Session 15 August 2020

My mind just worked in reverse when i heard the blame been shifted to Satanic Cult in an ordeal that have just been questioned about. Actually, i am still wondering how humans view Satan or understand Satan. I can even bet with my last dollar here, Other people who claimed to be on satanic religion they still dont even know satan in a real sense of the way. Its not easy to remove or go behond the vail of forgetfulness. Otherwise , it is what it is and thank you for the session. The Spirit of Christ into Yeheshua used to say to the Multitudes
" know thyself " and i say "fear thyself".
My local transit is making masks mandatory as of August 24th. I too find that any time I wear a disposable surgical mask, that I'm taking it off and gasping for air. You'd think them being made of paper type fiber would make it easy to breathe and you just can't unless you tear it open or off.

So, I went looking through some storage items and I fished out one of my favorite Halloween masks. It's rubber and cotton cloth based resembling the skull of a canine. I aim to wear this on transit in protest. Not only will it fully cover my mouth and nose (and my entire head), but the central caveat is that I'll be able to actually breathe. I'm curious to see how this pans out.
I've idly been considering wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. ;-)
Much love to the group..

I have been following the Cs sessions for years now and this is the first time I am posting here.. yay.. Desperate times.

I request people to take note of a silent cosmic revolution happening in India at a place called Gnanalayam Pondicherry. The transition to the next density / age is already initiated there by divine beings called the 7 Sages (Saptarishis) and other STO entities (called Siddhas locally in India).

They have published many books with the information channeled by the 7 Sages - how and what we are from inside, when we pray it is actually received by the brain which contains the secrets of metaphysical life, how do we connect to the One Source within us - the soul atom.
Thank you Laura and crew for this session. Brings some additional insight and clarity to the masks and vaccination plans. Was a bit surprised to see that Trump has a good chance of winning.

Especially after what the C's said about the possibility of him having a convenient death. With all the pressure he's been under perhaps that's still a possibility?

Also very interested to start reading the books from the Using Books to Imagine a New Reality thread and to see what can be learned.
Thank you for the session! It's unfortunate to think that the people who are supposed to take care of you, doctors, may be the ones who have already succumbed to some brain damage and intelligence loss. And there is an outstanding medical issue I need to address.

I was already aware about the negative effects of masks, but I suppose the session seals the deal. I was wondering if there are some charts or studies that show how long until brain damage occurs. I work mostly from home, but when I go to work, I use a very thin silk homemade mask. We only have to put it on in proximity of others, so the longest I think may have been 45-60 minutes of constant use for me. I would get headaches after work, but it's hard to tell if it wasn't just the EMFs or even pollen, because at least once or twice I did not get a headache.

Is there any kind of breathing technique we can do (like Wim Hof?) to counteract the oxygen loss? And we know about neuroplasticity, but what about neurogenesis? Can you regrow those brain cells that are lost? Just some thoughts on this topic. I have it quite well and haven't been to work often, and even to the grocery store just a few times.

The chipping and vaccine issue is worrying, but not getting to me, at least yet. It's got to be really small to fit in a needle. I'd think it would be hard to remove, if possible. So I'm hoping that stuff can be delayed as long as possible.

I'm still trying to keep beauty and positivity in mind, and looking forward to the new reading list series. Thanks again! :-)
The chipping and vaccine issue is worrying, but not getting to me, at least yet. It's got to be really small to fit in a needle. I'd think it would be hard to remove, if possible. So I'm hoping that stuff can be delayed as long as possible.

I hope so too, for now, you should check out how forced vaccinations are going to work on Australia, which can work as an indicator as to how potent people power is against all of this.

If they fold and overwhelmingly support this without backlash, then I might prepare for the worst up here in North America. I've considered a few ideas just now that can help communities circumvent some of the measures:
- community caravans: being nomadic can effectively obscure a region's witch hunt
- self sacrifice: get vaccinated and get your permits and become a middle man who can attain goods and services for communities that are banned from point of sale due to draconian measures and refuse the jab

Below is a post from the C19 virus thread for some scope as to what Australia is currently dealing with:

Hi gang! Here is a helpful hint from Heloise:

Do you have "issues" with authority figures and complying with ludicrous dictates you find objectionable that violate your free will?

Love a little forbidden fun and excitement?

1. Take up your Nasal Thong thusly...
2. Get some scissors
3. Snip, snip, snip out the Panty Liner!!
Now your breathing is only 6.5 to 8% hindered! Your glasses will fog up, oh, so much less!
And you are still 'sort of' complying while rebelling at the same time!
Cool or what?!

Just kidding. I would N
As for Trumps chances being good... Good is good, but good is not a slam-dunk, gold-plated guarantee. I could easily see a scenario where Biden is cheated into the job as a sort of final death knell for America to further disintegrate.

Trump "winning the election" does not necessarily mean he will be acknowledged as the winner and re-take office.
Just something to keep in mind.
Assuming an election actually takes place.
I don't know guys I have thefeeling that Trump is not going to win the elections, I don't want to be misunderstood, I like Trump, I really like him, I think he has tried to do things better than anyone else would have tried, I hope I am wrong, I really would like him to win the elections, and this terrible precentiment that I have inside for a few days goes away, also what the Cs said in this session reassures me a bit, let's hope so and Trump wins but is not this will turn 180 ° !
A: Free will.

Q: (Pierre) For the information field, does all information already exist or is information added through the experience of creatures?

(L) I didn't understand that.

(Joe) His question is does all information already exist, or is new information created and added by individuals through their experiences?

(Ark) Well, for me, time does not apply. So things like conservation of information doesn't make much sense in the information world. It may make sense when the information starts to interact with matter, but only then.

(Pierre) Would you say then that the information field contains already ALL possible information?

A: Yes

Here I will place a part from the book Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information, by a physicist Vlatko Vedral.
In this part he discusses free will, randomness, and determination.

I recommend you read this interesting book or at least chapter no. 10 (Children of the Aimless Chance: Randomness versus Determinism), which I quoted. You can read and download the book here

Interestingly, the quantum theory of information adds a novel twist to this millennia-old question of determinism versus randomness. This question is not just important for our understanding of reality, it is also important to us on a very personal level. The answer to this impacts on whether there is any room for genuinely free action in an ordered and structured Universe like ours. lf the laws of reality govern everything, then even our actions would be subjugated and determined by them. This of course leaves us no room for the human element we call 'free will'- a property that we strongly feel distinguishes us from non living matter (and other animals). It is also seen as the basis of our consciousness.

Most of us in the West feel that determinism cannot completely govern reality because we are certain that we have free will, though what exactly this amounts to is far from uncontroversial. For the sake of discussion, let us define free will as the capacity for persons to control their actions in a manner not imposed by previous events, i.e. as containing some element of randomness as well as some element of determinism. So, if we accept the notion that we do indeed have free will, then we are already, in some sense, entertaining the idea that there maybe a random element to reality (obviously not all elements of reality can be random, because this too would exclude any role for free will).

This still raises an intriguing question, simply because either of the two possible answers -'yes we do have free will', or 'no we don't' - seem to lead to a contradiction. For example, suppose you answer with 'yes, we have free will'. How would you demonstrate the validity of this statement? You would need to act in a way that would not be predetermined by anything. But how can this ever be, when whatever you do, can, in fact, be predetermined by something? To further qualify this argument, say you decide to act out of character, e.g. having an introverted personality you decide to start a conversation with a complete stranger on the street. But, the very fact that you decided to act contrary to your usual predisposition, seems itself to be fully predetermined. It is simply so by the fact that you determined that you would act out of character to prove free will. In this case perhaps in trying to prove free will, you are more likely to demonstrate that actually you have none. Your emotions could have been controlled by some outside factors which lead you to the conclusion that you must act out of character. If they were, all you are really trying to do is deterministically fight determinism, which is by definition a deterministic process!

The considerable difficulty in demonstrating free will conclusively lead us to postulate that perhaps we cannot have it. But this answer feels completely contrary to the whole of human psychology. Can nothing good that I do be attributed to me? Is it all predetermined by my genes or my history or my parents or social order or the rest of the universe? Even worse, we tend to reward people for doing good deeds and punish them for bad ones. This would seem to be completely misconceived if humans did indeed not have any free will. How can you punish someone for doing something when they are not free to do otherwise? Is our whole moral and judicial system based on the illusion of free will? This just feels wrong, although there is no logical reason why free will is necessary.

That we seem to have no way of proving that there is freewill was poetically stated by the famous biologist Thomas Henry Huxley: 'What proof is there that brutes are other than a superior race of marionettes, which eat without pleasure, cry without pain, desire nothing, know nothing, and only simulate intelligence?'

Free will lies somewhere between randomness and determinism which seem to be at the opposite extremes in reality. It's clear that neither pure randomness or pure determinism would leave any room for free will. If the world is completely random, then by definition we have no control over what will happen, and if the world is completely deterministic we also similarly have no control over what will happen as it would all be pre-scripted. So you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

But are randomness and determinism actually opposite extremes when it comes to defining reality? Are they mutually exclusive, meaning that they cannot both exist within the same framework? Our latest model of physics, quantum theory suggests that there is a way of combining the two. Every quantum event is fundamentally random, yet we find that large objects behave deterministically. How can this be?

The answer is that sometimes when we combine many random things, a more predictable outcome can emerge. This may seem paradoxical at first (shouldn't lots of random things give you something even more random?) but this is not necessarily the case.
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