Roosh Valizadeh: from sex obsession to christ adoration


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dear forum, i want to present to you an interesting evolution in an initially sex obsessed man.
the starting point is sott article 447963
the author of the article was the site
i looked at this site. the site is now closed, but some of its content can still be downloaded, which i did and concatenated in the attached file. the subject treated is how a man obsessed with intercourse with as many females as possible, discovers how wain his search is, turns to jesus and finds more reward in his new dedication. he provides descriptions of the different kinds of women.
i found this so interesting that i post it for the benefit of all of you.
missing in his communication is how he discovered christ as his saviour.


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I found rok a greatly entertaining thing and liked this portal quite a lot, than early ?this? year i've seen it closed, well i guess some things pass and are no more
As for roosh, he got from one extreme to the another, from picking girls obsession to zealous christianity obsession, neither is good for him but that is his personality trait.
talkin him out of extremes back to balance got me instantly banned :-D
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