Session 15 August 2020


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Thank you for another informative session everyone! :wizard: :flowers: Now that things are heating up and my daily life has been turned upside down those sessions serve me - and so many others too - as a true lighthouse of sanity.

Sadly, I have friends from and in Belarus and most look up to the West. It's about to backfire badly for them and their loved ones. Interestingly enough, I got laughed at when I compared the current events in Belarus to Ukraine's. Yet again the story in Zealator about a house on fire comes to mind :-(

And the news about masks is quite terrifying. I came across a condition called hypercapnia: accumulation of CO2 in the lungs. One of its causes is rebreathing ones own exhale. I found it after my GP told me with terrifyingly strong conviction that after 30 years of practicing medicine she had never heard of a condition that could be caused by wearing a mask. That was in response to me reporting symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, nausea or shortness of breath when wearing a mask. It took me under 3 minutes to find this condition. Excuse the sarcasm but I guess she's been wearing her mask so diligently that a simple Google search is way too difficult for her.

Hypercapnia (from the Greek hyper = "above" or "too much" and kapnos = "smoke"), also known as hypercarbia and CO2 retention, is a condition of abnormally elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the blood. (...) Carbon dioxide may accumulate in any condition that causes hypoventilation, a reduction of alveolar ventilation (the clearance of air from the small sacs of the lung where gas exchange takes place). Inability of the lungs to clear carbon dioxide leads to respiratory acidosis. Eventually the body compensates for the raised acidity by retaining alkali in the kidneys, a process known as "metabolic compensation".

(...) Hypercapnia is generally caused by hypoventilation, lung disease, or diminished consciousness. It may also be caused by exposure to environments containing abnormally high concentrations of carbon dioxide, such as from volcanic or geothermal activity, or by rebreathing exhaled carbon dioxide. In this situation the hypercapnia can also be accompanied by respiratory acidosis.

I managed to get an exemption letter from my doctor in the end and it looks like I did it just in time. I have heard from a few different sources that many doctors refuse to provide them now. Having read the session I'm really glad I did this but I am still worried that it may backfire at some point. At the end of the day it's on my formal medical record and as they C's said, such step means I have marked myself as a dissident. But heck, that's definitely better than brain damage!
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I was feeling that there might have been a session last night. Thank you! Definitely going to be reading some romantic and character-building literature. Freaking Satanists! Back in July I had several nights of dreams of hunting down pedophiles. They were so vivid. One dream occurred when I fell asleep with my charged "house crystal" in my hands. During this dream, I was interrogating a pedophile and he was getting zapped. I woke up with a headache on only one side of my head. The next dream I was being driven through a vacant Las Vegas and I was not going to let this pedophile get away. It was like I was out to destroy evil and it was single-pointed, ultra-focused goal.

Before these dreams I finally watched some of Isaac Kappy's videos and other videos on Ellen, Chrissy Teigen, Tom Hanks, etc. Got really sickened by the Satanist side of Hollywood. Has this question crossed anyone's mind: is pedophilia a genetic tweak courtesy of 4D STS like psychopathy is?


Thank you very much for this session!
Q: (L) Okay. Is the Russian Covid-19 vaccine safe as they say?

A: Safe enough. Safer than what Gates is planning.

Q: (L) Is it effective against corona or corona-type viruses?

A: Not much will be as it constantly mutates.

Q: (Andromeda) Good job, Russians!
I had a feeling Putin knew it was safe be willing have his daughter take it. Another great move on the chessboard! Of course no vaccine has been developed for Corona viruses precisely because of their mulitple mutations..but the Russian one comes without the Bill Gates 'bonuses' and naturally the Global PTB are furious, judging by the media backlash.

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(Joe) That's why doctors are so stupid. They wear masks all the time. No offense, Gaby! You're an exception.

Thank You Cheateu crew for sharing this informations. Thank You Joe and Chu for mensioned about some stupid/scared doctors who turn off his own brain and forget his all knowledge, experience and common sense. Unfortunately two weeks ago I met a very smart and wise doctor who cure my son 6 years ago(stone in left kidney twice) in Poland, Rzeszow and I saw her were in mask and visor simultaneously. A couple of times during this visits we talking about Big Pharma pharmacutical pills and She I thought understand all this stuff. She always healing my son by pills based on herbs and natural vitamines and it work excellent.
For the first time I dare to put my comment here without any translators and I hope that all people understand my writing correctly.


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A big thank you to the C'S, Laura and the chateau crew for this informative session.

A chip in the vaccine...well, that's aweful but not really a surprise. We will have to make plans accordingly. I for myself must work on faith as I see it.

I wondered about the name 'Quinnilln' which reminds me of Quinine which brings up hydroxychloroquine.
Quinine is a medication used to treat malaria and babesiosis. This includes the treatment of malaria due to Plasmodium falciparum that is resistant to chloroquine when artesunate is not available. While sometimes used for restless legs syndrome, quinine is not recommended for this purpose due to the risk of serious side effects.Wikipedia


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(L) Now one thing that's really been bugging me is this thing about masks. For years, they put all this money and effort into creating facial recognition software. They put cameras everywhere. Now all of a sudden they're putting masks on everybody which makes facial recognition software just completely obsolete - after all that money and time and effort! So, what's the real deal with the masks?

A: Facial recognition was never the full plan as it can be easily thwarted. It was used to accustom populace to tracking and surveillance. The ultimate surveillance is chipping. The fake pandemic justifies the vaccine with chip and wider tracking mandate. The mask is similar to antismoking. It induces obedience and allows identification of dissidence. Masks have the additional advantage of inducing brain damage and lowering of intelligence and general health.

Q: (Joe) Masks induce brain damage...

(Andromeda) Low oxygen?

(L) Lemme ask: Is the brain damage from low oxygen causing the death of neurons?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And the lowering of health is because of the accumulation of viral and other pathogen loads in the masks themselves?

A: Yes

Q: (Gaby) Could they also reactivate latent or stealth infections?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) There's nothing good about them.

(Joe) So, are they planning to surreptitiously chip people with the vaccine without telling them?

A: Yes
Thanks so much for share and for to help to keep waking state.
With a little faith and enthusiasm, it would be good to be on the lookout for all possibilities to avoid the vaccine. I wonder how aggressive the control measures could be for people within the U.S.


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Thank you for the session. Disturbing to hear about the horse mutilations, I had been expecting the usual suspects.
I find the mask madness rather tragic. I'm glad of Russia being first to the vaccine, we shall see how the situation evolves.


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(L) Why are people protesting in Belarus?

A: Color revolution signature.

Q: (Andromeda) So the next question was... (L) Was it foreign interference?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Which is basically what a color revolution is...

(Andromeda) Exactly.

#Belarus2020 is trending on Twitter. They couldn't even be bothered to change the script after Ukraine's Maidan. And why would they if the old one worked and few have figured out the MO?
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