Putin Recognizes Donbass Republics, Sends Russian Military to 'Denazify' Ukraine

Just a little creepy.

I was looking for more info on the video that was posted, but I don't have Telegram. But I did find this that has a bit more info from the video. This is still speculative.

DeepL translation:
"Red Cross in Mariupol caught red-handed at Ukrainian bio-laboratories

May 31, 2022

Documents were found at the Red Cross base in Mariupol that shed light on the activities of the humanitarian movement. In fact, the organization was caught red-handed - their connection to Ukrainian bio-laboratories became clear.

Vladimir Taranenko, head of the People's Druzhina in Mariupol, published a video of the inspection of the Red Cross base in his Telegram channel. Thick folders with documents that had nothing to do with helping people were found.

"This is all the paperwork. There was a safe," says one of the participants of the inspection of the office.

The folders revealed papers for supplies of hatcheries and poultry. A man in a military uniform explained in the video that if there was an incubator, then there were eggs, too. It is in the eggs that highly pathogenic viruses are grown.

Those inspecting the base assumed that the Red Cross was connected to biolaboratories in Ukraine. And immediately the relevant documents were discovered.

"Agricultural Department. [Documents for] growing and incubation equipment. "Red Cross and incubators - for what? Take it off, here it is! Equipment that is intended for biolaboratories," the man said and showed the documents.

All the information, Taranenko wrote, was transferred to the competent authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic.

«Красный Крест» в Мариуполе поймали с поличным на украинских биолабораториях​

На базе «Красного Креста» в Мариуполе были найдены документы, проливающие свет на деятельность гуманитарного движения. Фактически организацию поймали с поличным — стала понятна их связь с украинскими биолабораториями.

Руководитель Народной дружины в Мариуполе Владимир Тараненко в своём Telegram-канале опубликовал видео обследования базы «Красного Креста». Были найдены толстые папки с документами, которые к оказанию помощи людям отношения не имеют.

«Это весь документооборот. Здесь был сейф», — произносит один из участников осмотра офиса.

В папках обнаружились бумаги на поставки инкубаторов и домашней птицы. Мужчина в военной форме на видео объяснил, что если был инкубатор, значит, были и яйца. Именно в яйцах выращиваются высокопатогенные вирусы.
Осматривающие базу предположили, что «Красный Крест» связан с биолабораториями на Украине. И тут же обнаружились соответствующие документы.

«Сельхознаправление. [Документы на оборудование] для выращивания и инкубации. «Красный Крест» и инкубаторы — для чего? Снимайте, вот оно! Оборудование, которое предназначено для биолабораторий», — рассказал мужчина и показал документы.

Всю информацию, написал Тараненко, передали в компетентные органы Донецкой Народной Республики.
"Germany’s coalition government and the main opposition party have reached an agreement on a €100 billion ($107 billion) boost to the country's military budget on Sunday, despite the country grappling with record inflation."

"The proposal needed a two-thirds majority in both parliamentary chambers, so Chancellor Olaf Scholz sought pre-approval from the center-right opposition parties."

"With 100 billion, we ensure that the Bundeswehr can fulfill its defense mission better than ever before and it will be able to make its contribution in NATO so that we can defend ourselves any time against attacks from outside,”

“Finally, we can equip our troops as they deserve and as they urgently need to ensure national and alliance defense,” "she said in a statement posted on Twitter."

"If approved by parliament, the additional spending will mark the largest jump in the country's military expenditure since World War II, said a report in state-run DW."

The insignia still has A3OB, but just so you know:

Ukraine’s Azov Battalion swaps neo-Nazi insignia – media

The infamous nationalist unit has stopped using the controversial Wolfsangel symbol, The Times reports

May 31, 2022

The infamous Azov nationalist regiment, which is being revived by Ukraine after it surrendered to Russian forces in Mariupol, has removed the Nazi-linked Wolfsangel symbol from its insignia, The Times reported on Monday.

According to the British paper, the unit’s new recruits in the city of Kharkov were sporting patches with a golden trident, which is Ukraine’s national emblem, thereby replacing the Wolfsangel or ‘wolf’s hook’ which had been used by the Azov Battalion since its formation eight years ago.

However, the commander of the new unit, Maksim Zhorin, told that paper that it was formed “on the same principles and ideological basis as the legendary Azov regiment.”

The Wolfsangel is a historic heraldic symbol that was chosen by the Nazis during World War II and appeared on the insignia of several SS divisions.

The Times said that the presence of the Wolfsangel on the uniforms of the Azov fighters had “helped perpetuate Russian propaganda about Ukraine being in the grip of far-right nationalism.”

However, before the launch of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the use of Nazi symbolism by the unit had been raising concerns in the Western media, including outlets such as Time magazine and the New York Times.

The Azov Battalion was assembled in 2014 as a volunteer unit that was mainly comprised of far-right activists willing to fight against the self-proclaimed republics in the Donbass region. Several months later, it was officially incorporated into Ukraine’s National Guard by order of then president Petro Poroshenko.

When the Russian offensive started, the Azov Battalion, which had received Western training, was considered one of the most capable formations under Kiev’s command.

The nationalist fighters were tasked with protecting Mariupol, a strategic port on the Sea of Azov, but failed to fulfill their goal. Many of them were killed, while the rest, including the commanders, surrendered to Russian forces earlier in May after being holed up at the Azovstal steel plant for weeks.

During the siege, Moscow blamed the Azov unit for allegedly keeping civilians hostage in the facility and using them as human shields.

Footage of the surrendering combatants coming out of the plant showed many of them sporting tattoos of swastikas and other far-right symbols. Nazi-related items and literature have also been discovered inside the steel plant and at Azov bases in the Donbass that have been captured by Russia.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has launched a criminal case against the unit’s fighters over abductions, torture, and the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, among other things.

The Russian High Court is scheduled to rule on the lawsuit calling to designate the Azov Battalion a terrorist organization and outlaw it in late June.

The “denazification” of Ukraine has been highlighted as one of the goals of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine.

"Mariupol Repeat': Russian Forces Capture Most Of Last Major Holdout City In Luhansk"​

"But on a strategic level, Severodnetsk is even more important that Mariupol. Sky News reports, referencing Russian President Vladimir Putin, "If his forces capture Severodonetsk, it would give Moscow control of the whole of Luhansk - and would be his biggest victory in the invasion so far."

"Plumes of orange smoke have been seen above the city, following a reported Russian strike on a chemical plant:"

31/5: #Severodonetsk-Plumes of orange smoke rising from explosions

-home of giant #Azot chemical plant which produces nitrogen-based fertilisers in normal times

-also is a major regional employer

(#Lysychansk features #Ukraine’s second biggest oil refinery)#RussiaUkraineWar https://t.co/uU0Ts1Z6XW
— Rani Kaur Hayer (@RKHayer) May 31, 2022


Ukraine Fires Own Human Rights Chief For Perpetuating Russian Troop 'Systematic Rape' Stories​

"Lyudmyla Denisova, is often the central figure feeding Western correspondents the shocking rape stories."

"However, a bunch of eager NGOs in Ukraine, hoping for fresh 'western' money for new 'rape consultation and recovery' projects, tried to find real rape cases. They were disappointed when they found that there was no evidence that any rape had taken place"

And now on Tuesday, Interfax, Politico, The Wall Street Journal, and others are reporting that Lyudmyla Denisova has been fired - precisely for floating and perpetuating fantastical claims of mass rape but without providing evidence...

"Ukraine's parliament just fired human rights ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova. MPs claimed her work focusing on the rape of Ukrainians by Russian troops which "couldn't be confirmed with evidence [...] only harmed Ukraine and distracted the global media from Ukraine's real needs."

— Christopher Miller (@ChristopherJM) May 31, 2022

"Angry pushback has started already within hours after the news of Denisova's removal was confirmed, including from UN accounts and US media pundits..."

"That Ukraine's parliament took the drastic step of dismissing her in such a public manner also speaks volumes -"

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This is a hot topic today in Poland (at least on my Twitter feed):

According to Wikipedia, Poland has 1009 tanks:

So basically, without even losing any battle, 23% of Polish Army tank stock is gone... Wow!:dance:
This is nice. US and Germany helps Russia should they choose to denazify Poland . . . . Poland doesnt remember 1930s . . .
This is what the West and 'Deep State'-types absolutely hate to see: Life returning to the lands of The People.
Graham Phillips' excellent report on restoration of Mariupol.

Mariupol is BACK !!!!!

I think, there is a future possibility that when the highly oppressed Western Europe will see the videos about the Ukraine Restoration Project, how Russians help to rebuild Ukraine, and the Europeans see cheap gas, cheap oil, cheap electricity and high quality of life there, East of them, finally they will question WTH is going on at home?
Western EU always enjoyed a highest quality life & superb infrastructure, excellent hospitals, multiple cars, big houses, pools, their own "German Dukedoms".. I think they will compare their collapsed state and say sadly:
- Look at us now..
I think there is a chance this clear dichotomy - as people see on videos from Ukraine, how the East prospers, while they - the formerly Rich West - dwindles, maybe it will start a French Revolution v2.0 across the Euroc-Rat ruled EU.
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This is what the West and 'Deep State'-types absolutely hate to see: Life returning to the lands of The People.
Graham Phillips' excellent report on restoration of Mariupol.

Mariupol is BACK !!!!!

I think, there is a future possibility that when the highly oppressed Western Europe will see the videos about the Ukraine Restoration Project, how Russians help to rebuild Ukraine, and the Europeans see cheap gas, cheap oil, cheap electricity and high quality of life there, East of them, finally they will question WTH is going on at home?
Western EU always enjoyed a highest quality life & superb infrastructure, excellent hospitals, multiple cars, big houses, pools, their own "German Dukedoms".. I think they will compare their collapsed state and say sadly:
- Look at us now..
I think there is a chance this clear dichotomy - as people see on videos from Ukraine, how the East prospers, while they - the formerly Rich West - dwindles, maybe it will start a French Revolution v2.0 across the Euroc-Rat ruled EU.
Tears of relief to see this! A government caring for people, for their city. This is the alternative to government colluding with pandemic attacks, ignoring citizens' increasing struggles, encouraging hatred. Wow! Thank you lilies for this video.


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Moldova Goes Full Zelensky: Sandu Invites Nation’s Destruction!
Click to see full-size image
Written by Brett Redmayne-Titley in Chisinau, Moldova.
I am sitting in the brilliant mental sunshine of Chisinau’s Central Park. All around me couples stroll at a very casual pace, hand in hand, arm in arm. Art vendors display excellent examples of their local crafts as do many other local merchants who sit alongside the pristine pathways criss-crossing the park under the ever-expanding canopy of leaves swaying in today’s Springtime sunshine. Moldova, as revealed in Part Four, is a land that has not yet had its future torn out from under its people by the barbarities of US-inspired war and EU capitalism, one IMF debt payment at a time.
Reclining further into the warmth of the day, I enjoy a series of violin concertos performed by young budding virtuosos on the modest stage just uphill from the flowering rose gardens that bloom just beyond the huge dome of the lovely Nativity Church at the park’s centre. Unlike Britain and Wales which have recently used their national orchestras as propaganda tools that have dutifully banned the music of all classical Russian composers, the announcer now informs the crowd that the next piece of music will be of Russian origin. The crowd immediately applauds this news, embracing art and music for its own sake; not as a demonization of their nation’s brothers, sisters and families who also lounge about the palatial grounds- be they Russian or Moldovan- happily listening in carefree abandon.
This day, thankfully, Moldovans have good reason to relax while the grotesque forces of war fight it out less than 200 miles to the north. But, these forces are moving ever south.
As examined in Part Four of this series, recently elected President Maia Sandu has shown her willingness to support western intentions of hegemony. NATO knows this and has already massed at least 8000 Polish and 2000 Turkish troops- that are under NATO command- on the Moldovan/ Romanian borders. Sandu has already attempted to promote fictitious Moldovan divisions and anti-Russian sentiments. (see: Part Five)
So far, multi-cultural Moldova just ain’t buying it.
Article 11 of the Moldovan constitution enshrines peace by virtue of mandated neutrality, stating:
Article 11: The Republic of Moldova – a Neutral State (1) The Republic of Moldova proclaims its permanent neutrality. (2) The Republic of Moldova does not admit the stationing of any foreign military troops on its territory.
The Moldovan parliament is far more powerful than its president as are the constitutional provisions of neutrality. But this does not keep NATO from rabidly salivating to use Moldova as a staging ground from its lair in Romania, a country with its own ulterior motives that historically sees potential war as a cultural and historical opportunity to join with NATO in a quest for expansion back to its former borders.
Moldovans are growing more concerned daily. Too close, this western evil lurks: north and south.
That evil arrived on May 22 in the form of Gregory Meeks, who chairs the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs. With the US constitution long ago discarded as a public policy priority and the American public along with it, Meeks came to Chisinau with the promise of the only gifts American hegemony has at its disposal: Weapons. Said Meeks, in English, not Russian:
My position is that we need to talk to the government of Moldova. We’ve got to make sure that we are in agreement upon [sic] what needs to take place….The US will stand with Moldova.”
This was no more than a veiled threat against Moldovan neutrality, peace and the Moldovan people. Moldova does not need Meeks, nor his weapons.
NATO, however, needs Moldova. Not Culturally or economically, but..for war!
So does US concubine Britain which echoed Meeks’ duplicitous lies just two days before his arrival. On May 20, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss revealed that London was also in talks with its warmongering allies and attempting to have Moldova equipped to [a] NATO standard.” Any reader of Part Four knows well that Truss utterly lied as she provided the NATO big lie of this war: assuring the politically ignorant British that Moldova could become, as she stated, a victim of Vladimir Putin’s “ambitions to create a greater Russia.”
In the past several weeks Moldovans have heard reports from Transnistria of attacks inside this autonomous Moldovan region just forty kilometres to the north-east of Chisinau. Although none of these attacks was in or against Moldovan territory or its cities, the western press, although utterly absent from this peaceful country, have lied to their readers by claiming that Moldova is now in a state of fear of “Russian” Transnistria- not NATO- and that Sandu should immediately bring in NATO as the only available defence, rather than to maintain peace by proclaiming loudly its constitutional neutrality. Claim of “Russsian Aggression” are bald-faced lies by Sandu, Meeks and Truss, when considering that factually there have been no examples of any terrorist incident, nor conflict, during the past thirty years and that Transnistria and Moldova have peacefully coexisted.
This was evidenced by the huge Russian Victory Day march on May 9 of over 30,000 Moldovans in Chisinau that provided definitive proof of this vital fact: Culturally, politically, and emotionally, the Russian influence here in Moldova does not just prefer peace; it demands it. (see: Part Five)
Contrast this massive cultural demand for peace with the pro-EU rally the following Saturday, May 13. There was a full-size stage rising some eight feet in the air from where a full orchestra played and famous singers sang across Central Park via the massive sound system. Every EU country had its own booth while hawking the wares offered by their nations as well as the implicit thrill of EU membership. Teams of young girls stood on the street corners as each girl madly waved a gold starred and blue EU flag while all chanted together some some kind of pro-EU slogan I did not fully understand.
But despite this theatrical effort to drum up EU support for Moldova joining as a new EU member, at no time did I see more than two hundred Moldovans in attendance. Most strolled by in disinterest. Some stopped for a quick look at one of the many booths or a moment or two in front of the stage. Unlike the staggering attendance and success of Victory Day and its demands for peace, this EU solicitation for the opposite was an indoctrinational failure
The two thwarted drone attacks recently reported in Transnistria were comically childish, amounting to using tinker toy-like flying machines to ineffectively carry improvised explosives towards Transnistrian positions on the Ukrainian border. The small explosions and single RPG strike in the Transnistrian capital of Tiraspol were isolated and without casualties. The two downed communications towers, although of some strategic importance, were only of consequence to Russian interests and Transnistria, not to Moldova as was the much-ballyhooed gun fire skirmish also on the Ukrainian border.
But, like Meeks and Truss, this Moldovan reality has not prevented President Maia Sandu from suckling on the teats of the IMF’s and NATO’s ever-burgeoning war chest.
It is impossible that Sandu does not know quite well that Transnistria poses no threat to Moldova or Chisinau, yet she dutifully, like the EU/ NATO leaders, sounds a false alarm with her Siren’s call to NATO. However, the people I meet in the park on this glorious day are not so easily conned.
With Sandu welcoming Meeks publicly on May 22 the Moldovan president seemed willing to take on a similar role as Ukrainian president Zelensky: Ignoring facts, negotiation, and the true will and interests of her public in favour, rather, of Moldova’s destruction at the hands of her NATO masters.
Barely three days after Meeks’ visit, Sandu proved that she was indeed Zelensky incarnate.
Western-backed Sandu won the election over incumbent and culturally Russian president Igor Dodon just eighteen months before due to only one reason: the mail-in votes from the younger generation of the Moldovan ex-pat community that overwhelmingly voted for her due to EU- not NATO- enthusiasm. Not surprisingly, despite defeat, Dodon remains a strong force as an opposition leader in the Moldovan parliament.
Taking a page directly out of NATO’s play book, previously delivered as a practical guide to Zelensky in Ukraine, on May 25, just three days after Meeks’ arrival, a Moldovan court-ordered Dodon placed under thirty-day house arrest and charged him with corruption, illicit enrichment, illegal party financing and interestingly, “Treason.”
As he left the courtroom, Dodon claimed the charges against him were politically motivated and at the behest of foreign powers. He claimed that the judge was carrying out a “political order” from Sandu, saying,
“It is a political issue aimed at neutralising the opposition. It is strange and despicable for those who … filled all the state institutions with foreign, Romanian, American and German advisers, who control all of the institutions, to accuse me of treason.”
Certainly Dodon’s words ring true, particularly considering that all these charges could have been filed against him at any time before Meeks’ visit to Chisinau.
Interestingly, when reaching out to my contacts in Tiraspol, Transnistria for reaction to Dodon’s arrest they informed me that Dodon was not that well-liked in Transnistria. Surprisingly, he did not have a track record of supporting this antonymous culturally Russian region to any great degree despite his international Russian affiliations. This surprised me.
Does this also surprise Sandu? Not bloody likely.
It must be remembered that in Ukraine president Zelensky performed the same scripted act when on April 12 he ordered the arrest of the main opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk and charged him, also, with treason.
However, the suspicious definition of “treason” applied by both Zelensky and Sandu against Viktor Medvedchuk and Igor Dodon is in reality the surreptitious crime of suggesting national “peace.” Neither man supported Russian expansion into their countries beyond the antonymous and disputed culturally Russian regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, the Donbas or in the case of Moldova Transnistria. Further, both men, to the horror of NATO’s grand scheme, advocated a negotiated peace with Russia.
In Part Four it was suggested that Sandu would face a civil war in Moldova before she could effect a world war. As of her arrest of Dodon, that civil war has commenced. Thankfully, it is so far relegated to the Moldovan parliament. When quantitatively reviewing her parliament, the numbers show that she has already lost this war and why she arrested the main opposition leader in her Zelensky style coup attempt.
As referenced, Sandu cannot, under the Moldovan constitution allow foreign troops on Moldova soil. Not even parliament can do this except by first changing the provisions of article 11.
For parliament to change the constitution it must first have the support of two-thirds of the deputies of the parliament. There are 101 deputies which means at least 74 supporters are needed. Here lies Sandu’s problem and the pending parliamentary war.
Sandu’s party is the PAS (Party of Action and Solidarite) and currently holds just 63 seats. The remaining 28 seats are held by the Socialists which are all pro-Dodon, pro-Russian and pro-Moldovan. This means that the chances of Sandu changing Article 11, for the moment, are absolutely zero. Even if she was to force a constitutional vote it is doubtful that her PAS party members will not see through her ruse and favour sovereign neutrality instead.
With respect to Russian cultural influence by the 28 opposition seats, those nationalist “traitors” well understand that Sandu and NATO -not Russia- are the real threat and are highly unlikely to change Article 11.
But for the aficionado or student of NATO’s worldwide quest to propagate US imperial power and to use horror as its main implement of persuasion, we must all fear for Moldova. (see: Maidan Square, Ukraine: 2014)
The tepid western efforts to stir Sandu’s cocktail of media inspired anti-Russian fear into Moldovan nationalism have not had the desired Zelensky-esque results.
Reuters, that western bastion of US/NATO propaganda reported that, after Dodon’s arrest the resultant public demonstration in front of the parliament building in Chisinau was in support of his arrest and also fervently anti-Russian. This was nothing more than utter balderdash. I was there!
Reuters used photos of the many Moldovan flags being waved to support their propaganda. Those flags were actually being waved in the face of Maia Sandu, the parliament, NATO, and were an absolute demand for peace to be maintained in Moldova. Not one person I spoke with, via a friendly and supportive translator, condoned Dodon’s arrest. Rather, they were furious because of being condemned as pro-Russian when they are actually pro-Moldovan!
Screamed one affected demonstrator into my face in disgust- and broken English- as he forced his Moldovan flag-stick into my hand while still waving it feverishly and understandably mistaking me a standard-bearer for western lies,
“Moldovan. We… Not… Ukraine!”
The value of human life has ceased to be of any concern to US hegemony or NATO decades ago. Barely ninety days ago, it ceased to be of any concern to NATO’s Nazi marionette Zelensky. Only time will tell, but if the actions of president Maia Sandu over the past few days following the visit by just one representative from The Great Satan- America- are any indication, her concerns for the lives of the Moldovans she claims to represent have already been cast – like Zelensky- to the winds.
The winds of war!
Barely a week ago I again stepped off a plane, grabbed a taxi and headed into this time capsule called Moldova. I have fulfilled my promise: To return and fight against this war. To rally the troops of proper conscience. To slap public ignorance across its face with the truth- again and again– until all rise up in world protest and outrage similar to my own.
And, to do my utmost to save Moldova. Before it’s too late.
It must be remembered, at this pivotal time for Moldova, that there are only two acknowledged combatants in this war: Ukraine and Russia. Certainly, there are peripheral countries like Germany, the USA, and Britain that provide support as well as Poland (see: Part Two) and Romania that are active participants and have ulterior motives. However, tiny Moldova with a very poorly trained army of 5000 that acts more as a police force has no reason whatsoever to participate in this war.
Well, perhaps one reason.
Her name is Maia Sandu and as to the definitive charge of treason, a factual indictment regarding her working deliberately against the peaceful interests of her sovereign nation and promoting, instead, the carnage of war, only one word- if not a bullet– need be applied:
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