Melatonin for dogs


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My dog, Lena, has had skin problems since puppyhood, with itching and thin fur. The itching is mostly under control with herbal and homeopathic remedies- not cured, but better. She doesn't grow much of a winter coat and in summer, the fur is always very thin. Last year, she had a big bald spot on her right rear. The fur eventually grew back, and over the winter it was "normal" for her. This spring, however, when she shed her winter coat, she developed TWO bald spots on rear, left and right side. Just a few hairs here and there on the spots. So I started looking at baldness in dogs and came across an article talking about seasonal alopecia. (Many vet websites have articles talking about it - here is one: Melatonin Therapy for Canine Alopecia (Hair Loss in Dogs) - Nashville) Some dogs are genetically inclined toward it. (Lena is a lab mix of some kind). The article talked about how melatonin had been used to help the fur grow back.

Four weeks ago, I started giving Lena melatonin two times per day, one 5 mg pill every 12 hours. After about 2 weeks, I saw some fur coming in and now after 4 weeks, I see more. It is not back to full fur, but she is not bald any more. I will continue this for another month to see if the fur keeps growing.
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