Some predictions for France (medium/youtube channel)


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Paris is a prime target (as probably are most capital cities)
I think so too. Paris and the main capital cities are on "aim". However, Paris exceptionally stands out historically, socially, and internationally regards cultural factors and many symbols. So, all of these make this city place for various possible provocations, "tests", the different activities of how people will behave (citiziens of the city), and how people around will be responding (mainly Western world, however other continents aswell).

And we know that all of these listed by me almost always are connected to something stresfull and painfull. So it will definietly will not be calm city. And these predictions and direct and indirect associations to the city only enhance those concerns. I would be a Paris citizen and would has possibility to leave this city, I would do that.


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- people are now too nervous and awake to continue to accept the situation and the measures taken such as masks. The re-containment will not be able to pass in France for this reason, but they will try
In this local were fortunate it's not as heavy hand as other parts of France.

Though the local police (will give warnings and issue fines), if the governments guidelines are not followed.

However the rules are quite lacks, and it's as if everyone is just of going through the motions at this point (with numbers here being very, very, small of those that have been infected).

- the most important thing is to protect our children during the few months of uncertainty, while things are happening

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