Pairie Dragons


The Force is Strong With This One
I stumbled up on this phrase and was intrigued. Very little info on the Goog's

Here is an excerpt from "Enter The Valley"

...I remembered something else I wanted to ask him. "Pat,
folks around here have reported seeing strange, undulating
translucent creatures, about three feet long and eight or
ten inches off the ground, out in the chico, and some
people have even seen them in their homes. (Me included!)6
Do you know what I'm talking about? Have your ever seen
them? What do the Indians say about them?"
"Oh, yes, the prairie dragons."
"Prairie dragons?"
"That's what the Indians call them."
"What are they?"
"Prairie Dragons! That's what they're called. I don't know
what the heck they are, but that's what I've heard them
called. You see them running out in the prairie."

So.....v e r y s t r a n g e ....
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