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In late December 2019 (I know the rough date because I sent the QFG an email on Dec. 30th), I watched the SOTT Focus video “Mind Matters: Do You Believe in God”. At 21:48, Harrison Koehli talked about "anomalies in physical reality” and that he would be open to the possibilities of things popping out of existence. Well, this triggered a memory of an experience that I documented in an extremely low-budget (and overall embarrassing) “talking head” video (2016) that is not awesome to watch. The spoiler is the transcript of the video but only if you are interested. I've (finally) written the account in full and is quite a bit more accurate:

00:03 So, up until the point of this incident,
00:05 I had been working on the animation side of the video for about five to six months.
00:11 And I was just starting to get into the talking head portion.
00:17 Now, my usual morning is I go out and I have coffee.
00:23 There's a shop at the edge of town
00:29 that I go to. But I don't park in the parking lot.
00:32 Which is one of the worst designed parking lots in the world.
00:36 So I park on an in-service lane
00:38 that parallels a highway.
00:40 Now, there is a fair amount of green space between the two.
00:46 So I get my coffee. I come back and I'm, sort of pacing on the sidewalk by my van.
00:56 And
00:57 my
00:59 my, my eyes... I just happen to look
01:05 at the side of my bumper.
01:08 My back bumper here.
01:10 Right about here.
01:13 And, not a split second later,
01:18 this little rock shows up,
01:21 right where I was looking.
01:24 And it's spinning.
01:26 It, it shows up, spinning, and then drops to the ground.
01:35 Pretty weird.
01:37 Because there was nothing... then there was something.
01:44 Now,
01:46 my second thought,
01:48 was that it was
01:50 it had to have been thrown.
01:53 Y'know, somebody threw it or it was ejected from a tire.
01:58 So I took a look around.
02:01 There was absolutely no traffic
02:03 on the in-service lane, on the highway, the parking lot that was beside me.
02:08 There was no movement. No vehicles whatsoever.
02:11 There was nobody walking around.
02:13 Which is actually, for this particular area, is not very common at all. Not a lot of people walk around.
02:19 But there was nobody anyway.
02:23 And it was a gorgeous morning. It was sunny. It was warm.
02:29 There were no clouds in the sky, that I can remember.
02:32 And there was no wind.
02:36 So, where did it come from?
02:40 I started to think about the actual movement of the rock.
02:45 And it occurred to me
02:47 that it was not thrown
02:50 because it didn't ricochet.
02:53 It didn't come in, hit the bumper, and go off on a tangent.
02:58 There was no movement... uh, no prior movement, before it showed up.
03:06 There was also no sound of a hit.
03:09 I didn't hear a little "tink" as it hit the bumper.
03:13 I heard it hit the ground.
03:15 But there was no other sound before that.
03:26 So, I don't know what to make of it.
03:29 Really.
03:32 And I just, sort of... I kinda mulled it around in my head, and I'm like,
03:36 "Yep. That was pretty weird," but I didn't think really much, too deeply after it.
03:43 Until two weeks later
03:45 that it dawned on me
03:48 that
03:50 perhaps
03:51 this incident
03:54 was somehow
03:55 related or tied into
03:59 what I had been working on for the past six months.
04:06 Now,
04:07 there was no...
04:11 If I didn't miss something,
04:14 what were my options?
04:18 One, I did miss something.
04:20 Two, it's a self fulfilling prophecy.
04:23 That
04:24 for some reason, I'm working so hard on what I'm doing, and I want it to be real,
04:34 then this situation shows up and it reinforces my mindset.
04:40 Possible.
04:45 Pretty weird.
04:47 If that's the case.
04:49 But,
04:50 possible.
04:52 Although, I wouldn't, I mean, how can I choose, how would I choose a rock to have spinning on the side of my bumper?
05:01 You know, as that as my example? That's... mmmm.
05:06 My third option would be
05:10 That this
05:15 occured
05:16 That, that I was open to the idea,
05:21 and that I became, in this case, just an observer.
05:27 Which
05:29 is more likely, I think.
05:33 Because I didn't want this to happen.
05:37 Really.
05:38 I didn't, like... Quite honestly, if it didn't happen, I'd be
05:42 none the wiser?
05:44 Y'know. I won't really care if it happened or not.
05:48 Or, I wouldn't care if it didn't happen. 'Cause I wouldn't know about it.
05:53 But it DID happen
05:55 so that's
05:56 that's why I'm thinking I'm just an observer, in this case,
06:01 of some kind of
06:03 phenomenon.
06:06 Not really a phenomenon. It's just an isolated incident.
06:09 I don't know if it's an isolated incident. I don't know of anybody else who's had something like this before.
06:23 So these doors...
06:25 If this is the case, then how did this rock, which really
06:31 is just a rock.
06:34 It doesn't look, it doesn't look special in any way.
06:38 It looks like so many other rocks that you see on dirt roads anywhere. There's nothing.
06:44 There's nothing special about it.
06:48 So,
06:51 door opens,
06:54 and a rock comes through.
06:57 But it doesn't make any sense because if it
06:59 came through it would hit and there would be movement. And so it just pops into existence, like, right there.
07:08 I don't really know where to go with this.
07:14 But I feel that it's somehow related to
07:18 hyper dimensions?
07:21 In some way?
07:26 The only other thing that actually pops into my mind
07:31 is the idea of
07:34 the universe
07:36 having some form of consciousness. Like it's, the universe itself is conscious.
07:44 At some level.
07:47 And that's pretty much as far as I can go with that.
07:58 Yeah, that was a weird day.
08:02 Anyway, that's the incident.
08:06 I thank you very much for watching.
08:08 And
08:09 have a good one.

The Rock (early March 2019):

There is a Tim Horton’s coffee shop on the edge of town that I used to go to every day. I wouldn’t use the parking lot because it was the worst designed lot ever and so parked on the in-service lane. I followed my usual routine: arrive at around 10:30-11:00 (after the coffee break rush and before the lunch rush), park my 1997 Chevy Astro on the in-service lane, walk roughly half a block to the shop, get my medium size, black coffee in my travel mug, and walk back to the van. I would then slowly pace on the sidewalk back-and-forth the distance between the bumpers of the van sipping my coffee and smoking a few cigarettes. That is how I started my day for years (until I realized just how much I was spending and how good the coffee actually was).

This particular day started no different. I usually let my mind wander during coffee time but I don’t remember thinking much of anything at this moment, though I don’t know if that has any significance. I had gotten my coffee and had been pacing beside the van for only a few minutes when, walking towards the back of the van, my eyes landed on a specific spot on the side of the back bumper. The very infinitesimally small moment after, a small rock popped into existence right beside the bumper (but not touching), vertically spinning clockwise rather quickly, holding its position in the air for half a second, and then dropping straight down to the gutter.

That was weird but what was weirder was that I didn’t think it was weird at all. Quite honestly, I didn’t think anything at all! I had stopped for a moment and then continued pacing, but my mind kept thinking about it in a vague way until I stopped again and really started to review the incident. That’s when I realized that something possibly bizarre just happened. I actually, almost forcibly, had to make myself “take stock” of my surroundings. How did the rock get there? I looked around. This was one of the quieter days. Nobody was walking around (not that they do much anyway since this Tim Horton’s was located beside the highway in the industrial park), nobody had passed me in a vehicle on the in-service road for many minutes, nobody was on the highway on the other side of the shop and green space, and nobody was in the large truck stop gas station parking lot that I was parked directly beside. There was nobody around. It was a really beautiful morning; clear, blue sky, slight breeze, warm air, a nice calmness in the atmosphere. Once I had established what was going on around me, which was literally nothing, I started to mentally examine how the rock could have gotten there. I concluded that it could have not been tossed, thrown or ejected for the simple fact that it was not moving prior to being seen. If it was moving before it would have hit the bumper and ricocheted. I thought that perhaps it might’ve hit the ground at the perfect angle as to bounce straight up and hover for a moment, spinning as it was, at the exact spot my eyes had landed, and then drop to the ground. But in either case there would have been a sound of a ricochet. And there was no sound before the appearance. There wasn’t even a sound as it appeared. And as I think about it it makes me wonder why it didn’t make a “pop” as the air was instantly pushed away to accommodate the new object. The only sound I heard was when it hit the concrete. I picked the rock up and looked at it. It looked like a little, rough, triangular rock that was medium greyish in colour. 3cm by 2.5cm by 1.5cm perhaps? I thought about keeping it but tossed it back because it looked like any other little rock you find in a back alley. Completely unremarkable in every way. I should have kept it but didn’t. I went back the next morning for coffee and tried to find it but I couldn’t recognize it. (Fun fact: the rock in the video is a replacement I grabbed from the back alley behind my house. It looked similar but is not THE rock.) Needless to say, I was now convinced that something really strange happened. Had I not made myself think about it at that moment, I could have easily thought no more of it and brushed it off with a “Huh. That's weird.”

Now, this was not something I saw “out of the corner of my eye”. I didn’t see it appear in my peripheral vision and then jump my focus to the rock. I looked at the EXACT spot just before it appeared. How did I know where to look? DID I even know, somehow, where to look, or was it just pure chance and coincidence? I find this fact to be very strange and leads me to question if I was more then an observer.

After I made the video, I thought of another story which I wrote as a reply to a person’s post on the video: “I can't remember the fine details anymore but years ago I had read a story of a Guru in India named Sathya Sai Baba (wiki). One day a lady went to him and asked for a blessing. He did so and she went back home. When she arrived, she noticed a small mound of a white/off-white powdery substance, the consistency of ash, sitting on a shelf or mantelpiece, which was clean when she left. She didn't really know what it was but she attributed this substance to Sai Baba. I then read an explanation (by someone else) saying that the ash was solidified thoughts. Interesting.” (Side note: In “Soul Hackers”, p. 290, Laura writes about a section from the RA material: “…Picture [your mind] in total unity with all other minds of your society. You are then single-minded and that which is a weak electrical charge in your physical illusion is now an enormously powerful machine whereby thoughts may be projected as things.”)

At the time, I was aware of Leedskalnin and the Coral Castle from the Cassie site in 2000-ish in a “buried memory” sort of way. But the story stuck with me and I question if there are links between the two. It may explain my rather recent interest in lapidary; perhaps as a reminder to look into how to polish a stone by “other means” rather than a tumbler? (Interestingly, I now see a possible connection here with Jade, the “loin stone”; The Book of Jade- part of another dream I had.)

The spinning of the rock as it appeared, in my mind, adds to the uniqueness of this incident. There are many, but as a side line, here are a few disjointed references to do with spinning:

- From Session 28 October 1994:
Q: (L) "Bringers of the Dawn" advised spinning, is this advisable for all of us?
A: Major yes.
Q: (L) How many times a day?
A: 3
Q: (L) How many times?
A: 33

- During Laura’s early sessions, I remember reading how the planchette would make circles on the board for a long time. The C’s response to this was that it was building energy.

- Whirling Dervishes and the mention by the C’s that Julius Caesar had seen them floating. (can’t locate the transcript reference)

- A glass “sings” when you run your wet finger around the rim with the right amount of pressure and speed.

- Leedskalnin’s spinning airplane chair.

- As I read the section in Laura’s “Secret History” titled “The Coral Castle and the Spinning Airplane seats” (p. 272- 277) there was a point that I could feel "something coming" which manifested as a large rotating energy "field" around me in a clockwise direction. It spun not too fast and not too slow. If I was sitting in a chair that could rotate, I was sure that I would be slowly spinning without assistance! It was that noticeable and the sensation stayed with me for awhile!

The Rock (early March 2019):
Whoops! That should be 2016 not 2019!

There is a related second part to this story that happened a few months later.

The Seed (Abt. July 2016):

I walk quite a bit, short walks usually, just enough to wake me back up from sitting at the computer or reading. I have a usual route that I take that I modify depending on if I want something longer or shorter. The walk that I took, this time, was the standard loop. As I was walking across the middle of a cul-de-sac, smoking as I went, I came up to a small seed rolling across my path. This is a seed that is not uncommon around here but I don’t know what plant it’s from. The actual seed itself is tiny but it has hundreds of long, white/off-white hairs protruding straight out from it in all directions making it look like a fuzzy sphere about 2-3 inches in diameter. It was a fine day; warm, sunny, with a hint of breeze that slowly pushed this little seed across the asphalt. I stopped about 2 feet from it to watch it rolling around and around lazily along. It approached a crack in the pavement that had been sealed with a line of black tar (you see these everywhere), and the moment it crossed the boarder from the asphalt onto the tar line, it disappeared. Gone! Popped out of existence! I thought I was seeing things. Had the wind in its bizarre ways blow in a sudden puff at my feet that I missed the seed whisking off into the air, or had I simply blinked and lost track of it? I got down on my hands and knees scanning an inch off the surface to see if I could spot it. It wasn’t anywhere! I got up and stood there for a bit looking further and further away from me hoping to catch a glimpse of it either on the ground or in the air, but there was nothing, not even any other seeds floating around. As I continued my walk I thought of the rock and didn’t know what to make of it. Two times so close together had watched… what? Where did the rock come from and where did this seed go? But again, I was looking directly at it, and like the rock, I was within 3 feet of it.
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I mentioned a Sathya Sai Baba story above. In the book "Stripped to the Bone" (p.38), Laura writes:

"Even Sai Baba, a South Indian guru who claimed to be the reincarnation on the Maharashtrian saint, Sai Baba of Shirdi, has fallen from grace because many people have become aware of the clever shell game of manipulation he has been playing all these years."

Then I had a closer look at the wiki page and found this short clip:
"A 1995 TV documentary Guru Busters, produced by filmmaker Robert Eagle for the UK's Channel 4, accused Sai Baba of faking his materialisations."

Now I'm thinking it is entirely possible that someone broke into the lady's dwelling and placed the ash on the mantel, or that the lady in the story could've been a "paid participant" placing the substance there herself.

Bye bye Baba. No more wool for you to pull over my eyes. This story has no relation or relevance to the rock story.
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Similar to my "Insect" post, I'm now thinking that I was no more then an observer to the rock and the seed. I now think these two incidences appear to be upcoming Wave related. I don't know why I saw three similar events but I think these two were not psi events and this post should maybe be moved to a different location.
Since finishing CatHoM last week, I got into the next book, ECatHCC. I'm loving this book, too! Now, besides possibly clarifying a bit more for me on the process of the STS 'feeding system' by reading chapter 18, a paragraph in chapter 19 really made me think of my rock story.

I said:

The very infinitesimally small moment after, a small rock popped into existence right beside the bumper (but not touching), vertically spinning clockwise rather quickly, holding its position in the air for half a second, and then dropping straight down to the gutter.

This is obviously my perception of what happened and if there is another explanation for it (like a 'lucky bounce'), I'll accept it. But, on page 91, I read:

This being said, all those official theories postulate a non-electric universe. If we also take into account the fact that space is filled with plasma, then the formation of comets becomes clearer. A charged body is much more likely to go under an accretion process (i.e. the attraction of oppositely-charged particles) than an electrically neutral body. This could explain the accretion of matter into larger objects like comets and planets. In addition, the previously described (See Chapter 15: 'Enter Nemesis') fission of celestial bodies due to excessive electric charge can explain the high quantity of chunks of matter in space. Also, because of the similar rocky nature of most planets, moons, comets and asteroids, the same formation process might apply to those similarly composed bodies whose only difference is the size.

Was my story 'electric universe' stuff? I was under the impression that this accretion process takes a very long time. IF this applies to my rock story, can the accretion process happen 'instantly'? In an atmosphere? Was there a theoretical 'wormhole' (p.72) involved? If this does apply to the rock then what I saw was absolutely amazing.
From the most recent session (Session 23 April 2022), I found this excerpt very interesting. A 'merge' might be the relevent with the rock, the seed and my insect story.

(Joe) On March 21st, the China Eastern Airline that flew straight into the ground... What was the cause?

A: Guidance system run amok after air burst.

Q: (Pierre) And what was the cause of the air burst?

A: Meteoric object breaching realm barrier.

Q: (Andromeda) That was my first guess.

(Pierre) Yeah, me too. We agreed on that. Breaching the realm barrier...

(Niall) The meteor wasn't coming through space. It merged...

(Andromeda) It came through a portal, pretty much.

(Niall) Was it a merging of...

(Pierre) From 4D?

A: Every object entering your realm does not have to come from 4D. Refer back to Ark's questions about dimensions. Also consider what has been said about window fallers and Flight 19.
I don't know if it relates to my story but I'm going to put it here anyway because it's what I thought of when I read it. Thanks for posting this, Palinurus. I had forgotten it.

As these things do happen sometimes, while the above came in I was just busy reading The Wave Volume IV Chapter 28, Part 2 which states at the end:
Now, put this last most interesting item together with the symbology of the “breaking of rocks,” related to Perseus as “he who breaks” and we might think that, at some point in the not too distant future, at a time when “rocks break, as in the electromagnetic impulses that emanate from earthbound rocks when sheared by tectonic forces,” the role of the shaman in the times ahead of us is “the possible utilization of said forces whether naturally or otherwise induced” to produce a wormhole to a different reality that can be traversed in the body.

So, perhaps we have some better idea of the function of the Shaman-Knight … the Knighted Ones: incarnations of the archetype of Perseus, a Child of God in the sense of being an offspring of the Thought Centers of STO, the hero who cut off the head of the Gorgon, who freed the spirit of limitations, those of a particular Frequency Resonance Vibration of sufficient strength and purity to be able to create a bridge between man and the gods, to open the doorways of time.

Not a bad day’s work, I think!
Funny coincidence, to say the least. ;-D
From Laura's amazing video Paul's writings, distortions and deeper truths, there is a reading from Romans 4:16-17 that really stood out for me. Here is the transcribed section starting at exactly 55:55 (yes it does):

“Ok. This is from Romans 4, and I think this was from Sergey’s list.

‘For this reason it depends on faith, in order that the promise may rest on grace and be guaranteed to all his descendants- not only to the adherence to the law but also those who share the faith of Abraham, for he is the father of us all, as it is written, “I have made you the father of many nations”- in the presence of the God and whom he believed, to give life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist.

‘Calls into existence the things that do not exist.’ You know, that’s a heavy thing to think about. Just thinking about things being called into existence. I mean the existence of a grain of sand is really quite remarkable because- where did it come from, how did it get there- and you got to go through the whole rigamarole of the Big Bang just to describe that grain of sand; which is a load of nonsense. But… *sigh*… so that’s a hyperdimensional reference.

When I heard this in the video I thought of this rock and seed. But because the rock appeared and the seed disappeared, I immediately thought of the one line from Job 1:21: "...The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away...".
While looking for something else, I just ran into this little section from Session 18, March 1995:

(L) Hillard is this old guy who lives over in St. Cloud, who has the most incredible collection of UFO stuff I have ever seen. He has devoted 40 years of his life to this and. He knows or knew all the prominent researchers and has a lot of material that no one else I have ever met has. He is retired military and worked for NASA as a consulting engineer. He's been to Medugorjee to view the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and apparently has the ways and means to travel around to satisfy his curiosity. What he told us that what everybody in the public sector wants is material evidence and that there has been a lot of material evidence picked up from various sites around the world. But, once it is collected, it disappears! When he said that I immediately inferred that he was talking about someone in some conspiracy absconding with the evidence. I thought this was what he meant by "disappearing." But, he made it a little clearer when he said "they had cameras on it 24 hours a day, and it just DISAPPEARED!" I realized that what he meant was that it literally dematerialized. When he said this I said: "Oh. I understand that perfectly!" It makes perfect sense.
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