a hard life and her heart could take no more. (She was a recovering drug addict in her 2nd year)
I listened to the emergency call near a year after she died, because we believed there to be an error on their behalf as they didn't send an ambulance, even though she had called them a couple times, telling them that she was unable to move without being in pain, and that it felt like she was going to die. They didn't send the ambulance until the 3rd call, when she had collapsed and was hyperventilating. Dead upon the ambulances arrival.

The next following weeks after her death I felt her presence extremely. It was like the air around me was thicker than it used to be, and it went so far that I got absolutely paranoid - I knew she saw me, that she heard me and that she could hear my thoughts. So I'd sit at home just thinking "Don't think" over and over again.
I heard her voice when I was driving, her telling me to not be so close to the car in front of me. I heard her voice one night as I went to bed, she told me that everything was going to be alright and that I was able to deal with this.
One evening I just snapped and told her that she had to leave me alone now, it was just too much, I couldn't breathe.
I didn't feel her presence after that.

Then I started dreaming about her, but there's only two of them I remember vividly.
The first one I was at her home, my brothers father was there, and my mother came in the door. Her body was rotting, just an awful sight. She said that she was tired and that she needed a rest. I said something to her, I don't remember it, but it must have been something inconsiderate as my brothers dad told me that I should not speak to my mother that way. So then I screamed at him "Well, do you WANT her to die? Is that it?", then I broke down and that was it.

The second dream I remember, and the very last one I have had of her since, came to me when I was in a very dark place. I had just moved into my inherited home, this was around a year after her death. I was barely functioning, and only did what I had to do. I went to work, then went home and was truly miserable. I contemplated suicide everyday; I just didn't know how to live anymore. When I drove to work, and home from work I wanted to slam my car into the wall of the tunnel I drove through, and just end it. Every day! The only reason I didn't do it was because I was afraid to survive it, and having to live my life crippled from the damage.
So, then the dream came after being in this state of mind for a few months. Nothing particular happened in the dream. It was just me and my mother spending a day together, and knowing that this would be the last we'd see of each other. At the end of the day, a car came in the driveway to take her. She got in and rolled down the window to say the final goodbye. I cried and was hysteric, and she just told me that I knew that this was coming, and that she had no choice but to go. The car backed out of the driveway and drove away.
When I woke up, I knew that my mother had visited me to say the goodbyes we never had a chance to say, and slowly after that I began to get out of that very dark place, and started to function again.
I went to see a medium, where she told me that my mother was aware that day she died that it was her last day, which is true, as she had told this on the emergency calls, and also to her aunt when she had called her for comfort (even letting her know what she wanted to be buried in). The medium also said that my mother had "gone into the light" and was at the moment having no plans of reincarnating as she was "done". She said my mother was "up there" and her job now was to take care of the children who died. I take much comfort in this, and hope one day to meet her again when I leave this life behind.


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I wish I could see the pictures; have you posted them somewhere? I have lost my father and my grandmother. In both cases, I felt their presence for a long time.


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Over the years I, like others have lost loved ones and it seems like there is a pattern for the newly deceased. When they pass, they may not leave right away, but may be hanging around for a few weeks. Sometimes they can be perceived in dreams or simply felt. However, once that time period is passed and they (I say they meaning soul or essence) leave they are gone from you including your dreams. You will not dream of them again except for an occasional warning.

I know exactly what you mean I had a loved one pass like my untie for example my whole family had dreams about her for a week. Then the dreams just stop and no one dreamed about her again except my mom who said was the best dream of her life. And my grandmother died in 09 and she came to me in a dream. But this was like two or three months later. And the only thing I remember is her telling me she still be around. Then recently my grandfather said my grandmother was standing on the edge of his bed. He said she was in a brown dress and her hair was pressed down. I hope this doesn't mean trouble she may not be visiting on good causes. My family is not doing to good anyway.
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