Sharing the beauty of everyday life - our new gaff in Sainte Adèle, Québec


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I am eager to share our joy, as I have been on a 33 year hiatus as a multimedia artist and this house is built exactly as my partner and I would have drawn it ourselves. We have been blessed by the crisis to be able to make the move of a lifetime and buy this property a few months before our friend, the ex-owner-builder passed away. Every morning we feel blessed to be alive and it has given us a surge of energy (I will soon turn 63) like nothing ever has before. My partner who signed the mortgage was not aven planning on living here for several years but the lady I had spent nearly sixl years with bailed out in a violent fit of egolution, and I insisted he come and join me, and we will never regret a single day from here on in. We are inaugurating a fairly big physical (gallery) and virtual (distribution) as well as setting up our own multimedia studio. I will keep updated when we have our official opening on September 21, 2021, day of the Equinox of Year Zero on planet Earth, which is also my 63rd birthday on the blue marble.

Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. Good things come to those who strive towards their goal of a good life while enduring years of countless attacks by those who we have spent decades trying to help grow the f@ck up!!! Thank you children of Cassiopeae! If we are but 6%, we are an army of 480,000 potential Wanderers - stand up and be counted!

Love from les Pays d'en-Haut (Laurentians) Québec, Canadada... Now is the only time we have left!

Canadian tobacco

Headquarters for our Multimedia Platform101_0212.JPG

entrance to artist-in-residence suite (downstairs)


sliding glass doors and SHALOM
101_0094.JPGtreehouse view to workshop and studio - behind which we have 300ft of woods before the mountaintop (no neighbours)

side door to dowstairs suite - driveway to recording studio

right- studio left-workshop/ henhouse

space for henhouse

camping out back

view from workshop to studio

treehouse and hanging garden

Audio-Video Studio coming this way...


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C'est super votre installation... Félicitations pour tous vos travaux... Je vous souhaite le meilleur... Merci pour les photos...
Mais où est donc passé le chaton ?...

Your installation is great... Congratulations for all your work... I wish you the best... Thanks for the pictures...
But where is the kitten ?...


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You have made a beautiful home cherished by dreams of accomplishing and beautifying a corner of land of your own.
Thank you for sharing your photos.

St-Adèle is a beautiful place.

With the hills, the colors, the rivers... it is a warm village and the people are simple and welcoming.
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