Lao Tzu, chaotic weather and human behaviour

Here are some prophetic words from Lao Tzu and a connection to the times of today.

Heaven sets up the sun and moon, arrays the stars and planets, sets out the four seasons, and tunes darkness and light. It warms by means of the sun, gives rest by means of the night, dries by means of the wind, and moistens by means of rain and dew. As it gives birth to beings, no-one can see it nurturing, yet all beings grow. As it kills beings, no-one can see it destroying, yet all beings pass away. This is called sacred and miraculous.
Therefore sages emulate this: when they promote blessings, no one sees how they do it, yet blessings arise, and when they remove calamities, no one sees how it happens, yet calamities disappear. It cannot be found out by inquiry, yet when examined it is not unreal. Calculating short term, there is lack, but calculating long term, there is extra.
Silent and voiceless, yet moving the world tremendously with a single word - such are whose who move evolution by means of the celestial mind. Thus when pure sincerity forms within, its energy moves heaven: auspicious stars appear, yellow dragons descend, phoenixes arrive, flavourful springs emerge, fine grains grow, the rivers do not overflow, the oceans do not have tidal waves.
But if we oppose heaven and are violent toward beings, then the sun and moon will be eclipsed, the stars will deviate from their courses, the four seasons will impinge upon one another, days will be dark and nights will be light, mountains will crumble and rivers dry up, there will be thunderstorms in winter and frost in summer.
Heaven and humanity have interconnections, so when nations perish, the signs of heaven change. When the morals of society are chaotic, rainbows appear. Myriad beings have interconnections, vitality and energy have ways of thinning each other out.
Therefore the sacred and miraculous cannot be fabricated artificially by knowledge and cannot be forced to happen by exertion of strength.
So great people join virtues with heaven and earth, join lights with sun and moon, join hearts with ghosts and spirits, and join trustworthiness with the four seasons. Embracing the mind of heaven and the energy of the earth, they hold to harmony and absorb its peace. They travel the four seas without leaving their houses, changing customs so that people change for the better in such a manner that it seems like it came from themselves. Such are those who are capable of exercising spiritual influence.
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