New video of the 911 attacks emerges

The one thing that really freaked me out in this video are the gas prices! Holy cow, under two bucks? That's insane.
hahahaha!! yes I know.. crazy how that works, today it's about twice or three times as much in that similar area I would say.
There are so many 911 threads and I wasn't successful in searching if this has been posted. Apparently between 9/11 and the 2004 Madrid train bombings the are 911 full days (and 22 hours and 50 minutes, depending on which times you use).
Certainly puts to rest the "no planes" theory.
It sure does, although that was never really plausible I think. Too much footage, plane-parts lying around etc. For those wanting to muddy the waters the "no plane" theory also nicely distracts from all the other weird stuff that was going on that day, and creates a neat confusion with the "no plane at the pentagon" theory, which we all know is actually true.

Here's a collection of recordings by someone on youtube who tried to collect as much original footage of plane #2 hitting the WTC. The plane is not in frame in all the footage, but a lot of the videos clearly show a plane hitting the building.

(The video is age restricted so only available for adults logged in to youtube, it won't always play embedded.)
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