"September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" Best Documentary on 9/11 so far!


I've just watched/listened to the French version of this documentary (that can be found there :
_http://www.reopen911.info/11-septembre/mise-en-ligne-du-documentaire-11-septembre-le-nouveau-pearl-harbor/ )

Wow ! Indeed, that's a terrific one. Just lacking the link with M*ss*d...

What was interesting : while I was watching/listening to it, I observed two emotional/programed reactions in myself :
- the first one was fear during the first part of the doc. Though I'm into "conspiracy theories" since many years (well, since nov 2001), the range of the lies about 9/11 is so large, contrary to the naive thinking/trust in PTB...
- the second one was willing to react during the third part of the doc. "What can we do right now to fight this evil gvt" and so on.

Then I've calmed down. I'll probably act (not react) by promoting this praiseworthy documentary around me, in a first time.
This unique material was shot from one of the boats that ended up evacuating about half a million people from Lower Manhattan on 9/11.

Unique, rare 9/11 material shot from the Hudson
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HbD_Q6kmh8 (7:28 min.)
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