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Back in the early '70s my parents moved to an old black and white cottage by the River Severn - it was about 500 years old and had been two or three 1-up-1-downs all joined together. As a result the was a steep winding staircase at each end. My dad had a room downstairs, with one staircase leading up to a door with a room at the top that was used as the spare bedroom. The stairs were stacked high with jars of fermenting home made wine and were completely impassable.

One night Jenny (my fiancee then, now my wife) was woken by the bed being violently shaken and the duvet was then pulled off - no it wasn't me, I was next door!!!!!! A few years later we were both using that room and I was woken up by something and looked up to see a tall black shape at the end of my bed - it just slowly faded away...

Many years later I was visting a customer at his home on winter's evening. Its an old house next to a small river, and has seen much modification over the centuries. The stairs take a dog leg down from the upstairs landing, and on the first turn there is a blank wall which used to lead to a seperate corridor (as I discovered later). We were just turning to go down the stairs and there, coming out of the wall was a shortish woman in a grey mob cap, long plain dress and some sort of apron. She was holding a flat candle holder with the remains if a candle burning in it. She just turned up the stairs towards us and vanished.

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One encounter that I will never forget is when I woke up in the middle of the night, for no reason in particular, and when I opened my eyes there were two beings standing at the edge of the bed staring at me. I don't think this was a dream. The instant I notice them a shot of adrenalin goes through my entire body and it was like time stopped for that split second between when I saw them and when they disappeared. But that fear that I felt was as real as anything I've ever felt before.

And realize this is the same bedroom that other people in my family have complained to me that sleeping "up there" was anything but peaceful. So I'm not sure what exactly was standing above me that night, but whatever it was, it scared the beejezes out of me! It's not so bad sleeping up there anymore, but a few years ago I always had the feeling something was near me.

Of course, I'm just waiting for the tap at the window in the middle of the night and a bright light to consume me... but that's a whole nother story ;)


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Some places that are haunted in AZ:

Cochise - Cochise Stronghold State Park - Man playing flute appears on boulders that tower over campsites. It is said that Cochise himself walks in the hills, guarding his pilfered gold from the white man. - May 2005 Update: Cochise was an Apache warrior, had no need for gold. It is said that Cochise walked the hills, but it was not for gold. It was for look out for the army that out to get him.

Douglas - The Gadsden Hotel - Prankster Indian boy plays on the Mezzanine, headless Pancho Villa walks the tunnels in the basement, and Sara the elderly guests frequents the 4th floor. The basement of the hotel has been identified as the most haunted section of the building (naturally). The luminous form of a man glide across the wall. - May 2005 Update: A bartender at this bar in the late 1960's until 1971. He never heard of Pancho Villa walking this hotel or of the Prankster Indian boy. In fact he said the whole time he worked this hotel, not once there never any reports of hauntings.

Bisbee - Bisbee Bed & Breakfast - Reported a presence in both the Blue Room and in Room 13, as well as in several other locations throughout the house. The Grandma Room. In this room, various guests have reported what appeared to be an older woman watching over them during the night. Although the sightings reportedly made guests nervous, it was thought to be a benevolent spirit offering its presence as a protection.
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