New book: American Heart of Darkness

Just checking out Robert's work and passing along my notice of his blogradio show scheduled for tonight. In one of the listed themes, amongst others, it says:

Syria's Assad says open elections after defeat of insurgents. Where did these insurgents come from anyway?

Indeed, just where did they come from. :whistle:

Look forwarded to having a listen.
Hey, thanks for the boost Voyageur. Yes it has become interesting, but really not a surprise. The biggy for me is that what the US and much of the world thinks about ISIS comes from Rita Katz' SITE Intelligence Group. She is an Israeli Mossad agent who "contracts" for the CIA. Most of the pics showing ISIS' "barbaric activities have been photo-shopped by Katz.
It's been awhile since checking up on Robert, and had a chance to listen to an August 'American Heart of Darkness Radio' show -

It was nice to hear Robert talk about current issues and was warming to hear him make efforts reaching others concerning our global state of affairs; made a couple of observations:

Near the 25:00 mark, the Turkish coup was discussed, and, I think correctly, he discounts the Erdogan done-it shtick and focuses on the inner workers of NATO and the CIA types infiltrating high levels of the military (of course being a NATO country, military and intelligence provocateurs were well embedded, and I'm sure blackmail was well used when need be to keep people in line). Bob said he spent a year in Turkey, at some point in his career, and was with the military, if not mistaken. He said he has a personal friend (or may be more) in or once in upper military who have affirmed what he was saying - think that is what he was getting at.

Other aspects of his talk focused, generally, on American funding of IS/ISSI/Daesh (pick one) including the Mossad working through people like SITE Intelligence Group and Rita Katz in the U.S. mocking up propaganda to manage the Middle East etc. He talks about painkiller drugs and the Rx-pharma complex killing Americans - there was more;

Thank You Donald! and the Rest of the News!

In the next two hours, Bob Kirkconnell, author of American Heart of Darkness, will take a journey into the dark side of America that has finally been brought to light. We will also explore the issues exposed in current events.

• Donald, you haven't manufactured the dark side of America -- you've simply exposed it.
• What is going on in Turkey?
• 29 Pages Revealed: Corruption, Crime and Cover-up Of 9/11.
• In Hacked D.N.C. Emails, a Glimpse of How Big Money Works
• As need grows for painkiller overdose treatment, companies raise prices
• One striking chart shows why pharma companies are fighting legal marijuana
As always, call in. We want to hear from you!
Robert K. released the second volume of American Heart of Darkness this month, the kindle price is extremely low and will stay so until 8/9/20.

Volume II is a comprehensive investigation of the Malcolm X, JFK, MLK, RFK assassinations; the Peoples Temple and Jim Jones, the origins of HIV, the economic and social impact of narcotics, mass-incarceration, the militarization of police, and neo-slavery. No punches pulled: who did it, how they did it, and why. You will never look at U.S. history and politics in the same way again. The author was an Air Force logistics systems analyst who investigated the criminal use of military aircraft. One of these cases involved the use of combat fatalities to smuggle heroin into the U.S. The result of this investigation led to explosive ramifications--exposed here for the first time.

As a side note, last time I checked Robert Facebook page, he buys into the Covid propaganda, appears to hate everything Trump does and compares him to Hitler, and repeats some of the talking points of the Left (systematic racism etc.)
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