Session 30 January 2021


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Those are some moves, haha! Plus, I actually did buy a new broom today. :thup:

Thanks for the article - that's a pretty grim account and seems plausible. Although my impressions aren't as vividly grim, they go into the formation of California islands territory after a single quake ruptures from the Cascadia sub-duction zone all the way through the Hayward and San Andreas fault line (there's quite a few articles on SOTT posted regarding this scenario although had trouble finding what I was looking for) while most of inland and Southern California are toast - hope it's all just a story waiting to be written. 😔
Maxwell, my sister lives in Seattle on the West Coast so I am keeping my fingers crossed for her too. However, I recall that the C's said in an early session that Seattle would be buried.


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Very interesting concept, but it seems like fitting into what we are doing right now!
Something like we are together holding big heavy door to stay open, so that others could able to see and find Light/Truth. Some might see the light and come out from the darkness.

Since 2012, the earth event “probabilities being to collapse” and right now what we seeing around the whole planet is like the Last Battle between Good and Evil.
Even though some people seeing as the doomed planet, we have bright future.

Because Cassiopeans and Laura’s team continuously working together, nowadays some positive energy firmly stabilized on this earth.
Thus Laura’s mission/role is most important right now!
Have to remember that the universe is constantly balancing energy, if too much negative energy dominance one planet, then that planet would destroy just like once known as the planet Kantet.

So, thanks to Laura and all of forum members, we are here together setup positive energy, so that others may joining with us now and future.

I absolutely LOVE

how you @Kay Kim put together snippets from the C's with Laura & company. It really put things together in an even more dense way. I also love when other members do this / have done it - directly referring to a certain event(s) / snippets, like above. Really, really beautiful and incredibly profound (plus I like repetition in it; the re-reading in the way like you guys bring things into context again/anew) Every time I get the feeling that another nuance is showing up, of which I wasn't aware when I read it the first time.

So, all this, the way you guys do it, write and refer, reflect around it - just incarnates the expression: 'Learning is fun'. Because that way, it REALLY IS FUN !!! (much more than the usual uh-ok-fun, you know) This feeling of that another bit is "clicking in", each and every time a little more...

Ah. Just beautiful !



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C’s offer a lot of help, but the most help for me was and is, in the direction of doing my own homework. Every time a message is shared I feel a constant need to raise my consciousness. It is true, there are too many aspects that need work and that makes me feel I am on a slippery slope most of the time, however, there is also a certain capacity building to recognize the towers of fear raised by malevolent actors. The Forum is an invaluable support group and stands as constant reminder that free will exists and that with constant work and education one can recognise and cultivate free will as one’s most precious attribute or quality and respect it accordingly.
My deepest thanks to all and one now and in the future.


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This is like how G Webb describes the working and the choice for a coronavirus in the 60s. It delivers a payload. Unlike the in-discriminant heavy hitter diseases dr Mengele was investigating, the FBI was looking for a marking substance, to spray communist insurrectionists with. And to maybe target them later for a killing.

As strange as it might sound...

But this was also discussed at the Investigative Corona Committee in Berlin only very recently - when they interviewed a lady from Finland, who in the 90s was among the people deciding which/how algorithms would be deployed and handled for the future mobile phone standards (back then GMS) - and participated with staff meetings at the Pentagon / NSA together with others.

That is when she started to realize, that the real agenda was quite different from what was said and meant officially. As time went one, she started to understand that the GOAL of everything was clearly something else (definitely about total surveillance). She also stated that everything since the early 90s is/has been recorded worldwide).

Transhumanist Agenda after all...

But then the talk went over to today's (hidden) technologies, she mentioned the total surveillance of wireless information is done by the "chip" - which is everything - not the phone - and the aim is to link our bodies, all information with/to the PTB. The technology is already worked at for quite some time - and in principle you do not even need a iPhone/mobile phone any longer for making calls. She claims Huawai is frontmost of all companies in that regard today.

She said, the only way for any company being allowed to be active within China, was to give them all information of product plans, ideas, blueprints, etc even down to the smallest detail. While the West was obsessed with profits for a long time... well, well... China in the mean time, collected and collected and collected.... LOTS of info. And went into action on their own.

So, in that talk, the nanobot technology came anew to discussion revolving vaccines. Apparently the vaccines - it was suggested - do not fully have the whole tech available - yet - but the ongoing vaccine scenario we are in right now, would allow to get things ready over time, in order to gradually introduce (sneak in) nano tech - into our bodies together with wireless communication of information...

Isn't that also Klaus Schwab's wet dream ?!

The transhumanist agenda. :barf:


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That second one:

I have to think this is another ploy similar to 'there's a shortage of vaccines - you better hope you'll be able to get one!' In this case, the Israelis are getting it, but it's being denied to the Palestinians. So, that proves it must be lifesaving otherwise it would be distributed to the Palestinians as well! How could it be more obvious that Israel is being overtly discriminatory towards Palestinians by denying them the vaccination! Oh, the horror! :scared:


It does tend to shoot down the idea that this is a Semite extermination agenda unless it's going at it in a very backhanded way i.e. we don't have to force the shot on them because we can get them to voluntarily clamor for it! And who's to know what exactly will be in the vax the Palestinians will get assuming that happens?

Also, figures don't lie, but liars can figure. That is what this article screams to me:

Israeli Vaccine Campaign Took Three Weeks to Curb Spread


So, there you have it folks! It's a freakin' medical miracle!

In one of the latest meetings

at the Investigative Corona Committee in Berlin, an Israeli Lawyer was talking about the Covid & Vaccination situation in Israel - he said that the Israeli Government was really manipulating the data to their favor (as well increased their language on the public Gov site, in an very aggressive way, such as non-vaccinated people will be "among the eradicated" if not vaccinated) !

In reality, quite a lot of people did die after vaccination (often elderlies) - but that is of coure NOT mentioned by the Gov at all - on the contrary; being made into a vast success. The Israeli lawyer also mentioned that there now a worrisome onset of many (vaccinated) people coming into the ER for acute heart problems

I personally immediately associated that with the content in the Pfizer/BioNTech "vaccine" - based on an earlier interview at the Corona Committee with Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Krüger - that one of the most nasty negative effects in the mRNA "vaccine", are the positive charged Lipids (they are negative first, but once inside the cell; they are positive charged) - and that is the key of destruction:

It creates massive oxidative stress on cellular level, forcing cells to commit suicide, and that in a short time creating massive cell death in the body (which in return is what creates positive PCR-test results due to the vast amount of particles when cells disintegrate in a short time). Also; it leads to that sensitive organs, like the heart for example, get directly affected = Acute Heart problems. Among other things.

Because the only way for getting rid of the positive charged lipids - is cell death ! There is other way to get them out of the body. The presence of those lipids is up to 6 month.

This is only ONE aspect of the mRNA "vaccine" from Pfizer/BioNTech.

Israel didn't "curb" anything.

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A: Electromagnetism structured by information emitted by gravity.

Q: (Ark) Alright. [laughs]

A: Go deeper to find the structuring forces.
Thanks team, thanks Honorreiae :)

That quote REALLY stood out for me. Years ago a question arose in my mind. Where, who and how are things organized in nature. What mechanisms read and adapt the records of animals' instincts, experience, etc.

After the sessions on some of the topics of proteins, molecular geometry, etc, I have been reading back and forth about the info field and have been gathering papers, books, etc. Recently, I ordered myself a microscope and may try and experiment with biophysics with diy equipment. Too bad the corona will block a lot of opportunities for people to explore these things in the scientific areas, a way has to be found to get around this.. What we are getting is pure awesomeness

WIN 52

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So, I’m getting the strong sense that the west coast is gonna buckle soon and the cause has something to do with the ideological possession that has a hold on people’s minds — a post-Trump reconciliation meets karmic retribution with a Wetiko manifestation that very well could scare “the living day lights” out of people. All that energy’s gotta go somewhere or attract something...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
There was quite a bit of ancient 4D structure in the Georgia Strait. Identified by a modern day Shaman who visited in 2019. He was called to this area. He came not knowing what to expect. During his time here and after much digging, he said that the structure was neutralized. It was a negative structure influencing the entire Pacific Northwest. Possibly that put a new wrinkle in the projected timeline?
The subject of genetic lines is fascinating. Kay kim can you see yourself in the work of C's and Laura? They seem to be quite discreet on the subject ?:lkj:

Having been Asian and Black in past lives, all are considered brothers and sisters. My personal view throughout this lifetime. This view has strengthened by the C's and Laura's works.

One thing that the brainwashing had little affect on.


seve, is there a specific reason you asked Kay Kim whether she sees herself in the work of the C’s and Laura?

I’m not too sure what made you ask her specifically, what exactly you mean by Kay Kim “seeing herself” in the C’s and Laura’s work, and how this relates to genetic lines. Could you please elaborate on those points a little?
This is because I noticed that Kay Kim liked to cross-check themes taken from the transcripts to get a global vision of their teaching.


I’m not sure I understand how exactly our spiritual resonance with others can protect them from being vaccinated. Or from anything else. Could you describe how you think such protection would work?

Also, what gave you the idea that spiritual resonance with others can protect those others?
We attract what we vibrate. If I apply what I know about the vaccine and by not being afraid of the situation I can protect myself from what I don't want to experience. We live on the outside of us what is tormenting us inside or not, it is in this sense that I speak of resonance. Earth and King are one.


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Hello ~ Smiles and Gratitude to all

in regards to "enjoy the show"

maybe instead of thinking of show as a noun what if it is used as a verb, to show ~ to reveal

ie., show me what is going on, show me what is coming, show me the truth

so, enjoy the reveal

and i believe to enjoy it we must 1. be here 2. be aware 3. be true to truth


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Thank you all for the new session, this is a great support for me, it is priceless.
Hopefully, I'm overthinking and I will not be left behind in the coming times. I know this is a selfish way to think, but I have been worried that I don't do enough and that one day I will wake up and all of you will be gone.
After reading it I burst into tears, because I feel the same

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Thank you for this new session and many interesting topics to ponder!

Yes, things seem like they are getting out of control for those who want to exert their power over the masses. In Norway, the government is going back and forth on the lock-down measures and it seems so inconsistent and unlogical. I have a tendency of being over-optimistic but I think I can see some signs of more and more people not buying into the effects of lock-downs. They are still scared of the virus and open to the Pfizer vaccine we have here, but still, they are questioning other things. I have also been very open in my take on the whole situation in the world, from the election in the US to the whole Covid situation. Not on social media but in discussions with friends and family. Maybe I will tone it down a little.

I must admit that I have been very tired lately. In my last couple of visits to the store, I have been putting on a facemask. My daughter has been asking me why I'm the "only one"(there are others too, but few) who don't use a mask. I have tried to explain, but she's in first grade and being indoctrinated by everyone but me so it's difficult for her. I put on the mask because I felt like I didn't have the energy to deal with the questions and potential arguments every time I went to the store. My only fear is that this only shows to the Univers that I'm a quitter and that even though I tried I'm still one of the sheep.

Hopefully, I'm overthinking and I will not be left behind in the coming times. I know this is a selfish way to think, but I have been worried that I don't do enough and that one day I will wake up and all of you will be gone.

On a more positive note. Lately, when I have been fed-up and feel sorry for my self for being where I am "alone" and miss likeminded people this quote has come to my mind: "It does not matter where you are, but who you are and what you see" and this always puts a smile on my face :-)

Anyway, thanks for being here!
Someone said that many are called and few are chosen.

I think from time to time the same thing that you have said in your comment.

In the movie "Matrix" one of the characters "desert" and makes a pact with an "agent" of the Matrix to get returned to the simulation. "I don't want to remember anything! And I want to be rich!" She asked as a condition of his betrayal.

Despite the disaster that I am as a person and all my failures, I prefer the truth to the lie and it is an honor to have found it in the C's and the "elders" who spread the truth.

You have courage. The future will be what it will be, but "now" you are doing something.

Your comment, a simple comment has been and is "great".:hug2:
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