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DOMINIQUE LE BARS home page on Bandcamp (link in blue below) - some more serious musical work than on Soundcloud. Very beautiful piano works to explore, master musician inspired composer and powerful lyrics, a true poet for TODAY: DOMINIQUE LE BARS


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To admin: Our poet group is growing/ would it be possible to change the title of the thread to:
If someone has a better title for the thread: help!!!!
And if a forum member has work, please post it and it will be read AND SHARED if that is your goal.
And please COMMENTS welcome, ahaha... I know that a lot of this work is avant-garde and steep, but your feelings about our work mean a lot to us even though we will strive forward no matter what. There's little fuzzy feeling when people we trust send a hello!
Merci/ daniel


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Jake Dasilva, is a poet writing in the U.K. - He is a surprising young author connected to some serious deep boogie from above. His lyrics are slick, his vocals are absolutely stunning and the passion he transmits will make the hairs stand on your arms at times.

"More tracks to stream at www.jakedasilva.com.
Thank you for listening. Please only follow me if you like my music. I only follow people I listen to. What's the point otherwise?
You never know where a song is going until it reaches the end. I always listen from start to finish for that very reason.
Love collaborating with anyone from any genre.
I make music to help get stuff off my chest so I can let it go and move on.
Please also listen to any of the tracks I've reposted. They are all fantastic tracks by creative geniuses and humble souls.
A singer songwriter from the south coast of England. Inspirations include creative and innovative artists like Kate Bush, New Order, Human League, Madonna, Annie Lennox, Bjork. Then there are the original rebels: Nina Simone, Jonny Cash, Lou Reed, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Then we slide back through to now with Keaton Henson, Missy Elliott, Eminem, Tiesto, Florence & The Machine, The Killers and The National. Old school always - pop, rock, hip-hop, r'n'b, soul, disco, indie, house.... And then there are the magnificent contemporary classical geniuses like Michael Nyman and Ryuichi Sakamoto.
The source and inspiration for my music comes from personal experiences, observations, daydreams, nightmares, and hopes for the future.
Three things I always say:
If one person gets and loves what you do, you have accomplished something truly meaningful and worthwhile.
Life is journey, not a competition.
Love and light from the darkness always triumphs." Jake Dasilva

More links on Soundcloud page.
Good listening!


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I'd like to introduce a dear friend and wonderful man. His stage name is: IMRE LODBROG (aka: Sébastien Régnier) who is a major poet and songwriter of today. He was a celebrated artist and musician that had a career in France in the 70's. Then changed lifestyle and path, raised a familly, etc.

His songs are both in Engliish and French, the titles usually indicate it. Today he lives in New York with his partner, and until the lockdown they travelled the world (literally) spreading their own brand of positive gospel. Here are some playlists from his Soundcloud page, you can also find their videos here on Youtube: convoiexceptionnel and their exceptional story here: imre lodbrog et sa petite amie

A fascinating look at the work of an artists of monumental stature:

Thank you for following our work!
Be happy!
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