sparkling electricity on the bedroom


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sparkling electricity on the bedroom
Hi everyone, just here to share a strange kind of lucid dream that happened last night or early morning.

I actually started taking melatonin in this month and I feel really rested and seems a little more sleepy by morning as if I needed to rest more.
Sorry, I'll try to be clearly as possible, usually when I mention about "lucid dream" is about from my understanding is when you don't notice a clear difference between sleeping or awake. So, early morning, I thought I wake up because was a storm early morning and I saw the lightining, a kind of flashes through the blinds, so my first reaction since my baby was born is to observe that my daughter is sleeping well in her crib, after looking at the flashes through the blinds in the bedroom, I torned my eyes of the side bed where I have the baby crib attached to my bed as an extension of this, when I turned to where my daughter was, I could see everything around the bedroom small flashes of light like between white and blue (similar to the electricity produced between two synthetic fabrics that rub and produce little sparks of electricity) suspended or floating around the room.
So I thought or related this to the storm, it just seemed strange to me and I turned towards my toddler's crib, then she was move a little , all was good, but then I saw a pot as if they were green beans with a little water in her crib, so I thought this was very strange, how could there be food in her crib? ..... I don't remember if I stayed asleep or woke up , just for a moment I realized that something was strange about this.
This type of situation where the dividing line between being asleep or awake can be very thin, I don't know, sometimes it makes me feel a little crazy, or anxiety, I think it is not Easy to deal with this, there is a feeling that something is beyond that you do not understand and you can feel it, have a feeling, similar to when being dizzy.
Sorry if this is a little confusing.
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